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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

High yah all. Crusin through the I5 Couldn’t help see the signs. Im sure, designed to scare you all, into thinking the next dust bowl is coming. Christ! whats next after the econonmy and what not. Let me start by saying There are many good farmers so I’m not talking about them.

For years There have been signs posted along agriculture freeways stating arrogant things like FARMERS FEED THE NATION or WHERE WATER FLOWS FOOD GROWS. Well really!  Well screw me too! Hey I don’t need you telling me that! While your at it, you should advertise that farmers, are number one in leading the world, with causing more extinction with numerous species!!!! Hey Man! WHERE WATER FLOWS FISH CAN LIVE. You Greedy bastards, This whole crap about water control you all ready don’t pay for it! There are more important things, than you guys not being able to reap fatter profits. You illegally sell something you don’t even own. I know! I know! What are you talkin about Zen?  OK! here it is farmers are given allotments of water each year to use, for years they have been selling to each other, their portion or portions that are not used. This is a shady practice at the least and outright bullshit at the most. Making money off of water that they don’t own!

Not long ago a trial that you never heard of, and was very hush hush in Kern county, In fact so hush hush it wasn’t even tryed in Kern County, was held all around the fact that certain farmers were caught selling water to developers! Not Farmers, I mean Contracters, for drinking water! OK  Jimmy! Run that back to me! Water that didn’t belong, supposed to be for growing food, which doesn’t have to be paid for, is now being sold as a commodity. Good boy! Got it?! Now as a possible drought looms in the near horizon and breeding grounds for Steel Head and Salmon Are drying up weve got assholes crying about and I Quote ” Congress created the dust bowl”

Actually to whom ever came up with that brilliant idiotic statement WRONG!!!!!! It was the combination of the chemical companies pushing their newly created fertilizers to unkowing Farmers, along with growing geneitcally engineered corn, that in just a few short years, rendered the ground useless. Don’t blame Congress for everything! You guys have caused more damage to our land, water, and food, than any front running, gum flapping, loser, could even imagine.

From Pesticides to hormones to altering the terrain all in the name of growing food! You almost wiped out all the Elk by introducing cattle with their multiple dieseases, the poor Condor which is strictly a scavenger, on the brink from callous shooting and pesticdes. I salute you for your arrogant standards that you were more important. Organic wasn’t even in your vocabulary, but profit was! Here is something even more stupid, someone should slap Congress for this one. Farmers are paid to not milk their cows.. Seriously WTF!!!!!!!!! This is a practice that has to stop. Think there might be to many dairies? Probably! but that is sort of like Welfare! Its Farmers Welfare and it sucks. To make matters worse they still buy more cows and breed why? Why?/// Could it be they get paid for each cow they have??? And one wonders why our country is going to shit.

I’m sorry Mom and Pop but part of life is sometimes its time to call it quits, because that is not the solution, I get the whole Idea about pricing, and competitve competition. But it is leading to alot of dead ends. Right here Right now. Its like the Salmon fishermen it is sad that families that were generations lost their liscense to fish in an attempt to try to save the industry. You guys argued and fought and look what happens, in the end it wasn’t enough! Now! None of you can fish in California. Does anyone get it?! Does anyone care?! Or are most of them to self obsessed to even see????

To be continued



What To Do!!

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Dear MysticMuse  It really does get ones blood boiling doesn’t it?

Let me say, that there is no, absolute answer, that myself, or someone else can give!!!!! Although!………… Wouldn’t that be nice?!  I do know that, with knowledge, is power, and with information, one can formulate, better decisions. This is truly a quandary, that cannot be over looked.

Company’s, who make these products, reap millions! Yet! They never explored an alternative? Even as rumblings, started to occur? You would think, that someone, who, with even, half a mind of consciousness, would have thought of it, at some point?! The least of which, in their dreams or on the crapper??

I often wondered this to myself as a child. ( Gee don’t these people have children of their own? They can’t all be celibate. Don’t they care for their own health? ) For shit sakes its not like they live on some other planet, where they don’t have to live, breath. eat, drink, the same food and water as we ?! Or do they?!
That was, and still is, the hardest for me to understand. What the hell are they thinking?
Seriously! Just like the movie we really need to get angry!!!…….. But in a positive way, Don’t just go out into the streets, and start trashing innocent peoples homes and business. That does as much good, as standing on a ledge on a  rooftop, and beating yourself on the head, with a baseball bat! Think you can keep your balance? Good Luck!

