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Ieee Knooow Nuuthiinnng! Battle Cry of the Young!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Its was a wonderful weekend and lots of family on that glorious Labor Day weekend! I wonder just whom came up with it?! Sounds like one of those stimulate the economy holidays that we seem to have so many of!

I love it, like Cinco De Mayo! What a joke,  America celebrates a holiday that Mexicans sort of just don’t. Supposedly it started here in the U.S. Amongst heavier Mexican areas. Yet its like some unknown force said lets give them a day of their own. What did Vincente Fox called over here and said! ” Hey I got a great suggestion! Why don’t you celebrate are you ready? Its a very catchy phrase, Cinco De Mayo.

OK! Class anyone know what it actually means, and what it stands for??….Just why are we celebrating it anyway?!….. Yeah you the Kid with the nose rings and tattoos!

It was the battle of Puebla in 1862. The French when they still had balls,were eager to expand their empire using a debt issue that Mexico had incurred,  borrowing money to help a ruined national economy, and financing several different wars!  ( Sound freaking familiar?? ) Both the American war form (1846-1848) and Mexican Civil War ( 1858 ) which both preceded a bloody war with Spain that eventually gained Mexicos independence in 1821


Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian
Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian

During this period of struggle Mexico had accumulated        heavy debts with other nations such as Spain and England  who were also demanding repayment. When Mexico stopped making payments , France took action on its own to install Napoleon III’s relative, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, .

Realizing France’s intent of empire expansion, Spain and England withdrew their support.

Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza

Map showing Veracruz, site of the French invasion


invaded at the gulf coast of Mexico along the state of Veracruz and      began to March toward Mexico City a distance today of less than    600 miles.

Although American President Abraham Lincoln was sympathetic to Mexico’s cause, for which he is honored in Mexico, the U.S. was involved in its own Civil War at the time and was unable to provide any direct assistance.

Mexico Confronts The Invasion

Marching on toward Mexico City, the French army encountered strong resistance     near Puebla at the Mexican forts of Loreto and Guadalupe. Lead by  Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, a smaller, poorly armed militia estimated at 4,500 men were able to stop and defeat a well outfitted French army of 6,500 soldiers, which stopped the invasion of the country.

The victory was a glorious moment for Mexican patriots, which at the time helped to develop a needed sense of national unity, and is the cause for the historical date’s celebration.Unfortunately, the victory was short lived. Pay attention here! Upon hearing the bad news, Napoleon III had found an excuse to send more troops overseas to try and invade Mexico again, even against the wishes of the French populace. 30,000 more troops and a full year later, the French were eventually able to depose the Mexican army, take over Mexico City and install Maximilian as the ruler of Mexico.

Wow! dude that was awesome, to think a guy like you knows history, see can’t judge em bye their looks can you?

How many caught the whole Nations lending, economy sucking,war depleting, egos getting in the way……………..?

Hey quick note here,

Maximilian’s rule of Mexico was also short lived though only, from 1864 to 1867. With the American Civil War finally over, the U.S. began to provide more political and military assistance to Mexico to expel the French, after which Maximilian was executed by the Mexicans ( THAT HAD TO HURT???!!!! ) ( DO YOU THINK HE WAS A LITTLE BUMMED AT NAPOLEON FOR SENDING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?? ) His bullet riddled shirt is kept at the museum at Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. Talk about pissed and making a point to everyone else!

So despite the eventual French invasion of Mexico City, Cinco de Mayo honors the bravery and victory of General Zaragoza’s smaller, out numbered militia at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

So this is a holiday that really is not even celebrated widely in  Mexico itself. Although it signifies unity for the Mexican culture, it was short lived, and when does America celebrate other countries Holidays?

Oh I forgot ST Patricks Day!

Now don’t get this wrong cus someone out their can quickly take this as a racist point of view! It is not. The point here is this what we celebrate here is far from the original, here’s an interesting fact St Patrick’s Color is blue not green.The three leaf clover was supposedly used by ST Patrick to teach people of the Holy Trinity. And ST. Patrick was?????????????? English…. Oooooooo!

In modern-day Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has traditionally been a religious occasion. In fact, up until the 1970s, Irish laws mandated that pubs be closed on March 17. Beginning in 1995, however, the Irish government began a national campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to drive tourism and showcase Ireland to the rest of the world. ( READ CLOSELY MOOOOOOOONEYYYYYYYYY ) Last year, close to one million people took part in Ireland ‘s St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, a multi-day celebration featuring parades, concerts, outdoor theater productions, and fireworks shows.

