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Take a Good Look

Monday, November 16th, 2009

I am reminded from time to time just why I started this blog site to begin with. Speaking my mind, and I have always been good at that! My first inspiration for looking for  the truth although in its fledgling state came from my senior political science teacher Jerry! We called him Teenhh! Because when he laughed, his tongue sort of stuck to the rough of his mouth thus producing the pronounced Teenhh!!

Anyways! His words struck deep into my very core when he said! ” I am going to teach you how to read between the lines! How to decipher what is really going on and what is bullshit ” I like it when a teacher is not afraid to use expletives!

So why do I bring this all up? Well I am on another journey, and as I travel across this once great nation, (If it ever really was remember thats just what we’ve been told ! ) I was passing through a town when I came bye a mall, and I saw a new bank. I was absolutely taken back bye the name, Guarantee Bank! I am not kidding. So curious was I it took everything not for me to stop and walk in and ask, Hey! What makes you so great?! And just what do you guarantee! The name brings rumblings in my gut and shows the desperation of an organizations attempt at restoring faith, to a broken nation while meanwhile continuing to farm out more and more business across the Atlantic and Pacific, Why are not the American people infuriated bye this! I come from a time when we stood up and showed how pissed off we were. The only people with balls who had enough, was the Mexicans!

I watched a video the other day that some nut sent me about how the Muslims are taking over the world bye basically screwing, and having more babies than the rest of the world, obviously created bye one church or another, seriously racist in it´s proclaimed content Though slightly amusing in one of it´s facts that based percentile births per country when it came to the USA we qualified for Muslim take over except when you added the Mexicans birth rate it put us over the safe margin!

OMG!!!!……….. Too freaking funny. I really want to talk to one of these religious Zealots! Ohhh wait I already did! Yeah I remember when a good girlfriend of mine asked me years ago to go with her and attend a meeting at of all places Dennys! She just wanted me there for moral support so for the first hour I just listened to this guy ramble on, quietly supported bye what I could only figure was his mentor: long and short it was a predictable diatribe followed bye lots of shame and fear and very animated gestures all to scare the crap out of someone.

When he though this piece was convincingly finished, he finally shut up! except really he didn’t  for anytime he, disagreed, with anything she had to say he would rudely interrupt. Until I had enough I calmly explained to him there are many different ways to see God and the god that I had was loving not punishing, I don´t go around trying to change peoples beliefs! maybe just their perceptions a little. Well I bet even you can see where this was headed?! I mean even his mentor nodded from time to time in agreement with me this poor guy became enraged, I thought to myself what does it matter to you what I choose to believe? Yet, is this not the state of the world as a whole?

I thought this guys heads was going to rupture into many pieces! his lack of understanding or the unwillingness to accept another persons reality  was ruining his whole image of himself, that he could not convince me through so many different tactics. He saw this as failure..

My friend and I finally had enough said our goodbyes  and made our way out to the parking lot soon to find ourselves in each others arms and  explore God in all his lovingness. As we headed to the car we had been exchanging our views of the whole experience, when she  said the weirdest thing of all was during the whole thing he kept putting his hand on her leg and trying to feel her up…….

Peaceful Loving From Mexico



Veterans/Victims of War!!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

To all those who claim to unanimously support and would gladly rip apart anyone who stood against the war! Let me tell you about a guy named Stan.

He fought in Viet Nam, he was a mechanic/machine gunner for helicopters, sounds cool huh?! Not when he describes how it was for him I’ll get to that in a minute. This is one of the most honest. sincere, intelligent, down to earth guys you ever want to meet, and he is my friend! He unfortunately is also one of the most extremely messed up individuals you will ever meet as well, and he knows this!

He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and for anyone who thinks for a moment this is some fancy bullshit syndrome?!!, Surely hasn’t a clue, about what sort of damage, and pure waste, war really is , and what it can do to a young mans or woman’s soul. Stan was  all of 16 when he joined, so he could fight for his country, he lied about his age, I’m sure the recruiter didn’t care to ask, those guys are worse than car salesman and that’s lower than low. And yes I have had my own, all to myself, personal experience with those idiots. They literally will tell you what you want to hear, flat out liars. Slimy slugs with stripes!

Stan on the other hand, is the opposite, and on more than one occasion, has stood out in front of recruiters post, or gone to high schools when he gets word that they are coming and try’s to tell the kids the real truth! One has to simply sit,  just once with Stan and forever will your views on war change. He’ll tell you how insane the rules of engagement were, some absolutely absurd.

You can’t attack an enemy’s base that’s under construction only after it was complete. ( OK!!!…. yeah, that’s fine,  just move those soldiers and mortars inside and we’ll get this little war started!!, OK!!………….everybody ready??!! ) ……You weren’t allowed to use a 60 caliber machine gun on humans, It was only for aircraft. Yeah right Stan once exclaimed I’m in the middle of a fire fight in a helicopter, when people on the ground start shooting, I gotta switch to a 30 caliber gun cuz of Geneva convention rules, like anybody from either side ever did that! Ever seen ” Saving Private Ryan? “

He’ll tell you the war was about oil and drugs! ( Opium and pot ) When they found that there wasn’t enough oil available to take it, we pulled out. He’s had friends brains spattered on his face and clothing. He has shit in his pants from pure fear, and this guy can be intense, sometimes down right scary in person! So just to set the record straight, shitting in your pants has nothing to do with bravery or courage, most vets if they saw action, are familiar with this experience!

More than once, Stan puked in a helicopter, while witnessing the shear damage a 60 caliber can wrack on a human body! Simply because he really didn’t have time to switch.