People need to wake up and realize that there are real human beings out there that don’t give a flying crap about our health and well being!!!…….. That the bottom line for them, is the bottom dollar. I reported earlier, how GMC sits around with their lawyers, when they know there is a potential problem, and figure out, after lawsuits, and all, whether they can still make a profit!         ( Note to those who care, I never knew anyone named profit! So I’m sure its not a person )          Never once, did anyone, call me or you, or anybody else for that matter, and ever ask, if that was OK! Or Hey!! What do you think about that ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been blinded, by Playstation, and xboxs, for the mentally frustrated, viagra and cialis for that, fading Penis pick me up! Anorexic whores sporting phony titties on the tele, peddling portentous crap, to millions, of young girls, who wind up, constantly questioning, their own special sexual outer\inner beauty!                                                                                                                        Some Dork bachelor, who gets to lay, a number of women, and then choose, the most special. ” I’m sorry! You just don’t turn you’re pinky, in my anus, just quite right!

Seriously who gives a shit?!?!?!?! …..Obviously someone does, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on the tele! This quest to be someone, when we already are! Yet, it doesn’t count! Its just not the same unless its seen, in front of, millions of viewers! My God! That is pathetic! Get out of my way I’m on a roll here!………… American Idol where millions get to have the power to vote. Do we really know that? Yet millions watch, and are amused, distracted, from whats really going on in the world.
Instead of being pissed. Pissed that their life, is reduced, to consuming, and distraction, and lead far away, from the truth, of their own spiritual\mortal existence!

It really is the wizard of OZ! Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain with the fog and thunder ooooooooo to scary. Brains, Heart, and Courage is what the message was! How appropriate. Isn’t that! What we need????

Ahh! But as usual, I stray from the point, a slight bit. It took years of brainwashing, conditioning, getting people, used to thinking nothing is wrong or really all that bad.
I will give them this! In the very beginning, I believe not everybody knew the dangers, or the direct, causal effects. That is the innocence, which is one of our biggest faults. We don’t put  enough time, or care, into asking, the right questions.  How might this cause problems?

Why are there no think tanks, designed around, protecting the environment or our children? How is lying about the truth helping anyone?!  I suggest there is a non profit, Non connected, organization, affiliated to\ for\ no one!!……

So The answer in part, is doing what I can!  Teaching people the truth, passing along what I have learned from others, and my own experiences.  Is it far better to reach millions slightly? Or! more powerful, to fully reach, one individual at a time? Although Humans, tend to rejoice in mass numbers, how successful has that been really? It might be nice to reach a few at a time and not wait for ” Critical Mass Panic!! ” People taking a not so, grandiose scale approach, we actually may accomplish much more.

I created this place to talk about these issues and more. I was tired of sitting around, I had to do something! So Here I vent And share information, in turn you may pass that on, as I do with the things I have learned.

Peace Zen out!

~Zen Twist


There has got to be a better way!

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

`What is real? That is the question! Have those who want to stay in control, perpetuated such fear that once again our focus as a species in its whole sum parts is deterred, from the real point of life? Is there one? For the sake of argument itself lets assume there is!

`Money! the huge security sucking, life stressing, war mongering, life taking, self seeking, material rendering nothing! That’s right I said nothing! Money doesn’t breath, think, act, accuse, destroy! It has no heart beat, no emotion, no religious opinion, or racial bias, except for the moving molecules that make up its mass. Yet without my even saying, you and I all know, what people do, or will do, to have it, earn it, steal it, create it, beg for it, pretend for it, Lie for it!

`Now again I say it is nothing! So why or how has our lives become consumed in having this one thing? Life used to be about, starting in the dark ages for all you Darwinist, Survival of the fittest! Now its survival of the wittiest! Who can fuck you out of your money the quickest. They better sure hope the dinosaurs are not resurrected, those twenty dollar bills are pretty useless against carnivores. Better yet, better hope the whole thing doesn’t collapse, you guys would be the first to go down. Yes I know I’ve trailed, sort of, and yes I did use what some would say was foul, or is it fowl language? But tell me what other word describes what these people did or do best? One has to wonder if these guys weren’t the ones in school getting teased and bullied their whole elementary years and they walk around in such anguish the only pleasure is destroying others’ lives with the flick of a Tongue? I don’t know, a real reptilian creature just popped into my head! The Elders say go for it! Hope I haven’t lost you with an A.D.D. moment.