Point glad you asked! Really I’m talking about our education system I was never taught any of this stuff in any school I ever attended. If I was it was not even close to the truth.History just keeps being rewritten

Honestly these days it really can be embarrassing to be an American, we used to be leaders of so many things now we lead in Greed and War! What wonderful things to be associated with. We suck at environment, and health care, while corporations farm out millions work\ jobs to foreign countries, crippling our own workers\economy to the brink of bankruptcy and foreclosures for millions of basically now indebted slaves.

So here is where I stop and let you chew on those thoughts for awhile. Just because you can’t see it or prove it doesn’t mean its not real, There are small groups of people within our education system, who have the power and control over what is read and taught don’t think that education is randomly chosen by an individual teacher their hands were tied their mouths were gagged, from the moment they entered the system.

Another day passes, yet who, seems to notice?

Peace and safe goings



Victims\Veterans of War #2

Sunday, February 7th, 2010


I answered to new person Panic attack PTSD. Been meaning to write a part 2 anyway, so here it is.

Well thank you Panic attack PTSD!

It was a heartfelt piece that I wrote…

I’m glad I could be of any help to you.

One thing I hadn’t mentioned was, I have a Nephew who was there,……………. (IRAQ) and recently just went back.. I failed to mention, that I was also worried for him. Because he, has bought the bullshit..

He became so enraged one night during a Thanksgiving dinner, all because we started dissing, how stupid, Bush really is. ( Heavy Democratic family) And He really is not, a very intelligent man. I think George Senior purposely dropped him on his head, any time anyone was not looking.

My nephew really took this personally. He was so angry he left. I felt bad for him, because nothing of what we said, had anything to do with him, and that concerned me. As well as he really missed some funny shit, Don’t believe me just watch some of the bloopers on Utube.

These kids are brain washed. Just cuz you joined the military service, doesn’t mean you have to agree with the President’s policy’s\Lies. You may be enforcing them and I get, how that just brings up a whole lot of controversy for someone in the middle of a fire fight. I think that also, qualifies one, as a conscientious objector. Yet for someone in the military to accept fact, without research, is already doomed, to being a nonthinking robot.

I love to ask this question. If any of you serviceman\woman were asked to do all of the things that you did over there, to do over here, to your own people, in your own country. Would you do it? Just because someone else gave you an order??  Without question or reason? Could you find a way, to justify, inside your head, the way you find a way over there, if it was against your own people? Because that could be the case one day, if Real Americans, ever wake up one day, and realize how corrupt and devious, our own government has become. And decide enough is enough.

Seriously it has become Taboo to talk of revolution as if that some how that makes you a traitor to your own country. When it is an American freaking right. What bullshit it is, that we now can be rendered down to  ( Pick One ) Commies, Terrorist, Vigilantes, Non Americans, Non-supporters of our troops, Sympathizers, Bleeding heart liberals, Hippies, Guppies, Yuppies…. All because I disagree with my governments policies and refuse to be a mutated, blind smelly crusty SHEEP!

It is my, dare I say it, God Given Right! As an American, by the freedom of speech act! To criticize, scrutinize, and publicize, as well as protest for, my very own beliefs on every and any subject I choose……….. Amen! Amen brother Zen! Amen!

That American Flag, has become just a warm blanket of shit, stuffed with lies, greed, murder, and calculated chaos, which you tuck yourselves into each and every night. How do you sleep so soundly? Amongst the cries and screams, of the dying innocents? I’m not saying there are not bad people out there, Problem is some of them are our own countrymen…

Who doesn’t get, that this is about oil? And control of that oil, and closely following, are the religious zealots, who seem to forget violence begets violence and truly think that we need to control those Arab’s………. before it is too late.. Scary!!!

I recently spoke with another Veteran of this Iraqi War, and its more of the same bullshit… Know what his job was? Escorting, giant empty, corporate trucks, ( Non Military Vehicles…) Back and forth, across the desert, from one base to another. Sometimes one of the trucks, would be loaded with ice, which was insane, because every base had their own means of making it, besides since this was in the day time, can anyone use their imagination??? ( lets see iceeeee and 120 to 130 degrees heat, how much ice do you think made it? ) Oh shiiitt now we gotta go back and get more ice dammit! ) Therefore rendering, that particular journey irrelevant.

