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Symptoms of a dying brain: Victoria Jackson

WHY, oh WHY, is former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson BLOGGING?  This is one of the least intelligible, worst thought-out diatribes that I’ve ever read.


Click here if you dare


Sometimes I feel like I’m perpetually shaking my head.  Thanks to Casey-Rae Hunter at The Contrarian for the link.

Victoria’s blogging really is symptomatic of the kind of crap “thinking”/faux-intellectualism that I have seen and heard in many other places.  I swear to god, I’d bet every penny I have that she votes for Palin, assuming she runs in 2012.  I’m guessing that at one time or another she’s spouted the “Obama is the Anti-Christ” bullshit, too, since she openly compares him to ADOLPH HITLER.

Thus concludes my third nomination for August’s “Schmuck of the Month.”  Congrats, Victoria, you’ll be on our next poll, with Patrio-Nazis Glenn Beck and Michael Scheuer.

Keep it up!


P.S. – More congrats are in order, we now have a new catagory of posts: “BATSHIT CRAZINESS.”  Thanks Victoria!


4 Responses to “Symptoms of a dying brain: Victoria Jackson”

  1. Zen Twist Says:

    Why is there a sudden need of people to use Hitler as some explanatory figure, or to further their belief system? First Bernie, now you?! ( Refer to Schmuck of the month article below ) I wonder if this in defense from Bush supporters for the comparisons that were made of him?! “Bush Lovers unite!!!”

    I have heard this shit before, about the VW who cares?! What??!! I gotta like Hitler, because maybe, he had something to do with building a cute little car???!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Man the pure ignorance of some people!

    Timeout! Go sit in the corner Victoria, and think about what you just said! Were you always this ignorant or did somebody just shake you too hard as a bouncing child? Better be careful too, with that judgmental attitude, you seem to be waving around, like some wismatic self appointed primadonna! Those woman in the store should have bitch slapped you for your rudeness, then wrestle you to the ground, and strip you to your knickers.

    I don’t know you Victoria Jackson, But your comparisons are off, as well as the interesting parts, that this whole mess we are in, was suddenly created in Obama’s term!? ? ? Seriously. Your reporting is typical non-informed over-blown and half-truth, which in turn creates the illusion you are trying to portray. Good stuff if you are trying to incite the uninformed masses, into some hate hysteria frenzy; whats next? Lynch mobs to clean up the country? Shooooot a DR. or twooooooo? ( Oliver Twist Pick a Pocket or two accompanying theme )

    Although this is America and freedom of speech is still is our right, at this moment, some people really need to check their minds before speaking! That whole bit on standing in line, with someone who can’t speak English????!!! Seriously have you lost your mind? When did you ever stand in line at a socialist Hospital?……( I just love it when a Racist doesn’t even know they are a racist, they expose themselves, through their true heartfelt beliefs! Thank you Victoria! Thank you Bernie! You guys make my job easier. Daddy, what’s a racist? Here Alexa read this, see the things these people are saying?! )

    I truly believe, Victoria, those are not even your own ideals, just some bullshit hate/racial crap, that’s been spewed for centuries! Before you were even born! Like rancid vomit, from mindless robots, who think they know, really they just need someone or something to hate or blame so they may feel just a bit better about themselves, a little less powerless. My God, you sound a bit like a female version of Rush Limbaugh! Come on Victoria! You know you do! Just admit it! He’s your hero!

    In other words, those are not even your own original thoughts or Ideas. Which in essence means, you’re still that ditsy blond you will forever be infamous for, and that’s no joke. And that’s sad. Get a brain before you speak.

    Gets my vote as Shmuckess of the month, except Bernie is still first!

    Peace out


  2. gatekeeper Says:

    I don’t understand this phenomenon, either. Ever since 9/11, it seems that a lot of people have just simply lost their shit, and in turn, their ability to not only deal with reality, but also their ability to parse information.

    Yet, for many, it’s deeper and more sinister than that. There aren’t many fundamental differences between Bill Clinton and President Obama, so what is the issue?

    Is it the fact that he’s African-American? Is it his name? Do some people just hate Hawaii, or is it Kenya? It must be something. He really seems to be a symbol, to the extreme right, of everything that is wrong in their own hearts. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not singling out a political party. There is such thing as a moderate republican, but not as many as there used to be, it seems. I’m singling out anyone who finds excuses to hate Obama, when in reality, what they are saying consists of lies, twisted “facts,” and just plain regurgitated catch-phrases and hateful diatribes that really never gets to the heart of the matter – WHAT IS IT about Obama that gets under so many people’s skin?

    Ask a Swede if Obama is a socialist, and they will probably laugh in your face. It really takes a FAR right winger to make that rationale – and many don’t even hide their ignorance, by flat-out calling Obama a communist of the Authoritarian kind.

    Funny. He’s not only a communist but a Nazi? How transparent will this bullshit get? But again, it just makes our job easier at thinking of things to write about. It never gets boring, but it does wear on me, reading just how spiteful and hateful people are. It makes me nauseous to realize that when I’ve finished reading something that really boggles my mind in its level of ignorance – that it’s actually a representation of what these sickos actually believe! What’s more frightening is that if THIS is the shit they say in a public forum, what do they say in private? Not that it’s any of my business, but you gotta wonder just how sick it gets.

    Queasily yours,


  3. mysticmuse Says:

    hi guys…
    i was frankly puzzled at why this puff piece has Anything
    to say about anything.
    Her comedy pieces were mildly amusing, but this chick
    is VACUOUS when it comes to anything that requires Thought.
    Come ON…..If a Woman wanted to be taken seriously,
    why would she wear a BOW in her hair that only a Poodle
    (that had no choice), might wear….?
    And why is Anyone even Listening?????



  4. gatekeeper Says:

    It’s getting ridiculous in this country. After 9/11 I noticed a lot of people around me change. I mean, I understand, it changed everyone, but I mean, to the point where progressives became ultra-right wing, militaristic, scared, irrational beings.

    One of these people at one point told me, regarding Iraq, “Well, sometimes you’ve gotta rattle a few bushes “out there” to protect yourself “here.” I’ve never really understood national-centric thinking. We all come from the same source, whatever that might be. Nations, Race, Religion, Politics – all concepts. Unfortunately, concepts which rule over and divide people.

    And boy, she’s been really hooked into that crap…

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