`The point? Glad you asked! Look, since money was created there have been those who schemed and connived for it. Before that it was that guy down the mountain who was stealing your goats and chickens in the dead of the night. Back then, by the way, you could take that guy out and no one would ask any questions! Personally I like that approach, except in these days it would be utter chaos, where could you draw the line? The real point is that some people just have that thing in their nature. It’s kinda pathological, really, because it takes someone who feels no emotion to not care about others to the point of extreme. What do we do? Well unfortunately, we haven’t arrived just yet to the Star Trek era when money isn’t necessary anymore. Wow, could you imagine the human race adopting a beehive mentality?

`Don’t misunderstand me, because money can do a lot of good. There are people out there doing wondrous things and that’s great. Money is just a motivational tool, it can create and give those the opportunity to add to there lives and their ideas. Maybe the question should be how much is enough? Yet as I started out saying, has our focus been altered from all this financial upheaval? There is still death going on, we are still in 2 wars, our out-going President and Vice President are facing possible war crime charges and stay with me here, that’s serious. These guys got together with lawyers to create legalese arguments so they could break the law. [ The whole defining torture under different rule standards and breaking these guys rights to a fair trial! Including having proper representation] Things so devious that if another country had done these exact same things those guilty would be prosecuted by international court with U.S leading the way.

`While we are here, how many of you were angry instead of glad when the oil prices first started dropping? Is there anything more clear than that to tell you who is running the show? Did you think to yourself they are throwing us a carrot because I will tell you. you could feel everyone’s stress, they took shit too far! Oh man did it again, yet again, I say no other word describes what was happening more than that one.

`Although I try to stay away from politics, this I will say: Bush’s up-coming book should be titled “HOW TO COLLAPSE AN ECONOMY IN JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS AND STILL GET RE-ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM WHILE MAKING ALL YOUR BUDDIES MEGA WEALTHY!.” Had them all fooled, he did! How does a guy have a 20% approval rating get anything done? Republicans hang their heads in shame, the guy couldn’t even get his farewell speech out without a gaffe. Bullshit wasn’t the biggest part of it, people should really realize how uninformed they were. From the beginning I was running around telling people the guy was so not qualified, he had ruined the state of Texas with all his deregulation. Texas was the number one polluted state in America and somehow I think he’s proud of that. [ "At least I was number one in something!" ] What is really scary is, he was the perfect choice to have in office for the war mongers and corporate hogs because he knows nothing, has nothing to contribute, and therefore questioned nothing. He never had a job to speak of, that is what is so eerie! The Perfect Puppet, no experience, had to rely on others read the fine print [ Dick Chaney and associates! ] Although I’m not a Ronald Reagan fan even he thought GW was a “loooserrr,” Jim Carrey style! Don’t believe me? Read his memoirs! No people skills and completely oblivious to 3rd world politics. Never even visited a 3rd world nation till he was in office. My God, America, what the hell were you voting for? His good looks?

`In last night’s farewell speech he still had to lie when he said that we as a nation never did anything to provoke the attacks of 911. Yeah right, and Vietnam just sorta happened all by itself. For once get it right George! That’s what we as a nation are good at! Provoking! Provoking countries to be at war with each other and with us. Chiquita Banana didn’t hire assassins to shoot protesters from helicopters. Standard oil didn’t kill villagers and enslave them to build their oil line across the globe, Shell oil didn’t kill protesters on their platforms the list goes on. think those people aren’t pissed? I would be! So what do you do when nobody is listening or they are killing the ones trying to get the information to the general public?

`Did you ever once wonder to yourself if other nations ever talked amongst themselves about the possibility of going to war against us? And I’m not talking about any Arab Nations. I travel and I will tell you I saw it in their faces Europeans were afraid of us.

`Don’t be Naive and think our country wasn’t disregarding and violating our own as well as United nations [ Which We the United States formed! ] human rights agreements. Which if you don’t know that you are a either a victim of the education cuts or you don’t care! Or you just feel safer being uninformed so as you don’t have to formulate an objective opinion!

`I guess in an ironic twist of fate I sense we should be lucky that we were the leading arms super power that no one could stand up to us. But that just makes me embarassed, its like the huge bully on the street that you know is oh so wrong! Yet he can kick your ass in a heart beat and there is no one to tell him different. Doesn’t make him right, just gives him a false sense of self righteousness. There has got to be a better way!

Peace Zen Twist



Friday, December 5th, 2008

(Originally from Sunday, February 3, 2008)

Well Aloha to you all, I was getting fed up with the weather there on the Mainland, as they call it here, and decided to change my scenery… didn’t take long to find something to complain about.