This all at a whopping cost, to us tax payers of ??!! ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PER TRUCK… PER TRIP….WTF?

As my boy Zacky said ” I risked my life to protect nothing! If I had died, I would have died for nothing. Guarding those trucks had nothing to do with Honor, or Protecting the Freedom and rights of American People! It had everything to do, with lining the pockets of some greasy fat Pigs, who hide behind the American flag calling themselves Patriots To which I will add while raping and pillaging another country,while charging the great Ole USA a hefty bill… Simply because we have the best weapons, all the while saying that we are bringing peace and good will, to a country that was out of control.

I believe we are out of control, and have lost the ability to see the difference anymore.


Peace and stay strong, and aware… Be fooled not, by the Wolves who clamor at your door, offering soggy wet bandages, to cover your wounds and your pride, of the heartaches, of the losses you have recently endured. For they care not, for you personally, they just have this growing fear, which is creeping up slowly inside them. For instinctively they know, this time, they may have gone to far..



Is the Federal Reserve Bank about to be audited???

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I was reading a piece from The Daily Kos, and there is a video from the American News Project about the bill Ron Paul is introducing to audit the Federal Reserve Bank.  The video is very well done, matter-of-fact, and I highly recommend watching it.  American News Project encourages viewers to share and embed this video, so I am doing that, because I think it’s something that people need to know more about.  This video is refreshing, in the fact that it doesn’t really cross over into conspiracy theory territory.  It merely presents the facts as they are.

Check it out!



How did this story slip by us?

Monday, July 6th, 2009

You know, I’m really disappointed in myself.  Here, under my nose, for months, there has been a story that didn’t even get my attention, despite the magnitude of the event.

For years, I’ve been seething at the level of corruption in this country, especially relating to election fraud, the extremism of post 9/11/2001 which still plagues us, these God-forsaken wars, corporate greed, etc…

And yet, this story was glossed over by the mainstream media.

I’m talking about Michael Connell, Republican IT consultant (or would that be D.I.T.? Dis-Information Technology?).

He had been subpoenaed to testify in a case, King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell, a case that alleged election tampering in Ohio back in 2004.

Michael Connell created a website for Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, that certified the results of the 2004 Ohio elections, in real-time, as the votes were counted.

On the 24th of July of last year, Connell’s attorney, Cliff Amebeck, sent a letter to the then acting U.S. Attorney General Robert Mukasey, asking for protection for Connell and his family from Karl Rove, because he was being intimidated not to testify.

According to the letter, it is alleged that Karl Rove told Michael Connell that “if he didn’t take the fall” for voter fraud in Ohio, his wife would be prosecuted for supposed lobby law violations.

On December 19, 2008, Connell was killed in a plane crash during an attempted landing at the Akron-Canton Airport, approaching runway 23, approximately 3 miles from his destination.  There were no signs or reports of mechanical problems, or that his plane was off course.

Michael Connell was the key witness in the Ohio Voter Fraud case.  I’m not saying it was a “hit,” but I certainly am not ruling it out, considering the circumstances and who stood to benefit


(Karl Rove).



From The “WTC… WTF!??” Files…

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Gatekeeper here.  Amongst the virtually countless conversations that I’ve had with Zen Twist, one of the more interesting brainstorming sessions we’ve had was about the World Trade Center attacks of 2001.  We plan on posting more about it, but in my researches, I found quite a gem of an article that was written the day after the car bombing at the World Trade Center in February of 1993.  Here’s an excerpt:

Seattle Times: Saturday, February 27, 1993

By Eric Nalder

Engineers had to consider every peril they could imagine when they designed the World Trade Center[...].

Skilling[...] is among the world’s top structural engineers. He is responsible for [...] several of the world’s tallest structures, including the Trade Center.

[...]Skilling’s people did an analysis that showed the towers would withstand the impact of a Boeing 707.

“[...]the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed,” he said. “The building structure would still be there.”

Here is a link to the entire piece online: Click here to view the article

Scratching my head,



The Pledge of Allegiance

Monday, May 25th, 2009

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America,

and to the republic for which it stands:

One Nation under God *,

indivisible †,

with Liberty Ϟ

and Justice for all ‡.

* God, YHVH, Allah, Ra, Bhagavan, Mithras, Wakan-Tanka, Abraxas, Haile Salassie, etc – Choose any of the many names of God(s), or don’t! This is America, a secular nation, after all.

