Tuesday, January 16 2018 07:29 pm

Happy 4th of July

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day.  Please take some time to reflect on what this day means to you, whether it be about spending some time with your family and enjoying each others’ company, or about the struggles of those who have fought and died, and those who still continue to fight for our rights – the people who fought off Imperial Brittain, both in word and deed… those who fought to end the injustices of slavery… those who fought and still fight against the tyranny of inequality…

Reflect on what it is to be free, and envision how we could improve upon the concepts that we hold dear – Liberty, Justice, Equality, Honesty, Good Will, Cooperation, Compassion.

Think about how lucky we are to be alive and relatively free – and think about what we can do to help each other remain free, and how to peacefully oppose oppression.

Let me stress – it is the idealists who have paved the way for progress.  I challenge the conventional wisdom of pragmatism over idealism.  Without idealism, we would never have broken free of Imperial Britain, we would never have embraced the cause of emancipation, or Women’s Suffrage, or the civil rights movement.  It is the elevation of our ideals over time that makes it possible for our collective evolution as a society.

Keep it safe & Take it easy,


Update 18:18 PDT: I forgot one of the most important things… despite how bad things might get at times, don’t forget to laugh.  There aren’t many things better at dispelling negativity than laughter.

Fireworks in Boston


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