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Revisiting Afghanistan

As promised in my first post, “Enter: Gatekeeper,” here is more about Afghanistan and our plans to invade even before Sept. 11, 2001.

This is really part II in a series of inter-related posts.  At the center: 9/11/2001.  But this particular post has to do with events leading up to the attack, and it deals with the Taliban and Afghanistan.

Due to a near-monopoly on Media outlets, we don’t really see serious attempts to investigate the roots of where this all started (And I’m talking relatively recent history, we could go back a long time if we wanted to).  I know it all seems like a nightmare that we’re trying to collectively wake up from, but it’s important to remember what happened before 9/11 and the following invasion of Afghanistan.

1] There were negotiations with the Taliban to build a UNOCAL oil pipeline through Afghanistan.  The Taliban were wooed by US corporate and government interests in order to get their consent on the deal, with promises of a lucrative cut of the profits that would be shared with the Taliban.

2] The US saw The Taliban as a source of stability in Afghanistan as late as the Summer of 2001, and were treated as a partner in the region.

3] Before the towers were attacked, the FBI captured a memo revealing that US Corporations (including Enron) were actively negotiating with the Taliban to build the UNOCAL pipeline. Former FBI counter-terrorism chief John O’Neil resigned after revealing this information to the administration because he was ordered not to investigate ties between Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda.

4] This memo was not allowed by the Administration to be shared with other intelligence organizations.  Multiple law enforcement agencies were deliberately kept in the dark.

5] The Taliban did not accept the conditions of the agreement, and soon after, the threats began.  The US gave notice to their European allies that the solution may become a military one.

6] Oil interests wanted to build the pipeline through Afghanistan to transport oil from Central Asia, in turn, lessening our dependence on Saudi oil.  When the Taliban threw hurdles in the way of that happening, the solution became simple: Invasion.

After 9/11, the rationale was made to invade Afghanistan, even though it was Al Qaeda, not the Taliban, who were implicated in the attacks.  It was stated that the Taliban was granting refuge to Al Qaeda, and while that claim is legitimate, it appears we already had plans to invade for other resource/monetary reasons.

9/11 provided an automatic excuse to invade Afghanistan.  For this reason, and the subsequent Iraq invasion, there are many people who believe that the attack on the World Trade Center was engineered as a “false flag” operation, either involving Al Qaeda, or designed to implicate them.  I have not gone so far as to make those conclusions, but it is a compelling argument, especially considering the following:

7] The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is a group comprised of many leading conservative “war intellectuals.”  In their stated mission, they mention a 2-3 front war in order to demonstrate American military dominance in the 21st Century, with possible targets: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea (SOUND FAMILIAR?).  Is it any coincidence that the Bush Administration not only invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, but added North Korea and Iran to the so called “Axis-of-Evil??”  Their vision of America in the 21st Century is to continue to act as a global policing agency, and to even step-up military action in order to reinforce and advance America’s global agenda.

8] PNAC had pressed for a second Iraq war since January 26, 1998, when they sent a memo to then President Bill Clinton, urging him to implement a military strategy in Iraq.

9] Some notable members of PNAC: Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz.  Many of whom served the Bush Administration in some capacity.

It is interesting, to say the least… It raises a lot of questions.  The thing I find craziest is, in the light of all the documented evidence that indicates at the very least complicity on the Bush Administration’s part when it comes to 9/11 (in other words, they had memos from multiple intelligence sources across the globe, including our own, that we conveniently ignored), that there isn’t more outcry for a new investigation (see previous post’s comments – particularly those by MysticMuse – for more info).  Or rather, the calls for a new investigation are being stifled by the government and the media, and naturally, most of the general public remains ignorant of the very pressing questions involving everything that led to our current Mid-East predicament.

I realize that in posting this, I am repeating what has already been posted and said elsewhere, but I feel it is important enough to repeat here.

PS – in other news, Zen’s internet connection is non-existent… he will be back and posting soon.



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