† Except for that one time…

Ϟ Subject to change

‡ All, in this case, is a very subjective term, when it comes to Justice.  It could exclude any of the following:

  • The Ultra-Wealthy
  • The Super-Famous
  • Clergy
  • Judges
  • CEO’s and other High-Ranking Corporate Executives
  • Members of The House of Representatives
  • Senators
  • Presidential Cabinet Members
  • Vice Presidents
  • Presidents

I’ve always kinda liked this flag:

Take it easy,



100 days with President Obama

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Well, I’ve shied away from either praising or criticizing our new President, for quite a few reasons.  One, while I’m interested in politics, over the last couple years, I’ve kept a more healthy distance from it.  Two, I think that this sort of 100 days analysis is somewhat ridiculous in general, but in this case especially because of the 8 years of virtually NO domestic policy under Bush.  Obviously, with a country gone ape-shit, Obama had a lot more on his plate than most of his modern predecessors.  Three, one thing you can actually say about the guy, whether or not his policies will have a lasting positive effect or not, is that he has kept several of his campaign promises… to close Guantanamo (more of a symbolic gesture with god knows how many other secret prisons we have across the globe), to pass his proposed stimulus package(s), and to attempt to earn back the respect of the international community.  He, in fact, has concentrated on the major problems he promised he would.  He also has, unlike Bush, planned a gradual step-down of force in Iraq.

That said, I’m not naive enough to simply assume that he has our best interests at heart, but I also have to admit that he’s probably doing a hell of a lot better than McCain would have.  And I personally am more comfortable with Obama over Hilary Clinton at the helm, as, she is more of a middle-of-the-road establishment career politician.  He is also a career politician, but there’s at least the aura of disgust with the status-quot  from Obama, whereas Hilary didn’t present as much of a dynamic shift in leadership, compared to the last 30 years of politics – Obama, on the other hand, seems to represent a major shift, and a new perspective on how the Presidency should be run.  He is indeed more personable, more open, more likely to admit when he is wrong… something that I can’t really say about any president from 1980 onward.

Yet, to this day, his detractors continue to demonize him, and for mostly baseless reasons.  The religious-right has really oozed with hatred and fear over what Obama represents to them, from him being a “secret Muslim” to, (and this one I heard PERSONALLY from a harsh critic – a family member) “OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST!”  No, I am not kidding, and if you’ve been paying attention, that accusation is not isolated to just a few whack-jobs.

Today I got a text message from an in law, relatively close to me, and I was disgusted.  He really thought this was funny:

“It was once said that a black man would be president when pigs fly.  Indeed, 100 days into Obama’s presidency, Swine flu.”  (Swine flew)

Yes, a somewhat clever pun, but the racial implications… You know, I always grew up believing that people were really equal in the eyes of “God” or whatever you want to call it.  My father – my step father, whom has been my father since I was 3, is Palestinian, as is his entire family, many of whom are now Naturalized American Citizens, including himself.  From an early age I LIVED diversity, I LIVED equality, I grew up with the right example, that’s for sure, and I thank my both of my parents for teaching me many valuable lessons about life along the way.  I grew up knowing tolerance and acceptance.  To me, there was never anything strange about my dad being Palestinian.  Yet, when I mentioned this to a cousin, another in-law, she nearly gasped with horror!  She actually LOOKED AT ME differently after I revealed that detail about my family and my father.

So, contrasting my upbringing with some of the things I hear, intolerant, disgusting, racist, religious-superior… GRRRRRRRR.. I get very frustrated just thinking about it, because it DOES NOT COMPUTE!  When I had my first taste of racism as a child, I was literally horrified.  I was playing with some friends of mine and my brother’s, who happened to be black, and some of our white friends saw this and started calling our black friends “Niggers.”  I didn’t even know what the fuck it meant, but by the reaction, I knew it was something bad, but I did not understand WHY my other white friends were so intolerant of a few black kids trying to play like everyone else.  It was how their parents taught them and I still to this day have a really hard time understanding how and why this hatred is passed on and how it’s so deeply ingrained in our society.. Our PLANET.  Our human race.

So, watching the Daily Show lately, I have had more than my fair share of ridiculous accusations flung toward Obama… and those old feelings come back.  I see that racist sickness in our politicians, our commentators, our news people…. And I ask myself WHY?  Why are people so ignorant and hell-bent on destructive behavior?  Why the tendency towards division?  It must be rooted somewhere!  It’s so absurd, yet so powerful, because it exists, in all its latent and not-so-latent ugliness, and it spreads like a virus.

