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High yah all. Crusin through the I5 Couldn’t help see the signs. Im sure, designed to scare you all, into thinking the next dust bowl is coming. Christ! whats next after the econonmy and what not. Let me start by saying There are many good farmers so I’m not talking about them.

For years There have been signs posted along agriculture freeways stating arrogant things like FARMERS FEED THE NATION or WHERE WATER FLOWS FOOD GROWS. Well really!  Well screw me too! Hey I don’t need you telling me that! While your at it, you should advertise that farmers, are number one in leading the world, with causing more extinction with numerous species!!!! Hey Man! WHERE WATER FLOWS FISH CAN LIVE. You Greedy bastards, This whole crap about water control you all ready don’t pay for it! There are more important things, than you guys not being able to reap fatter profits. You illegally sell something you don’t even own. I know! I know! What are you talkin about Zen?  OK! here it is farmers are given allotments of water each year to use, for years they have been selling to each other, their portion or portions that are not used. This is a shady practice at the least and outright bullshit at the most. Making money off of water that they don’t own!

Not long ago a trial that you never heard of, and was very hush hush in Kern county, In fact so hush hush it wasn’t even tryed in Kern County, was held all around the fact that certain farmers were caught selling water to developers! Not Farmers, I mean Contracters, for drinking water! OK  Jimmy! Run that back to me! Water that didn’t belong, supposed to be for growing food, which doesn’t have to be paid for, is now being sold as a commodity. Good boy! Got it?! Now as a possible drought looms in the near horizon and breeding grounds for Steel Head and Salmon Are drying up weve got assholes crying about and I Quote ” Congress created the dust bowl”

Actually to whom ever came up with that brilliant idiotic statement WRONG!!!!!! It was the combination of the chemical companies pushing their newly created fertilizers to unkowing Farmers, along with growing geneitcally engineered corn, that in just a few short years, rendered the ground useless. Don’t blame Congress for everything! You guys have caused more damage to our land, water, and food, than any front running, gum flapping, loser, could even imagine.

From Pesticides to hormones to altering the terrain all in the name of growing food! You almost wiped out all the Elk by introducing cattle with their multiple dieseases, the poor Condor which is strictly a scavenger, on the brink from callous shooting and pesticdes. I salute you for your arrogant standards that you were more important. Organic wasn’t even in your vocabulary, but profit was! Here is something even more stupid, someone should slap Congress for this one. Farmers are paid to not milk their cows.. Seriously WTF!!!!!!!!! This is a practice that has to stop. Think there might be to many dairies? Probably! but that is sort of like Welfare! Its Farmers Welfare and it sucks. To make matters worse they still buy more cows and breed why? Why?/// Could it be they get paid for each cow they have??? And one wonders why our country is going to shit.

I’m sorry Mom and Pop but part of life is sometimes its time to call it quits, because that is not the solution, I get the whole Idea about pricing, and competitve competition. But it is leading to alot of dead ends. Right here Right now. Its like the Salmon fishermen it is sad that families that were generations lost their liscense to fish in an attempt to try to save the industry. You guys argued and fought and look what happens, in the end it wasn’t enough! Now! None of you can fish in California. Does anyone get it?! Does anyone care?! Or are most of them to self obsessed to even see????

To be continued



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