Death and mayhem, hatred for a country and a people you know nothing about. People wounded, missing body parts and, or dying! For what? That is the ugly question and truth.

War isn’t even close, to how we may of played it as kids. Its grisly and evil, and it brings out the worst in all of us. Only in the movies is there poetic justice and lessons of bravery and courage.
In the real world there guys like Stan. Who near the end was discharged, broken and bitter. He had been shipped out to another location, and as was the practice, in Nam, you never saluted the higher ranking officers so as the snipers didn’t know whom to shoot.

Some Noob Officer fresh from the mainland took indignation of this slight even after Stan tried to explain, he saw his rank lowered, that seemed to be the last straw for Stan, pushed him right over that ragged edge, after all he had been through, all that he survived, Some guy who hadn’t fought one day, certainly hadn’t crapped his pants, takes away the last thread of dignity, Stan had achieved. It was the last insult upon insults.

So Stan lost it, That night he spray painted the officers car with Nazi insignias and KKK logos. Stan was promptly discharged Only to come home to people at the airport spitting on him calling him baby killer. It is a typical story for most, yet that in itself is what is wrong.

This country did a poor job of accepting what we did. That era, treated soldiers coming home like garbage, people were not ready to see the truth. War sucks period, and I feel sorry for those that bought the bullshit once more to go and kill foreigners in their own homes. More kids like Stan have gone to Iraq, thinking they are doing the right thing, and that infuriates me, because they have been lied to, manipulated bye our former president and military leaders. For other special interests groups!

What is going on in Iraq has nothing to do with freedom its about corporate power and when it is all over there will be more kids like Stan broken and disillusioned about themselves and this once great country
Quite simply veterans are treated like disposable trash. We Use them kids up and forget em, when they have nothing, left to contribute. We’ll take care of that nasty cough you got there if you just sign off on that whole agent orange thing you’ve been complaining about! ( True story! )

It’s a lie that they are taken care of, in many ways they get less care than the worthless generations of welfare and food stamp whores. Harsh?! Maybe! True?! Most definitely!

Stan was diagnosed years ago, would you think he has gotten anything close to treatment? Sorry Stan! rooms are full. Try us next month hey meanwhile lets stick you in a room down in the tenderloin! Nothin tender about that area [ Thank you Dave Chappel! ] When I say room! That’s all there is, not even a kitchen, Stan cooks his meals on a hot plate mmmmm…. Sure loves those cheese samiches..Government cheese at that!

As an American and a tax payer I am embarrassed! As a friend! I was horrified at the lack of care. It is an embarrassment of monumental proportions. It is a gaff no matter what one thinks, these people, both men and women deserve  better treatment and a better life. They gave on the highest accord and they paid with their minds, bodies, and souls.

It is time to bring to the forefront, what has been hidden for many years. These people should not be treated like rotten food, Whats the matter America? Why aren’t these people treated with the respect they deserve? Is our government afraid if they get too close we might smell the funk?!

Maybe then we just might shit our own pants!

As usual Peace and goodwill, and a safe return to all of our service.



Maybe this is more suited to my personal journal, but…

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

3:30 AM

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.  I’ve recently moved into a new place, which my wife and I love.  But throughout this transition, other very difficult, extremely tumultuous things have come about.  A couple of people who are extremely special to my wife and I – family members from each side – are ill.  Both with cancer, both cases looking increasingly bleak.  I guess all this thinking prompted the following:

Why is it so hard to imagine life the way it used to be, before the Internet age? I can think back, and I get a feel for what that time was like, and I wonder, am I idealizing the past, or is there really something missing? Am I really that distracted nowadays, and is there actually a way to attain the seeming purity of the way I remember life without the constant barrage of electronic information, before the 24 hour news, before most people had computers, before social networking sites, blogs, e-commerce…

I know I have withdrawn from the world to a certain degree, simply because it is easier to socialize on line. I admit, I am somewhat of a hermit, and the Internet simply makes it easier to live that life – a life without having to meet most people face-to-face… Limiting actual contact to those you immediately care about – family and close friends. That is pretty much my life.

Back to the question… Can it ever be like it was before? Can we again define ourselves by true interaction, or have we evolved/devolved beyond the point of no return?

I remember when a day seemed to last a long time. I remember long periods of no television imposed by my grandparents, who wouldn’t watch TV on Saturday, due to 7th Day Adventism. What would we do during those times? Nap, Go outside to play, ride bikes… stay inside and play board games, have people over for meals… I certainly remember spending much more time outside, and with family.

Nowadays it seems there’s far too much novelty, and this has somehow superseded a previous, partially forgotten existence. I feel I was more whole in this previous “life.” I have witnessed such drastic changes in my mere 32 years of this life. Why do we constantly strive to change our lives and its circumstances? Is it that we are too bored with the tangible? Have we moved beyond simple pleasures? Does everything now have to push the boundaries of sensory and technology?

I feel like a very old 32. I see other people my age, and they seem more content than I am with the way things have changed. I am not a neo-phobe. On the contrary, I feel I have embraced technology better than most people I know, and I have made a living being on the cutting edge of computing. It is my craft, the craft that pays the bills, to stay informed of new technological developments.

I like working with computers, but is it what I love? The more time goes by, the more the answer becomes an emphatic “NO.” So what are my passions, what drives me beyond the need to make money and survive? In other words, what is it that I am destined to do? Of all the things in the world that I could be remembered for, or simply spend the rest of my life doing, what would that thing, or those things, be?

I’ve decided to create a list of things that resonate with my soul… Things that I can never imagine becoming bored of.