For that reason I have a very hard time taking seriously any holier-than-thou asshole on Fox News or any other whack job in the news… No one will admit to racist thoughts and tendencies, because it would damn their careers, yet, there it is, it is manifested in their thoughts, their words and their actions.

Something that I’ve heard quite a lot lately, when I try to bring up the bias… “Well, dude, Obama got elected, racism is over!”


So, all this garbage being circulated through the media makes it hard to know where to start, where the level ground is when it comes to critiquing Obama, because it’s very hard to know whether someone is criticizing him because of their own deeply ingrained prejudices or not.

What is one to do?  Well, for starters, you can judge what he does, and the results that follow, and maybe attempt to shut out the “naysayers without a cause.”

On with it!  I know, I ramble…. So, here’s a couple areas where I feel he needs to do more, or do things differently… and yeah, you may ask yourself, who the hell is this gatekeeper jackass and why should I listen to him?  You don’t have to.  I’m fucked up just like you!  But I have opinions, and like any other human ego, there’s a desire to express them to the world at large, regardless of how few people actually read this thing (Hi MysticMuse!) thus far.

THE PATRIOT ACT… why is he not working to get congress to repeal it?  And if that doesn’t work, why not write one of those magical “executive orders” suspending it?  Are there people who still judge this piece of crap legislation by the name alone?  If so, then they need to start PAYING ATTENTION.

I really don’t understand why there isn’t more outcry over this issue.  It is the most insidious piece of legislation passed in the last 50 years in my opinion.

The other big issues I have: GEORGE W BUSH and RICHARD CHENEY.  Obama has denounced efforts to investigate the Bush Administration’s torture practices.  WHY?  I cannot tell you how much this frustrates me.  They are war criminals, and for Obama to say that they shouldn’t be prosecuted because they “made mistakes” is ignoring the facts… they didn’t just stumble into Iraq!  They didn’t just get wound up in their post 9/11 policy… 9/11 was the EXCUSE to go into iraq.

Despite this, I imagine George W Bush won’t be doing any inter-continental travel any time soon.  The rest of the world wants him and his administration tried for war crimes.  Who is Barack Obama to deny global justice?  He’s just a man, contrary to popular belief.  He is imperfect, and these issues I have brought up illustrate not only flaws in his views and policies, but a “look the other way” mentality, which I find unacceptable as someone who values the concept and power of justice.

To be continued…



Adventures Without Health Insurance!

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Last August, I was laid off from my job of 8 years.  I worked for a Civil Engineering firm, and the housing market collapse forced my employer to make serious cut-backs.  In fact, they’re still trying desperately to at least survive through the recession.  I am a network administrator/computer tech, and since the layoff, I’ve been doing business 100% freelance.  The positives?  Plenty.  I work on my own schedule, I make more money per hour (nearly double), and I have more time to work on my creative endeavors.  The down-sides?  No health plan, work is come-and-go, the current economy makes it difficult to find new clients, my current clients are also suffering the wrath of the economy and they can’t always afford to call me for work – or pay me on-time (though they’re usually very good about it)… what else?  Overall, I’m making less money, and I’m now ordering a very expensive Asthma medicine (Advair) from overseas, because I cannot afford to buy it here.  My local mom-and-pop pharmacy (Yes, miraculously, we still have one here!) would charge me about $250  for one month’s worth, when I can get THREE months worth from Germany for $105.

I cannot live a productive life without this medicine.  I question whether I could actually have a life worth living without my Asthma medication.  It makes that much of a difference.

Currently, I have a prescription for 9 more months of medication.  After that, I have to see a physician to get a refill.  How, I ask you, do I do that without Health Insurance?  I have never been in this position before.  Many of you reading this could be in the same position as I or worse, I realize that.  You might be scratching your head, thinking “this dude is complaining to ME?”  I’m not claiming to have bigger problems than you, or anyone else.  My problems are my own, but I feel its important for people to know about this one, because it’s one that over 50,000,000 Americans face, not to mention God knows how many more hundreds of millions across the globe that go without adequate health care.

It’s also a very hot topic in our Government right now, and one thing I’ve been hearing a lot of is that “our economic crisis, in large part, stems from the health care problem that individuals and businesses face.”