I literally had just set foot in the airport of beautiful Hawaii, when my flight seat buddy, who went by ‘Ole Tom, explained that the choir of noises I was hearing was coming from little frogs. I thought, “Oh, that’s so cute!”

Then he went on to tell me they are not from Hawaii, but from Georgia, and I don’t mean the Georgia that’s in Russia. At least that would have been a creative feat to have pulled off. (Right now some guy in Georgia named Joe Billy Joe is thinking “Hey they got a place in Russia named after our own state!” Man you got to love our education system.)

Anyway, yeah, some guy from Georgia, probably a relative of Joe Billy Joe. Missed his home state so much he smuggled at least 2, and it’s a pretty safe bet one of them was a girl. So! What was it!? He wanted to feel a little more at home?

Now I know, some of you are asking, how do I know it was a guy? Fair question! Easily answered! You see, woman don’t have that same need to spread their seed of life all over the place, men do! A perfect example is the English! In their hey day, their favorite pastime was fishing and as they conquered the world, guess what they loved to leave behind? No, not vials of semen, but fish (Ok maybe not vials but they did that too). Yes they spread those babies all over Europe, Africa, America, even Brazil. In fact, Brazil has the only sea-going run of brown trout in the world. Now, one might think, “hey, that’s cool!” and honestly in some ways it is. An argument could be made to say that man is a part of nature too, so it’s all good. Hmm, let’s see… at least fish provides a food! I say it’s ok as long as it doesn’t threaten or infringe on other species, which is rare. While we’re on the topic of fish, here’s one that really does suck.

Several morons decided to smuggle a few Pike fish into Northern California a few years back, guess they were bored of fishing for Bass, Salmon, Stripper, Cat fish, Rainbow trout, as well as many others. They put them in a lake/reservoir and it was enough Pike that they bred and had babies. Well when it rained, this lake would eventually spill into the river below it, and that’s just where major Steelhead and salmon runs occurred! (Where Salmon go to have babies!) Good going, morons! For those of you who don’t know what a Pike fish is I will now describe: It is a long and powerful predator fish with razor-sharp teeth. They are very aggressive fish that can get anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. If it had gotten established it could have wiped out the salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout as well as any other poor fish which might have been swimming around. They have no defense against such a fish.

Anyway, Dept. of fish had to poison the lake several times over the course of two years before the problem was finally resolved. I won’t even get into that for now. “Mommy, where does the poison go?” “It just disappears into thin air Jimmy.” Lucky they were detected when they were or it could have been a disaster.

Ok, Hmm, frogs… still not getting anything, Uh just a quick note if they ever catch those guys! I think they should be submerged in a pool up to their waists, with large Pike and have bait attached to their genitalia, assuring they will live but they will not produce offspring of their own. A Pikesectomy! Of course this should only be done in Michigan or anywhere Pike is a native species.

Ok, back to the original point: the rationale is not there for frogs, and let me tell you, they are everywhere here, and they have propagated into the millions. They have no threats to themselves, so? Carry on, and keep on Froggin’! Of all the frogs to bring, it would take a Georgian to have brought the most useless; you can’t even eat them, they’re so damned small. They sound like a cricket and a bird. They whistle more than anything.

One thing’s for sure though, if the guy who brought them used to live here? You can bet he doesn’t live here anymore! I mean, think of it! Could you live around a constant 24-hour reminder of your own selfish, ignorant, stupidity? Could you sleep at night, listening to that repetitive singing, whistling, major screw up you single-handedly caused? I can imagine the guy losing his mind eventually; the frogs would have been calling out his name! “Joe! Billy Joe! Joe! Billy Joe!” He may have gone mad. Just think, he wouldn’t go home, not to Georgia, ‘cus that’s where the frogs came from! That’s ok, he could always go back to that Georgia in Russia.

~Zen Twist.


Please allow me to introduce myself

Friday, December 5th, 2008

(Originally from Tuesday, January 22, 2008)

Being the first blog of this virgin site I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say first. I mean it seems almost an impossible task to try to reach everyone, so just whom would I be talking to and does it even matter? A long hard pause brings me to the conclusion that it doesn’t. So without further ado:

This world has become a prison, for the most part run by mindless, thoughtless people, who it would seem, even through their moving lips, care not for the state of the planet as a whole. Whether you believe we came from the earth or from the distant stars one thing remains constant: We are responsible for this beautiful place and we are not moving quickly enough. Waiting for a catastrophe to happen is what we usually do; why not change it before it is too late? If not, how late should we wait? Yes, I know you want to blame Bush and his cohorts, but let’s be practical. Although he has made some ghastly contributions on his own, this started way before he was born. More simply he and his people were just continuing the madness set into motion long ago.