  1. Nature. I realize, by definition, humanity is part of nature, but I mean the parts of nature that we haven’t molded to our likes/needs/obsessions/tendencies.

  2. Working with the earth. Things like gardening. There’s little that is more rewarding than to plant a seed and care for it through it’s stages of life… seeing it grow and thrive, it becomes a part of you, and brings you closer to the source of all life on this planet.

  3. Art… acts of creation. Bringing the subconscious imagery to the surface in a multitude of forms of expression.

  4. Being with loved ones.

  5. Being alone in solitude, silence, meditation.

It is pretty late and I was just rattling some thoughts off.  I didn’t originally intend to share this, but I realize that it is kind of a representation of where my mind is right now, so I decided to put it up here.


PS… I find it very odd to be suddently prompted to reflect on things of importance, on family, on those loved ones that I am praying for daily, hopefully not in vain… That today, August 18th, is my biological father’s birthday (r.i.p.).  Two days before my birthday, as a matter-of-fact.  I don’t exactly feel like celebrating, and to any of my family possibly reading this, no worries about doing anything, I know shit sucks right now, and I really feel as though a birthday is a pretty fucking trivial thing to concern ourselves with when there are far more important things to worry about/attend to right now.


MARIJAUNA!! To be legal! Or Not to be! Is the question!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Well as usual I am picking a topic I feel very strongly about! Through the myriad of crap I will wade, exploring,  in parts. Whether I do or don’t partake is irrelevant ( Smoke the cannabis!! )  Reason being?! Since you don’t know me, this should not persuade your opinion one way or the other. First!

Going to Procon.org I copied the Pro and Con page, Sooooo here it is!!!!

PRO: Proponents for the legal use of medical marijuana argue that marijuana has “accepted medical use in treatment in the US,” and that it would easily meet the FDA criteria over “whether a new product’s benefits to users will outweigh its risks.” Marijuana, they claim, is a safe and effective treatment for dozens of conditions, such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, migraines, glaucoma, and epilepsy. Proponents say that thousands of yearly deaths from legal prescription drugs could be prevented if medical marijuana were legal.

CON: Opponents of medical marijuana argue that marijuana has not been FDA-approved because it is too dangerous to use, and that various FDA-approved drugs make the use of marijuana unnecessary. Marijuana, they claim, is addictive, leads to harder drug use, injures the lungs, harms the immune system, damages the brain, interferes with fertility, impairs driving ability, and sends the wrong message to kids. They say that medical marijuana is a front for drug legalization, and that people who claim medical use are actually using it for recreational pleasure.

Hmmm!!!! Where to start? I mean there’s so much here. I will start with the Pros! Although I will agree that there are benefits for the truly sick and needy, as well as, I am extremely opposed to pharmaceutical companies who peddle so much of their under-tested poisons.( Which by the way derive from natural existing sources! ) I believe this may be a wasteful and damaging argument, if pursued to the end.

Why, you may ask? Here’s why! Because you have asshole drug dealers, masquerading as caregivers, when they don’t give a shit! They don’t pay or should I say avoid taxes. You’ve got people lying about their ailments, headaches, which are hard to prove, as well as others… menstrual cramps anyone??!! Anybody can walk into a local marijuana-friendly doctor’s office and say, “I get these Migraines,” and poof!  You got a recommendation! This really isn’t helping the cause, its abusing it! The Laws in place are riddled with half-ass measures, that have gaping holes in them. I seriously wonder sometimes whether the lawyers involved knew how rich they would become because of the nebulousness of the laws they created? This I will cover in another part!

Stay with me here to the end! I’m not done! What I’m saying, in a nutshell (Where did that expression come from anyway? Only people who talk inside nutshells are crazy or drunk squirrels or both!): This approach to having Marijuana! Legalized! For medicinal sake, alone, is insane! Just chasing a drunk monkey down a dead end ally with a wet stick. These things only cause more controversy and elude the real truth, which is, It should simply be legal, period! Forget the whole medical thing, Those particular people should have it no matter what happens, for it is their right to choose.

Now Con! Ready?! Well these people are really talking out their asses! Approved? FDA? You got to be freakin’ kidding me! The FDA is merely a protector of special interest groups (read into this all you want), clearly, “PHARMACEUTICS” and all their lovely friends! The billions of dollars lost would be a huge blow to them and their investors. “INVESTORS?” Yes, don’t forget them!  Harms the brain which has been proven wrong and  “Whoa” The lungs?? You gotta be freakin’ double-kidding me! This is ludicrous. Comparing pot to cigarettes? Or other tobacco products? I don’t know anyone who got mouth, lip, or tongue cancer smokin’ pot! Don’t forget, those are legal! Thank god for interfering with fertility! There’s enough unwanted children already out there.

And my personal favorite, sends a wrong message to kids! Which one might that be? Hey Kids don’t smoke pot, drink your lives away like your good ole mom and dad cus that’s what real adults do! God forbid don’t compare those high-fructose corn syrup, cancer aiding, diabetes-in-waiting sodas you’re drinking like water, that isn’t anything remotely close! No Sir!!!!

You know, my niece was doing a presentation for college on this very subject and she found that since recording such facts, there has never been a death documented from someone using pot! I was stunned, for I figured that, we all know at least one idiot out there, that you would imagine, even through pure stupidity it had to have happened at least once! I don’t know man, I was filling up the car and took a toke and!/??/!/!?!?!  I’m sure Alcohol had that beat the first day it was introduced. Lastly who ever said that about patients! I personally would love to stick my size eleven wing tip shoes in their proverbial recreational ass! Obviously you’ve never seen someone coming off a chemotherapy session!.