Did you know we are the only industrialized nation on Earth that doesn’t have national health care?   Can you believe that?  Not every nation on earth thinks of national health care as Communism!  The only “red menace” I’ve heard about lately usually has to do with some sort of staph infection!  I’d wager that the vast majority of Americans right now are in favor of national health care.

Can one prostitute themselves for a good health plan?  Are there any pimps out there with a good HMO & Dental? Maybe profit-sharing, or a 401K?  Uhhhhh… where was I?

I kid, I kid… but you get the point.  America needs national health care now.  Hell, I need national health care, now.  If I were on my wife’s plan, it would cost her an additional $600 a month.  I can get my own individual plan for about $350 a month.  The SAME plan that she has.  How the hell does that make sense?  My grandmother recently got a shot that would have cost her over $700 without insurance.  With insurance, she got it for $20.  Someone please explain to me how this makes sense!  If my grandparents hadn’t worked their asses off for a living, she might be screwed right now.  And trust me, they did far more than their share to help other people in need.  Years ago, before my wife and I were married, she gave her a place to stay for OVER A YEAR when she needed it.  She and my grandfather not only raised my mother and aunt, but raised my grandmother’s half sisters, and put an enormous strain on the family, but they did it because they wanted to help!  I’m not saying that the government should just hand stuff out willy-nilly, but we all know they can do more to help, especially when it comes to health care.  After all, good health means a happier, more productive life, and that benefits more than just that individual.  It just makes sense – a healthy populace is more productive.  Happier workers produce better products, generally speaking.  How can that not be viewed as a sound long-term investment in this country’s infrastructure?

My personal adventure without insurance is not over yet, and I’m working so that I might be able to afford that individual plan… SOME DAY!

Take it easy,




Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

What used to be known only in other countries when it came to corruption and blatant ripoffs( Mexico, and Africa to mention a few ), has now become standard procedure for this once Leading country. Note to those still in denial! We are near or at the bottom of most things real important Like ( Education, Provisional health care, Pollution, Enviro friendly cars.)

I wonder! With the years coming ahead, when they pass us by, what will the final tally unfold for these inglorious bushwhacked years?! How will the X president/ X vice president and their crooked cronies be viewed? Will they be prosecuted? Does it matter and does anyone care? Can the new President repair our image as well as our shredded constitution or has the damage been done?

This country has regressed into a cryptic religious and staunch position towards things that shouldn’t even matter to a supposedly modern thinking society. We allowed a band of well groomed theives to waltz right in and degrade everything that was pinnacle to being the vision and dream of what an American was! They openly defecated on our values and morals and then had the gaul to brand anyone who spoke out against them as traitors or supporters of terrorists. Did somebody slip mass amounts of drugs in our waters? It was like watching a bad horror movie, yet couldn’t look away from simple disbelief. Where was our common sense? Lost with our sorry-ass worldly image.

Those guys were nothing more than pirates on the high seas raping and pillaging at will, mostly because no one wanted to believe that anyone who called themselves American could actually do such a thing. Yet lets face it, these are not the only times that we have been defrauded into seeing something that wasn’t there, or is that, is there?.

The Vietnam war was a farce, making certain individuals very wealthy smuggling drugs ( Opium and Marijauna ) back into the USA inside body bags. ( When you have a moment look at the escalated heroin usage during that same stretch of time ) Dont believe? just ask a Veteran or two when you have a moment away from your blackberry ” it can do anything phones “  To inquire for the real truth! How about Standard oil selling gasoline to the Nazis during world war two? That is one of those things that always sticks in my craw. Isn’t that grounds for treason? I guess not if you’re wealthy and powerful enough!.

