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Schmuck of the Month

Well Hello Zenians! Once again I am on the road, Just had a lovely breakfast, picked up the paper, and almost choked on my English muffin. ( Does anyone know the Heimlich maneuver? You should! )

OK! There seems to be this guy named BERNIE ECCLESTONE, Formula one Boss, who seems to think, that Adolf Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy!.!.!?.?.? He literally praised Ole Adolf for his leadership skills, made comments like! ( He got things done! ) Lets see Bernie! You mean like how efficiently he was exterminating the Jews? How he cleaned up those sanatoriums with all those useless mental patients! and of course getting rid of the elderly, was down right brilliant! Who needs them just sitting around, doing nothing, while eating up government money? Gee I guess that freed them up so they could start their new business venture, of eradicating the rest of the world of all those useless mongrels, and impure!

Leadership? Hmmm…… First of all Bernie! word of advise! Don’t emulate, demented, madmen! Its really not healthy. Although my mother taught me to find the good in every situation, no matter how bad it may be!. ” Hitler’ was and is not of, or for that exercise! No one cares that he loved his doggies!

The man was twisted in the head, but lets not give him to much power and just blame him. He fed a deeper need, for a mass hysteria hating session, He was a maniacal puppet to the masses. No one person could have rose to such power and beliefs, without the support of many others who in turn believed in the same ideals! He just was a better speaker than most! Though, I would question what may have been in their water! ( Drugged people just liven up the party know what I mean?) He became the icon of a nation, looking, for an identity, seeking answers for their poverty and losses, and they found one! Blame the Jews and the rest of the world for their Woes.

Isn’t that what most unempowered people do? It is so much easier, not to take responsibility for things and play the victim, and Germany did a wonderful job of it, and how lame of the masses to say when it was all over, they didn’t know of the atrocities, that were going on! They didn’t want to know.

Shame on you BERNIE ECCLESTONE! One for being ignorant enough to think that that was OK to say! Another for being stupid enough to give credit to a person involved in mass murder and torture. I would like to hear what you have say about taking Jews and doing experiments on them like connecting their large intestine, to their small one. How does that fit in your getting things done monologue, Bernie?

Who’s next on your appraisal tour Bernie, the Zodiac Killer?! Its been said he was intelligent, yet no one is teaching his methods, in school or praising him\her at some luncheon. What are you really saying? If he was still alive, should Hitler be hired as a motivational speaker? Maybe do an engagement or two, I’m sure the Aryan nation would just love that.

You can’t be that fucking stupid?!!!! Or can you?!! But racially uncaring you are! Whether the statement warrants any truth or not it is irrelevant it is an outrage as an American, to speak with such disregard, for all those who lost families! Unless you don’t believe that ever even happened?! Kinda sounds like it. My Step Father lost all his relations. You are a pathetic little man, and I feel sorry for you. But really I don’t, The shit is just about to hit the fan and you are going to find out, that there are more people, who oppose your statements, than support them. Unlike Hitler! You are not going to get very far with your beliefs! Which is a good thing!

Thank God or whom ever or what ever it is to thank, for that!

What this really shows is, one doesn’t have to be very intelligent, to be a formula one Boss, and the second would be, being a formula one boss doesn’t make you a great person. You can still be a loser, whether you are a boss or a nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck with that whole Hitler had skills approach Bernie!





3 Responses to “Schmuck of the Month”

  1. gatekeeper Says:

    Ahh, the first “Schmuck of the Month!” I hadn’t really even heard of this guy, mainly because I don’t follow racing much, but he seems like a prime candidate to be called out as a schmuck. You know, next Schmuck of the month, like you were thinking, Zen, we ought to do a poll – and I hereby nominate two extremely deserving candidates who will be on the next poll, and ZEN TWIST readers will decide!

    Nominee #1 for August’s “Schmuck of the Month”: Ex-CIA employee, Michael Scheuer.

    Nominee #2: Glenn Beck.

    I was going to type out everything they said here, but let me sum up – Scheuer says he believes that Osama Bin Laden deploying and detonating a major weapon in the US is the only thing that can save us… meaning – the only thing that can convince us that we need protecting from the boogie man. But, here’s video. Enjoy (or… don’t enjoy).

  2. ashleyriley Says:

    It’s very difficult to identify and isolate a motivational speaker from an individual like Hitler. “if Hitler was still alive, should he be hired as a motivational speaker?” is an interesting question. So what would be your answer? But I found Drew Berman as a motivational speaker who has a list of strategies that one should follow to lead a happy and independent life. I see him to be an awesome guide for any person who wishes to invigorate and express joy himself.

  3. Zen Twist Says:

    Well I was being facetious at best. The real question may well be just because one is a great speaker does not mean you have anything to contribute on a loving social structure!

    I believe he was in the right place at the wrong time! Germany being in a social depression, looking for control, or power over herself, he simply conveyed a pathological idealism, that has plagued other societies since the beginning, of mans reign on earth. The fact of the matter is, those societies where just as cruel and barbaric, and used religion as well to convey their beliefs, and scare the masses into believing, the needed truths.

    The sad part is his name alone brings hate on to small a few..
    When it was a whole nation, that stood in denial, and apathy, and allowed so many to ber murdered and slaughtered, like animals.. That’s not so hard to do when you simply convince others, through fear and hate. Look how readily we attacked Afghanistan, thinking they were to blame,

    That is one of our greatest strengths and greatest weakness’s and we are so easily manipulated, by that time and time again. So was Germany. He may well have been someone who had potential! But he cashed that in for Power and dominance, Which makes him no better than the CEOs of the banks and financial institutions, as well as Wall street brokers that have crushed this once great country.

    Sometimes its exactly what it seems to be nothing more, nothing less. So It certainly wouldn’t be me asking him to speak to at any event. There are way more qualified people who have something to offer, Like Paul Stammets!

    Im not sure just why you left your comment AshlyRiley?! Honestly it might simply be an adver for that Berman Guy but since you brought it up, although lacking in any real conversational depth, for the moment I will let your statement stand!

    May the holidays be pleasant, how ever you choose to anoint them…

    Triple Peace and a Fooge Berry on top


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