My point? Well here it is! People\Americans, have a right to CHOOSE how they medicate themselves, period! Lets get past the political bullshit being thrown around and over that Pharmaceutical wall that’s been built and get to straight, hard, cold facts. Someone tell me the difference between the person who comes home after a hard day at work and pours a couple of stiff ones and the person who sits down and rolls and smokes a spliff or two? None! Say what you want, but if this is a free country, which it’s slowly not becoming. It shouldn’t matter!

What is it saying to kids? They’re not stupid! They see the hypocrisy of our society and its rules. These rules were made to benefit a select group of wealthy business men, and they were real good at getting people to believe the lying, bullshit, propaganda they wove.

The city of Oakland, California, has over three hundred thousand patients! Gee, and the city embraces it! Pick your beliefs for yourself, but leave the others alone. Laws have changed over time to deal with alcohol and they are already being used for pot. I am trying to stay away from the sensationalism that goes so often around this subject. but I will say this! One of the main reasons it is not legal is because it cannot be controlled. The fact that you can grow it from a seed, means profits would not be as large for those who would want it all for themselves and yes read all you want into that.

Did you know that Tobacco companies back in the 70s bought up the more famous “name-brands” at that time, like “Panama Red,” “Acapulco Gold,” so on and so on. Hedging bets?? This will be continued, but a moment of thought. Does anyone here think for a moment that no one lies to their doctor for their own preference of pain killer: Zanax! Valium! Anyone?

Have you ever looked at the disclaimers for some of the most commonly prescribed drugs? It would scare you. Aside from your genitals falling off, (Who knows, sooner or later that might happen too!) Just about anything else can happen, including death! Remember, they call it side-effects when really it is a reaction to the specific drug. Desensitizing propaganda created by those lovely people from the FDA in working affiliation with the Pharmaceutical Co’s. They should just get married and get it over with, they’re not fooling anybody anymore. THE FDA IS A BIG FREAKIN’ JOKE! WHO ARE THEY PROTECTING BESIDES BIG MONEY?!

It is not a perfect world, all I know is, I don’t need someone telling me what I can, and can’t take. If and when I’m in pain, and that should be respected, not debated in the political arenas by self-serving, vote-goading, two-faced, hypocrites who may or may not smoke pot themselves. We who are Americans live in this Controlling, Parental Society we once called the United States!  Whether you like what I do or don’t, you should fight for my right to choose, as I should fight for whats right for you!.

Its another day, Peace out



Happy 4th of July

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day.  Please take some time to reflect on what this day means to you, whether it be about spending some time with your family and enjoying each others’ company, or about the struggles of those who have fought and died, and those who still continue to fight for our rights – the people who fought off Imperial Brittain, both in word and deed… those who fought to end the injustices of slavery… those who fought and still fight against the tyranny of inequality…

Reflect on what it is to be free, and envision how we could improve upon the concepts that we hold dear – Liberty, Justice, Equality, Honesty, Good Will, Cooperation, Compassion.

Think about how lucky we are to be alive and relatively free – and think about what we can do to help each other remain free, and how to peacefully oppose oppression.

Let me stress – it is the idealists who have paved the way for progress.  I challenge the conventional wisdom of pragmatism over idealism.  Without idealism, we would never have broken free of Imperial Britain, we would never have embraced the cause of emancipation, or Women’s Suffrage, or the civil rights movement.  It is the elevation of our ideals over time that makes it possible for our collective evolution as a society.

Keep it safe & Take it easy,


Update 18:18 PDT: I forgot one of the most important things… despite how bad things might get at times, don’t forget to laugh.  There aren’t many things better at dispelling negativity than laughter.

Fireworks in Boston


AND THE LOSER IS!?!?!?!?!?!?

Friday, April 17th, 2009


A quick note to Mystic Muse! First off I’m a Capricorn, second! I am not having schizoid moments brought on bye being alone / from those long drives across the continent, drinking one to many energy drinks, with my pet Pug, Staring at me like I need to confess to something she does not need to know! Maybe it’s those eyes, kinda like the guy with the criss crossed eyes don’t know who he’s looking at , But he lookin at someone!

Although I do talk to myself, it is considered  healthy for the mind. Gatekeeper is  another entity altogether, a flesh and blood person who helped me create this wonderful place and yes you would be correct in the assumption we write differently! Say he is a different flavor. My personal belief is all things in degenerate moderation which really is like saying the hell with rules! Do it if you are really wanting to do it. As long as no one gets abused, unless that’s Ur thang. I try to stay open minded, but seriously put down the whip!
OK! I just got  lost for a moment. I love freedom of speech isn’t it wonderful, Just think what so many at one point in time actually fought for this stuff, and to think that we could truly lose if we don’t pay more attention that’s scary. Still digressing! but who care’s, in fact I loved that you did that, It is encouraged here, that’s when one gets into the meat of things. For a moment I thought I might know you, but no we haven’t met yet, but I enjoyed your well spun random moments you came out of the dark a little more showed  a different side of yourself  Muse! Or should I call you Mystic? I truly liked that very much, very cool;

So! Where to next? What should we talk about ? Ahhh Yes you are correct with those bastards will go down fighting before they give in. Why are they so afraid of change? Not that I care so much about them, It’s just curious notion as to how some people get caught up in needing to be right to the bitter end. The ship is sinking hellooo! People are not as stupid as you once had them, even with poor education, how hard is it for one to sense right and wrong, George Orwells 1984 Ignorance is strength! War is peace!  Oh crap this shiot really sucks and who out there disagrees?