With Wealth is supposed to come responsibility! Yet, the more I listen and learn, what really comes is arrogance and greed, along with power and the need to control others. A kind of self-righteous, “Father Knows Best” sorta thing. God,
I really hate this whole Parental-state mentality thing this country’s got going. Its suffocating and paralyzing.Every year things get more stifled simply because some Ass tight control freak cant stand that others enjoy and value freedom differently than they do.
So lets make more laws that go beyond common sense and have no reason other than self-centered reflexology. You know? The knee-jerk reaction. Such as, Gays can’t marry! When the hell was it anybody’s buisness, and of all places America! Seriously sliding backwards! What ever happened to “no mixing of church and state?”
Funny! or not so funny, how statistics have never changed when it comes to molestation! Meaning? I know you thought it! I’m glad you thunk it. The leading losers in fondling of youth, still have it in a landslide with family members leading the charge, with friends of family finishing in a desperate close second, Not the gay stable couple down the street and don’t forget the church! Whoa! there silver! God! What was that run all about? It was like an epidemic. June! cancel those Gummi bear Priest we were going to make for Halloween! The question should have been which priest didn’t? A cancer that spread throughout the entire organization as people came forward, unbelievable! And remember it got so bad the Head of church divested itself from any responsibility making each church its own solvent enterprise. That’s like Mcdonalds saying the burger that made you sick in Alabama has nothing to do with the Main Mac Head quarters. Evfen though its all the same food. Don’t forget the cover ups either! Years of them.
Yet! After all that You’ve still got religious zealots hating on those, of same sex marriages. Still trying to twist them into perverted slime as they turn their heads away from the freaking obvious. You all should be ashamed of your blatant, hate mongering, self serving ignorance! Oh man that felt great! Whew!

Do I stray to far? No! Why? Because I see all people as potential possibilities of contributing to the greater whole. Each individual has the ability to contribute something and that nothing or no one is too small. Love is love and no one person can take that away, no one has the right to judge another based simply on their differences. For that is prejudice at its core! Condemned for being different.
Which in Zen translation means: UNIQUE! Now that is a beautiful thing to be and should be celebrated but not slammed in someone else’s face, mind you. Nor should one walk around like some privaliged debutant, that just causes unfavorable reactions ( like hanging, or being shot  possibly run over by a car, who knows?!).
Revolutions have been born out of these very things in the past. Yet our tolerance level has really been pushed. Why? What has changed that we seem so passive that our will is not our own anymore? That we accept shoddy performances and blatant lies as if they were cheap tickets to a bad matinee. ( Well of course they were free so why should I complain? ). Like that was the best they were doing, so I shouldn’t complain? Well OK, but not too loudly! What ever happened to getting royally pissed when a shitty performance was turned in? Trust me when I say that congress is just as much to blame if not more for failing to keep control. Everyone so afraid of keeping their jobs, instead of doing their jobs, this mentality has got to change.

Maybe someday when sex, color, country, religious beliefs, or sexual preference’s just don’t matter anymore, maybe then we may finally evolve, which is my understanding of the whole 2012 thing anyway. Each person has importance and we are a whole.
Don’t get me wrong, things are not over, they are just shifting and one thing about humans for the most part is we don’t like change. Funny how that is so innate in our very being. To prefer to stay some place that may or may not have even felt good instead of moving on to the next, not to be out of our comfort zone. Maybe that’s why Viagra is so popular. Funny how they said masturbation causes blindness! Viagra and Cialis just hadn’t been invented yet.

I believe these things can be changed, though change takes courage and responsibility of a greater good beyond our own selfish desires. Simply! What I want and what I can have, are not necessarily the same thing.

Peace and Be well!

~Zen Twist


There has got to be a better way!

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

`What is real? That is the question! Have those who want to stay in control, perpetuated such fear that once again our focus as a species in its whole sum parts is deterred, from the real point of life? Is there one? For the sake of argument itself lets assume there is!

`Money! the huge security sucking, life stressing, war mongering, life taking, self seeking, material rendering nothing! That’s right I said nothing! Money doesn’t breath, think, act, accuse, destroy! It has no heart beat, no emotion, no religious opinion, or racial bias, except for the moving molecules that make up its mass. Yet without my even saying, you and I all know, what people do, or will do, to have it, earn it, steal it, create it, beg for it, pretend for it, Lie for it!

`Now again I say it is nothing! So why or how has our lives become consumed in having this one thing? Life used to be about, starting in the dark ages for all you Darwinist, Survival of the fittest! Now its survival of the wittiest! Who can fuck you out of your money the quickest. They better sure hope the dinosaurs are not resurrected, those twenty dollar bills are pretty useless against carnivores. Better yet, better hope the whole thing doesn’t collapse, you guys would be the first to go down. Yes I know I’ve trailed, sort of, and yes I did use what some would say was foul, or is it fowl language? But tell me what other word describes what these people did or do best? One has to wonder if these guys weren’t the ones in school getting teased and bullied their whole elementary years and they walk around in such anguish the only pleasure is destroying others’ lives with the flick of a Tongue? I don’t know, a real reptilian creature just popped into my head! The Elders say go for it! Hope I haven’t lost you with an A.D.D. moment.