I know I’ve trailed, but there’s just so much on my mind, so I want you to know this will happen from time to time. So where was I? Yes, what did I want to say? Well, first point, if you were more wrapped up about the new Xbox that was coming out this past Christmas and had not a thought about the environment or the war that we won that somehow we are still fighting that’s a start.How do you win if it isn’t over? That’s our government for you! Sort of like proclaiming the winner of the Super Bowl before it’s been played.

While we’re there, how do you like Marion Jones now serving six months in jail for lying to the federal government? That’s one big joke, because meanwhile, certain people within our own government perjured themselves more than once and won’t see one single day behind bars! There lies the truth and disgrace of this country. She hurt and embarrassed herself more than anyone else, while our own elected officials remain untouched, and what they do affects us all! Who’s ripping off whom? What a scam! The government does what it wants without the fear of consequences. That is not what our forefathers had in mind by checks and balances. Go figure!

Hey, want to stop steroids? Fine the freaking owners a million for each infraction and see how quickly it stops. That’s what they do in horse racing! Oh I forgot, those are just animals! There’s way more integrity in horse racing. Owners of baseball and football teams want all the rewards without the responsibilities. What is that? It’s just more of the same old crap. Hey, GMC finds out a car has a faulty part! Did you know that they don’t have to tell you or replace it for free until it hits that magic recall number, something like 60,000? The point? Glad you asked! The point is, somewhere down that glory road of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, people got lazy and stopped caring about getting it right. Quality went out of the window with greed and sloth. Winning at any cost became more important than good, even competition.

Speaking of competition: Damn the Yankees and Red Sox! Buy your way to the playoffs. Suck the best talent from what amounts to farm teams who can never afford to pay the salaries they offer from the rest of the league. Think I’m wrong? Just ask yourself: On those rare occasions when teams like Minnesota, San Diego, Oakland, Arizona, Houston or Florida went to the Series, it was special because they were home-grown, smaller cities, and it’s something more natural and real. Blame the players too! They only proved what was feared in the very beginning, in the early 1900’s, which was if you started paying players it would ruin the integrity of the game. Best player goes to the highest bidder. Tony Gwynn is my hero. I’m sure he would have had a couple of rings if he had chosen to leave the Padres. He gave that up and earned integrity and respect.

Now on a different note: Say I’m some guy or gal who’s working in a place that doesn’t care about quality, bottom line is all about the cheap, and in fact the only way I can produce the numbers they want is dependent on shoddy work. I don’t know about you, but why would I care much about my performance or how well I’m doing my job if they are paying me dirt crap. So enough with the blaming the Mexicans for your inadequacies, or more to the point the fact that it’s about the all-mighty dollar and one employer or another wants to save a few bucks extra so he can get some lap dances a couple of times a week or the extra pedicure or manicure he or she wants Quit being lazy welfare scooping bums! Get off your ass and get a job! Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your delicate sense of faltering egos? Gee, not good enough to pick veggies or fruit? Oh, what was it that farmer told me? “I tried to hire blacks and whites you know what happened? They come one day, eat half of what they pick and they don’t come back the next day!” Know why? Because it’s back breaking work and they don’t want to do it.

Hey America, wake up! Mexicans are the modern day slave labor, so digest that inconvenient truth! You want to pay three to five dollars for a head of lettuce? Keep voting for those racist laws, because if whites and blacks picked your food you can believe that it will cost a pretty penny more, you know how unions are?! Oh wait, I know your employers will give you that compensatory raise to equal things out, so hey, it won’t even affect you.

Another question I have is who is going to explain why organic food costs more? Shouldn’t we all have the right to healthy consumption? Should it not be mandatory that all farming be done in an organic fashion? Funny, but it sure seems that some are cashing in on others trying to live healthy. Having healthy food and water should be the norm, and our just due right, not something that we should have to fight for.

One must ask themselves just who is the FDA really protecting and fighting for, because I can tell you It’s certainly not you or I! I remember when I was a child that it took 3 to 5 years for certain drugs or food products to be tested before being made available to the public. Of course that obviously didn’t make any difference, so, public enemy number one: Pharmaceutical companies. Do you really believe they have your best interest at heart?

~Zen Twist.