So Spain wants to go after Bush and Chaney have fun traveling you catatonic Zealots! Brain dead I say, Brain dead. Those lizard’s really have no heart. Cold and calculating. But I have bigger fish to fry!

Bye the way, Great! But did Obamas wife mention about growing heritage seeds?  And while we are here, let us mention that Organic is a lose term. In the early days of Organic farming, you may remember that, anyone could call their stuff Organic, there no qualifications, so it just became a buzz word. It was crazy. It could say Organic and have nothing Organic in it! Now just stop for a moment, because I gotta tell you that puts a pinch in my craw. How desperate does someone have to be, to lie on the package? To purposely mislead? That is evil Zentwistians don’t let anyone tell you different. Everyone of you, who abused that loop hole, please step forward! Thought so! No one? Chicken shit too! Well it took the Real Organic farmers to step up and complain to force change and make rules of what constitutes Organic! Things like, so many years, the ground has to be chem free, so on and so on!

I would like to submit that this still needs some tweaking! ( Meth heads please sit down! ) such as, not to long ago I was shopping in Oregon health food store getting ready to make my famous BBQ sauce and was perusing the Ketchup’s, of course now, I’m wanting organic right?  I’m in a health food store and if it hadn’t been for the name brand, I may have just assumed.

What brand?! Del Monte! This caught my eye, at first I was elated thinking wow these guys stepped it up. ( I used to get pissed at things like this, the thinking being you should have been a leader not a follower, not just because it became the trend, wagon jumpers! I would rather support the ones who blazed the Organic trail when it was really difficult those are the heroes of our day, for they risked  hardships, why should anyone cash in on someone else’s hard work. More on that another time. )

Back to the story! So out of genuine curiosity I took the bottle and read the ingredients, thinking for sure this was a lie! pleasantly it was not. Theirs was cheaper! I became suspicious, hmmm! something is amiss. So I looked at the Two other brands pretty much the same. Then this little voice inside said, look at the bottles Plastic! Hmmm the Organics bottle I turned it over, nice! It was in a #1 The second Organic brand, the same. Del Monte! Drum roll please! DA DUMPT…. #7

Way to go Del Monte! You were so close! Why didn’t you go the extra mile? It was absolutely mind boggling, my head reeled from the lunacy. Why go to all the trouble of putting in Organic healthy food, to then put it in a toxic off gassing bottle, What?! What were you or whom ever the millipede was actually thinking ?! Saving a few bucks, putting it in cheaper plastic? WOW I was still trying to fathom, trying to make sense of a nonsensical moment. I was experiencing Insanity! Someone Else’s!  But none the less it was like a demon had crawled inside my very being, I was gasping for air, couldn’t speak in audible syllables. I thought for sure this may be the end when I heard a voice. Not so little, it was a man I looked close and read the label on his apron> ( Store Manager ) He looked concerned. Suddenly his words broke through the chaos. Can I help you? Yes! Yes! I heard escape from my lips. How can this be Organic if it is in a #7 plastic bottle? How is that possible? Explain it to me,Please?!

The store manger reached out to me, In my confusion I thought he was trying to console me. Then I realized he was merely wanting to see the bottle. He read the bottle carefully then turned upside down, then not with as much surprise, more like a mild shock, he said ( I had no idea! This is not Organic!  This is coming off the shelf immediately! Yo A Zen Twist Victory!

For one moment I had a glimpse of what it could really be like all over the world. People caring and not compromising, themselves or others. That healthy is healthy there is no in between no gray area, just because the law says so, doesn’t make it so. We’ve become a nation of confusion and rhetoric. Lies have replaced truth, because it’s convenient and easy to do. Kinda like the in thing.(  Hey the Johnson’s are doing it! ) All you have to say is that is the truth and it is! Like politicians telling flat out lies  on their opponents, with complete disregard of the damage it causes, all for the sake of winning. This countries values have taken a beating at the hands of unscrupulous men and they say its all fair?!  Boundaries got lost some where, and we are to busy struggling to survive to care, or feel powerless to do anything that would seem significant enough.

They govern us .Who governs them?  Never forget You and I do!!

Peace ~Zen Twist


There has got to be a better way!

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

`What is real? That is the question! Have those who want to stay in control, perpetuated such fear that once again our focus as a species in its whole sum parts is deterred, from the real point of life? Is there one? For the sake of argument itself lets assume there is!

`Money! the huge security sucking, life stressing, war mongering, life taking, self seeking, material rendering nothing! That’s right I said nothing! Money doesn’t breath, think, act, accuse, destroy! It has no heart beat, no emotion, no religious opinion, or racial bias, except for the moving molecules that make up its mass. Yet without my even saying, you and I all know, what people do, or will do, to have it, earn it, steal it, create it, beg for it, pretend for it, Lie for it!

`Now again I say it is nothing! So why or how has our lives become consumed in having this one thing? Life used to be about, starting in the dark ages for all you Darwinist, Survival of the fittest! Now its survival of the wittiest! Who can fuck you out of your money the quickest. They better sure hope the dinosaurs are not resurrected, those twenty dollar bills are pretty useless against carnivores. Better yet, better hope the whole thing doesn’t collapse, you guys would be the first to go down. Yes I know I’ve trailed, sort of, and yes I did use what some would say was foul, or is it fowl language? But tell me what other word describes what these people did or do best? One has to wonder if these guys weren’t the ones in school getting teased and bullied their whole elementary years and they walk around in such anguish the only pleasure is destroying others’ lives with the flick of a Tongue? I don’t know, a real reptilian creature just popped into my head! The Elders say go for it! Hope I haven’t lost you with an A.D.D. moment.