`The point? Glad you asked! Look, since money was created there have been those who schemed and connived for it. Before that it was that guy down the mountain who was stealing your goats and chickens in the dead of the night. Back then, by the way, you could take that guy out and no one would ask any questions! Personally I like that approach, except in these days it would be utter chaos, where could you draw the line? The real point is that some people just have that thing in their nature. It’s kinda pathological, really, because it takes someone who feels no emotion to not care about others to the point of extreme. What do we do? Well unfortunately, we haven’t arrived just yet to the Star Trek era when money isn’t necessary anymore. Wow, could you imagine the human race adopting a beehive mentality?

`Don’t misunderstand me, because money can do a lot of good. There are people out there doing wondrous things and that’s great. Money is just a motivational tool, it can create and give those the opportunity to add to there lives and their ideas. Maybe the question should be how much is enough? Yet as I started out saying, has our focus been altered from all this financial upheaval? There is still death going on, we are still in 2 wars, our out-going President and Vice President are facing possible war crime charges and stay with me here, that’s serious. These guys got together with lawyers to create legalese arguments so they could break the law. [ The whole defining torture under different rule standards and breaking these guys rights to a fair trial! Including having proper representation] Things so devious that if another country had done these exact same things those guilty would be prosecuted by international court with U.S leading the way.

`While we are here, how many of you were angry instead of glad when the oil prices first started dropping? Is there anything more clear than that to tell you who is running the show? Did you think to yourself they are throwing us a carrot because I will tell you. you could feel everyone’s stress, they took shit too far! Oh man did it again, yet again, I say no other word describes what was happening more than that one.

`Although I try to stay away from politics, this I will say: Bush’s up-coming book should be titled “HOW TO COLLAPSE AN ECONOMY IN JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS AND STILL GET RE-ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM WHILE MAKING ALL YOUR BUDDIES MEGA WEALTHY!.” Had them all fooled, he did! How does a guy have a 20% approval rating get anything done? Republicans hang their heads in shame, the guy couldn’t even get his farewell speech out without a gaffe. Bullshit wasn’t the biggest part of it, people should really realize how uninformed they were. From the beginning I was running around telling people the guy was so not qualified, he had ruined the state of Texas with all his deregulation. Texas was the number one polluted state in America and somehow I think he’s proud of that. [ "At least I was number one in something!" ] What is really scary is, he was the perfect choice to have in office for the war mongers and corporate hogs because he knows nothing, has nothing to contribute, and therefore questioned nothing. He never had a job to speak of, that is what is so eerie! The Perfect Puppet, no experience, had to rely on others read the fine print [ Dick Chaney and associates! ] Although I’m not a Ronald Reagan fan even he thought GW was a “loooserrr,” Jim Carrey style! Don’t believe me? Read his memoirs! No people skills and completely oblivious to 3rd world politics. Never even visited a 3rd world nation till he was in office. My God, America, what the hell were you voting for? His good looks?

`In last night’s farewell speech he still had to lie when he said that we as a nation never did anything to provoke the attacks of 911. Yeah right, and Vietnam just sorta happened all by itself. For once get it right George! That’s what we as a nation are good at! Provoking! Provoking countries to be at war with each other and with us. Chiquita Banana didn’t hire assassins to shoot protesters from helicopters. Standard oil didn’t kill villagers and enslave them to build their oil line across the globe, Shell oil didn’t kill protesters on their platforms the list goes on. think those people aren’t pissed? I would be! So what do you do when nobody is listening or they are killing the ones trying to get the information to the general public?

`Did you ever once wonder to yourself if other nations ever talked amongst themselves about the possibility of going to war against us? And I’m not talking about any Arab Nations. I travel and I will tell you I saw it in their faces Europeans were afraid of us.

`Don’t be Naive and think our country wasn’t disregarding and violating our own as well as United nations [ Which We the United States formed! ] human rights agreements. Which if you don’t know that you are a either a victim of the education cuts or you don’t care! Or you just feel safer being uninformed so as you don’t have to formulate an objective opinion!

`I guess in an ironic twist of fate I sense we should be lucky that we were the leading arms super power that no one could stand up to us. But that just makes me embarassed, its like the huge bully on the street that you know is oh so wrong! Yet he can kick your ass in a heart beat and there is no one to tell him different. Doesn’t make him right, just gives him a false sense of self righteousness. There has got to be a better way!

Peace Zen Twist