Tuesday, February 20 2018 05:48 pm

How did this story slip by us?

You know, I’m really disappointed in myself.  Here, under my nose, for months, there has been a story that didn’t even get my attention, despite the magnitude of the event.

For years, I’ve been seething at the level of corruption in this country, especially relating to election fraud, the extremism of post 9/11/2001 which still plagues us, these God-forsaken wars, corporate greed, etc…

And yet, this story was glossed over by the mainstream media.

I’m talking about Michael Connell, Republican IT consultant (or would that be D.I.T.? Dis-Information Technology?).

He had been subpoenaed to testify in a case, King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell, a case that alleged election tampering in Ohio back in 2004.

Michael Connell created a website for Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, that certified the results of the 2004 Ohio elections, in real-time, as the votes were counted.

On the 24th of July of last year, Connell’s attorney, Cliff Amebeck, sent a letter to the then acting U.S. Attorney General Robert Mukasey, asking for protection for Connell and his family from Karl Rove, because he was being intimidated not to testify.

According to the letter, it is alleged that Karl Rove told Michael Connell that “if he didn’t take the fall” for voter fraud in Ohio, his wife would be prosecuted for supposed lobby law violations.

On December 19, 2008, Connell was killed in a plane crash during an attempted landing at the Akron-Canton Airport, approaching runway 23, approximately 3 miles from his destination.  There were no signs or reports of mechanical problems, or that his plane was off course.

Michael Connell was the key witness in the Ohio Voter Fraud case.  I’m not saying it was a “hit,” but I certainly am not ruling it out, considering the circumstances and who stood to benefit


(Karl Rove).



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