`The point? Glad you asked! Look, since money was created there have been those who schemed and connived for it. Before that it was that guy down the mountain who was stealing your goats and chickens in the dead of the night. Back then, by the way, you could take that guy out and no one would ask any questions! Personally I like that approach, except in these days it would be utter chaos, where could you draw the line? The real point is that some people just have that thing in their nature. It’s kinda pathological, really, because it takes someone who feels no emotion to not care about others to the point of extreme. What do we do? Well unfortunately, we haven’t arrived just yet to the Star Trek era when money isn’t necessary anymore. Wow, could you imagine the human race adopting a beehive mentality?

`Don’t misunderstand me, because money can do a lot of good. There are people out there doing wondrous things and that’s great. Money is just a motivational tool, it can create and give those the opportunity to add to there lives and their ideas. Maybe the question should be how much is enough? Yet as I started out saying, has our focus been altered from all this financial upheaval? There is still death going on, we are still in 2 wars, our out-going President and Vice President are facing possible war crime charges and stay with me here, that’s serious. These guys got together with lawyers to create legalese arguments so they could break the law. [ The whole defining torture under different rule standards and breaking these guys rights to a fair trial! Including having proper representation] Things so devious that if another country had done these exact same things those guilty would be prosecuted by international court with U.S leading the way.

`While we are here, how many of you were angry instead of glad when the oil prices first started dropping? Is there anything more clear than that to tell you who is running the show? Did you think to yourself they are throwing us a carrot because I will tell you. you could feel everyone’s stress, they took shit too far! Oh man did it again, yet again, I say no other word describes what was happening more than that one.

`Although I try to stay away from politics, this I will say: Bush’s up-coming book should be titled “HOW TO COLLAPSE AN ECONOMY IN JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS AND STILL GET RE-ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM WHILE MAKING ALL YOUR BUDDIES MEGA WEALTHY!.” Had them all fooled, he did! How does a guy have a 20% approval rating get anything done? Republicans hang their heads in shame, the guy couldn’t even get his farewell speech out without a gaffe. Bullshit wasn’t the biggest part of it, people should really realize how uninformed they were. From the beginning I was running around telling people the guy was so not qualified, he had ruined the state of Texas with all his deregulation. Texas was the number one polluted state in America and somehow I think he’s proud of that. [ "At least I was number one in something!" ] What is really scary is, he was the perfect choice to have in office for the war mongers and corporate hogs because he knows nothing, has nothing to contribute, and therefore questioned nothing. He never had a job to speak of, that is what is so eerie! The Perfect Puppet, no experience, had to rely on others read the fine print [ Dick Chaney and associates! ] Although I’m not a Ronald Reagan fan even he thought GW was a “loooserrr,” Jim Carrey style! Don’t believe me? Read his memoirs! No people skills and completely oblivious to 3rd world politics. Never even visited a 3rd world nation till he was in office. My God, America, what the hell were you voting for? His good looks?

`In last night’s farewell speech he still had to lie when he said that we as a nation never did anything to provoke the attacks of 911. Yeah right, and Vietnam just sorta happened all by itself. For once get it right George! That’s what we as a nation are good at! Provoking! Provoking countries to be at war with each other and with us. Chiquita Banana didn’t hire assassins to shoot protesters from helicopters. Standard oil didn’t kill villagers and enslave them to build their oil line across the globe, Shell oil didn’t kill protesters on their platforms the list goes on. think those people aren’t pissed? I would be! So what do you do when nobody is listening or they are killing the ones trying to get the information to the general public?

`Did you ever once wonder to yourself if other nations ever talked amongst themselves about the possibility of going to war against us? And I’m not talking about any Arab Nations. I travel and I will tell you I saw it in their faces Europeans were afraid of us.

`Don’t be Naive and think our country wasn’t disregarding and violating our own as well as United nations [ Which We the United States formed! ] human rights agreements. Which if you don’t know that you are a either a victim of the education cuts or you don’t care! Or you just feel safer being uninformed so as you don’t have to formulate an objective opinion!

`I guess in an ironic twist of fate I sense we should be lucky that we were the leading arms super power that no one could stand up to us. But that just makes me embarassed, its like the huge bully on the street that you know is oh so wrong! Yet he can kick your ass in a heart beat and there is no one to tell him different. Doesn’t make him right, just gives him a false sense of self righteousness. There has got to be a better way!

Peace Zen Twist


Enter: Gatekeeper…

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Greetings! I’m one of Zen Twist’s co-muckrakers, Gatekeeper. I maintain the site and I also contribute my thoughts and art to Zentwist.com.

I guess you could say I’m kind of like the “Robin” to Zen Twist’s “Batman” — though my choice of wardrobe is more like Batman’s whole “dressing in black” thing – except my costume definitely doesn’t have nipples built in to it. Façade nipples? I’ve always wondered about that choice for the movies. I guess Bruce Wayne likes to blast people his nips? No wonder he wears a mask!

I was watching “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” the other night, and the guest was Arianna Huffington. She was selling a book that she mostly didn’t write about how to become a successful blogger.

She said, “Rule nahmber one ees to blahhg about your pahhssions!”

That seems pretty obvious, but that is definitely what you can expect from me.

This year has been a wild one, that’s for sure. We’ve hit our worst economic streak since the 70’s – at least, and we’ve got thousands of jobs being lost every month. Our government has spent over a Trillion dollars on corporate bailouts, and the latest news is that all that money isn’t being tracked like it should be. Where is the accountability? How do the taxpayers get reimbursed for this, since we’re the ones paying for it? More importantly, when are people going to realize that we’ve been hoodwinked? Does anyone really believe that we taxpayers will see a dime for our “investment?”

How about bailing out families who’ve lost their homes that they‘ve been paying off for years? How about bailing out small businesses that have seen their profits dry up because of the downturn? — And I mean, businesses that have done honest work for years… why shouldn’t we help them stay in business when this recession isn‘t their fault, and they‘ve simply been squeezed out by circumstance?

These things seem only fair, since small businesses and homeowners pay much more than their fair share, as opposed to corporations who take advantage of offshore tax-shelters, outsourcing, etc?

How about, instead of bailing out a long-defunct auto industry, we bail out the workers and their families by providing job training so that the auto workers can find jobs in different sectors? How about the American auto companies ask Honda and Toyota to come in and revamp their operations and take a stake in the business? Just a couple ideas… these seem much more practical and realistic to me than paying billions of dollars every few months just to float an industry that loses money on every auto sale!

Do we hear much of anything about helping out “the little guy?” Not anymore, not since before the elections. All we hear is that there are more foreclosures and less jobs.

Time will tell if President Elect Obama will make good on his campaign promises – to give tax breaks for businesses who maintain and create jobs… to put a moratorium on foreclosures for families making a good-faith effort to pay… and Universal Healthcare?

I’m not one to criticize before it’s due, and I see too much of that already when it comes to Obama, so I’m going to take a “wait and see” approach with him. His first 100 days should prove interesting.

Is anyone else tired of the United States using its military might to solve its problems? I realize there’s a time for that, but, especially ever since after the World Trade Center attack, it seems that we’re far too trigger happy. It also seems to me that 9/11 provided all the excuses for pretty much everything the current administration wanted to do. Ever heard of “Project for a New American Century?” How about the decision to go into Afghanistan — even before 9/11? I will be covering these topics much more in depth as we go on this “Zen Twist.”

Rest assured, I have a lot to talk about, so stick around, and feel free to comment.



That Damned TV’ll rot your brain!

Friday, December 5th, 2008

(Originally from Friday, February 29, 2008)

Hello again! Well, I’m back and thoroughly refreshed from my visit on the big island, Hawaii. Nothing like being around the birthing of an Island to bring perspective on things. Though I can say I don’t miss those damn frogs.

So, once again I feel compelled to write. I was on the freeway this evening when I came upon this truck. Model and make are immaterial. Through its back window I could clearly see a screen showing some movie. Now understand, this is not the first time I have seen this. I find myself rationalizing how a law for the use of cell phones exists; yet, one can still possess what amounts to a home theater system in their car. This makes no sense!

These things are playing while someone is driving; yes I know they come with headphones, yet it is a rarity that I see someone wearing them. Bet the batteries ran out! The screen is positioned so the driver can’t watch. So what (Remind me at some point what I want to say about headphones) So, you know, bombs going off, people screaming… somehow the driver isn’t the least bit distracted?

Now before someone who knows me says “But, Zen, you own a car that has one of those!” Yes, I do, and I have a good explanation! I never wanted it. It was acquired from my brother in-law, in trying to help him out of a difficult financial situation, hence, here it is. To my credit I have never used it, nor care too. Although, from time to time I’ve had this fantasy of being on a hot date, driving deep into the woods amongst the bears and squirrels, commencing to fondle and grope each other while watching some hot porn. Bears applaud, squirrel’s blush. Now that sounds cool, and never during any of that would I be driving. The car, anyway…

Maybe more importantly is the issue that family values may have forever officially washed down the proverbial toilet. What’s the matter Mom? Dad? Whoever you are! Can’t have a meaningful conversation about life or how was your day? Kyra, Bobby, Billy and what’s your name? Or maybe have some deep conversation about what’s going on in our world? Explain to those confused kiddies how a guy who’s never had a real job in his life, snorted coke, and is basically a raging dry drunk, somehow got to be president. That ought to take up a good few hours!

I don’t know, I guess on long trips videos could be handy, but a drive to the local market? Geez! Guess the kids got to watch The Little Mermaid for the billionth time. I remember telling stories or just bonding, occasionally throwing up, but only on long drives (Something about facing backwards in that ole station wagon). Anyhow, mostly I remember mom or dad telling us stuff about our history or their parents and past, giving us clues to where they, and we, came from. Telling jokes. Dodging dad’s backhand when we were out of control.

Now, it’s sitting mindless like good little robots being brain sucked by some flashing lights and music telling us when to laugh, cry, or be mad. Uhggg! Oh man that reminds me of that commercial I just saw (I know! I know! I get caught up in it too!). There’s this family who has no connection to each other dad makes them all go for a ride to drive around and watch TV or movies in the car and get closer. Makes me want to puke in my own living room. Yeah, GMC is bringing families closer together while polluting the environment, all at the same time. Now there’s your special two for one deal!

While we’re on commercials, let’s get serious for a moment. Not too long ago I was in Vegas. Yes, Zen loves to play Poker occasionally. Anyway, I pulled into this gas station and thought I was blasted right into a Blade Runner movie. Jesus! Multiple screens with advertisements on the gas pump! What is wrong with these people? Can’t I have a moment to myself? Can’t I just smell the toxic fumes in peace? It gets worse… I was at a checkout stand in Arizona. Same thing: T.V. advertisements. Seriously, this has got to stop! First, noise pollution now its advert-pollution. Give us a break! Honestly, I will never buy a product from anyone who uses that medium, just to prove a point. Man, it makes me want to pull an Al Capone on the next advertiser I meet. Let’s see, do I have any baseball bats lying around?

You know what started this? It’s the damn mute button and TIVO, that’s what did it! Too many people not wanting to hear their sex lives, lifestyles, homes, cars, kids, bodies and minds aren’t good enough. Or 1 out of 3, 4, 7, 12 will die of something, somehow, someway, someday, and there is nothing you or I can do about. Why? Because even the answer will blind you, hurt you, cause any number of emotional distresses and/or a variety of other ailment’s including the failure but not limited to just one of many organs, or just simply kill you. Then again it may do absolutely nothing, but that’s a lie, because it will cost you your money so you still lose and that’s another pain in the ass.

They make cars that can go 160 miles an hour, yet the speed limit here is 70, tops. What the hell is going on? Madness, I tell you, and it’s being shoved right down our throats. When we tune them out, change the channel or hit the mute button they’ve got to find us… Stalkers, they are! Commercial stalkers out for that buck, worse than the crack dealer. At least those guys have a corner to hang out on! Pretty much anyone who wants to find them knows where to go. They’re not hanging out in my living room trying to sell me something every ten minutes that I don’t even want! They go where the business is, not where it isn’t.

I imagine that’s why the home video industry is so huge. Except, what is with this? I can’t fast forward for those first few minutes? See, again, it’s like making you watch when you don’t want to watch. That’s called holding you hostage, and that tactic sucks, because there is no one to hold them accountable, or put them in jail for invading my space, my mind, my childrens minds, my friend’s minds. But I bet if someone finally loses their mind, it might be considered.

Again! Where is my bat?

~Zen Twist.



Friday, December 5th, 2008

(Originally from Sunday, February 3, 2008)

Well Aloha to you all, I was getting fed up with the weather there on the Mainland, as they call it here, and decided to change my scenery… didn’t take long to find something to complain about.

I literally had just set foot in the airport of beautiful Hawaii, when my flight seat buddy, who went by ‘Ole Tom, explained that the choir of noises I was hearing was coming from little frogs. I thought, “Oh, that’s so cute!”

Then he went on to tell me they are not from Hawaii, but from Georgia, and I don’t mean the Georgia that’s in Russia. At least that would have been a creative feat to have pulled off. (Right now some guy in Georgia named Joe Billy Joe is thinking “Hey they got a place in Russia named after our own state!” Man you got to love our education system.)

Anyway, yeah, some guy from Georgia, probably a relative of Joe Billy Joe. Missed his home state so much he smuggled at least 2, and it’s a pretty safe bet one of them was a girl. So! What was it!? He wanted to feel a little more at home?

Now I know, some of you are asking, how do I know it was a guy? Fair question! Easily answered! You see, woman don’t have that same need to spread their seed of life all over the place, men do! A perfect example is the English! In their hey day, their favorite pastime was fishing and as they conquered the world, guess what they loved to leave behind? No, not vials of semen, but fish (Ok maybe not vials but they did that too). Yes they spread those babies all over Europe, Africa, America, even Brazil. In fact, Brazil has the only sea-going run of brown trout in the world. Now, one might think, “hey, that’s cool!” and honestly in some ways it is. An argument could be made to say that man is a part of nature too, so it’s all good. Hmm, let’s see… at least fish provides a food! I say it’s ok as long as it doesn’t threaten or infringe on other species, which is rare. While we’re on the topic of fish, here’s one that really does suck.

Several morons decided to smuggle a few Pike fish into Northern California a few years back, guess they were bored of fishing for Bass, Salmon, Stripper, Cat fish, Rainbow trout, as well as many others. They put them in a lake/reservoir and it was enough Pike that they bred and had babies. Well when it rained, this lake would eventually spill into the river below it, and that’s just where major Steelhead and salmon runs occurred! (Where Salmon go to have babies!) Good going, morons! For those of you who don’t know what a Pike fish is I will now describe: It is a long and powerful predator fish with razor-sharp teeth. They are very aggressive fish that can get anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. If it had gotten established it could have wiped out the salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout as well as any other poor fish which might have been swimming around. They have no defense against such a fish.

Anyway, Dept. of fish had to poison the lake several times over the course of two years before the problem was finally resolved. I won’t even get into that for now. “Mommy, where does the poison go?” “It just disappears into thin air Jimmy.” Lucky they were detected when they were or it could have been a disaster.

Ok, Hmm, frogs… still not getting anything, Uh just a quick note if they ever catch those guys! I think they should be submerged in a pool up to their waists, with large Pike and have bait attached to their genitalia, assuring they will live but they will not produce offspring of their own. A Pikesectomy! Of course this should only be done in Michigan or anywhere Pike is a native species.

Ok, back to the original point: the rationale is not there for frogs, and let me tell you, they are everywhere here, and they have propagated into the millions. They have no threats to themselves, so? Carry on, and keep on Froggin’! Of all the frogs to bring, it would take a Georgian to have brought the most useless; you can’t even eat them, they’re so damned small. They sound like a cricket and a bird. They whistle more than anything.

One thing’s for sure though, if the guy who brought them used to live here? You can bet he doesn’t live here anymore! I mean, think of it! Could you live around a constant 24-hour reminder of your own selfish, ignorant, stupidity? Could you sleep at night, listening to that repetitive singing, whistling, major screw up you single-handedly caused? I can imagine the guy losing his mind eventually; the frogs would have been calling out his name! “Joe! Billy Joe! Joe! Billy Joe!” He may have gone mad. Just think, he wouldn’t go home, not to Georgia, ‘cus that’s where the frogs came from! That’s ok, he could always go back to that Georgia in Russia.

~Zen Twist.