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MARIJAUNA!! To be legal! Or Not to be! Is the question!

Well as usual I am picking a topic I feel very strongly about! Through the myriad of crap I will wade, exploring,  in parts. Whether I do or don’t partake is irrelevant ( Smoke the cannabis!! )  Reason being?! Since you don’t know me, this should not persuade your opinion one way or the other. First!

Going to Procon.org I copied the Pro and Con page, Sooooo here it is!!!!

PRO: Proponents for the legal use of medical marijuana argue that marijuana has “accepted medical use in treatment in the US,” and that it would easily meet the FDA criteria over “whether a new product’s benefits to users will outweigh its risks.” Marijuana, they claim, is a safe and effective treatment for dozens of conditions, such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, migraines, glaucoma, and epilepsy. Proponents say that thousands of yearly deaths from legal prescription drugs could be prevented if medical marijuana were legal.

CON: Opponents of medical marijuana argue that marijuana has not been FDA-approved because it is too dangerous to use, and that various FDA-approved drugs make the use of marijuana unnecessary. Marijuana, they claim, is addictive, leads to harder drug use, injures the lungs, harms the immune system, damages the brain, interferes with fertility, impairs driving ability, and sends the wrong message to kids. They say that medical marijuana is a front for drug legalization, and that people who claim medical use are actually using it for recreational pleasure.

Hmmm!!!! Where to start? I mean there’s so much here. I will start with the Pros! Although I will agree that there are benefits for the truly sick and needy, as well as, I am extremely opposed to pharmaceutical companies who peddle so much of their under-tested poisons.( Which by the way derive from natural existing sources! ) I believe this may be a wasteful and damaging argument, if pursued to the end.

Why, you may ask? Here’s why! Because you have asshole drug dealers, masquerading as caregivers, when they don’t give a shit! They don’t pay or should I say avoid taxes. You’ve got people lying about their ailments, headaches, which are hard to prove, as well as others… menstrual cramps anyone??!! Anybody can walk into a local marijuana-friendly doctor’s office and say, “I get these Migraines,” and poof!  You got a recommendation! This really isn’t helping the cause, its abusing it! The Laws in place are riddled with half-ass measures, that have gaping holes in them. I seriously wonder sometimes whether the lawyers involved knew how rich they would become because of the nebulousness of the laws they created? This I will cover in another part!

Stay with me here to the end! I’m not done! What I’m saying, in a nutshell (Where did that expression come from anyway? Only people who talk inside nutshells are crazy or drunk squirrels or both!): This approach to having Marijuana! Legalized! For medicinal sake, alone, is insane! Just chasing a drunk monkey down a dead end ally with a wet stick. These things only cause more controversy and elude the real truth, which is, It should simply be legal, period! Forget the whole medical thing, Those particular people should have it no matter what happens, for it is their right to choose.

Now Con! Ready?! Well these people are really talking out their asses! Approved? FDA? You got to be freakin’ kidding me! The FDA is merely a protector of special interest groups (read into this all you want), clearly, “PHARMACEUTICS” and all their lovely friends! The billions of dollars lost would be a huge blow to them and their investors. “INVESTORS?” Yes, don’t forget them!  Harms the brain which has been proven wrong and  “Whoa” The lungs?? You gotta be freakin’ double-kidding me! This is ludicrous. Comparing pot to cigarettes? Or other tobacco products? I don’t know anyone who got mouth, lip, or tongue cancer smokin’ pot! Don’t forget, those are legal! Thank god for interfering with fertility! There’s enough unwanted children already out there.

And my personal favorite, sends a wrong message to kids! Which one might that be? Hey Kids don’t smoke pot, drink your lives away like your good ole mom and dad cus that’s what real adults do! God forbid don’t compare those high-fructose corn syrup, cancer aiding, diabetes-in-waiting sodas you’re drinking like water, that isn’t anything remotely close! No Sir!!!!

You know, my niece was doing a presentation for college on this very subject and she found that since recording such facts, there has never been a death documented from someone using pot! I was stunned, for I figured that, we all know at least one idiot out there, that you would imagine, even through pure stupidity it had to have happened at least once! I don’t know man, I was filling up the car and took a toke and!/??/!/!?!?!  I’m sure Alcohol had that beat the first day it was introduced. Lastly who ever said that about patients! I personally would love to stick my size eleven wing tip shoes in their proverbial recreational ass! Obviously you’ve never seen someone coming off a chemotherapy session!.

My point? Well here it is! People\Americans, have a right to CHOOSE how they medicate themselves, period! Lets get past the political bullshit being thrown around and over that Pharmaceutical wall that’s been built and get to straight, hard, cold facts. Someone tell me the difference between the person who comes home after a hard day at work and pours a couple of stiff ones and the person who sits down and rolls and smokes a spliff or two? None! Say what you want, but if this is a free country, which it’s slowly not becoming. It shouldn’t matter!

What is it saying to kids? They’re not stupid! They see the hypocrisy of our society and its rules. These rules were made to benefit a select group of wealthy business men, and they were real good at getting people to believe the lying, bullshit, propaganda they wove.

The city of Oakland, California, has over three hundred thousand patients! Gee, and the city embraces it! Pick your beliefs for yourself, but leave the others alone. Laws have changed over time to deal with alcohol and they are already being used for pot. I am trying to stay away from the sensationalism that goes so often around this subject. but I will say this! One of the main reasons it is not legal is because it cannot be controlled. The fact that you can grow it from a seed, means profits would not be as large for those who would want it all for themselves and yes read all you want into that.

Did you know that Tobacco companies back in the 70s bought up the more famous “name-brands” at that time, like “Panama Red,” “Acapulco Gold,” so on and so on. Hedging bets?? This will be continued, but a moment of thought. Does anyone here think for a moment that no one lies to their doctor for their own preference of pain killer: Zanax! Valium! Anyone?

Have you ever looked at the disclaimers for some of the most commonly prescribed drugs? It would scare you. Aside from your genitals falling off, (Who knows, sooner or later that might happen too!) Just about anything else can happen, including death! Remember, they call it side-effects when really it is a reaction to the specific drug. Desensitizing propaganda created by those lovely people from the FDA in working affiliation with the Pharmaceutical Co’s. They should just get married and get it over with, they’re not fooling anybody anymore. THE FDA IS A BIG FREAKIN’ JOKE! WHO ARE THEY PROTECTING BESIDES BIG MONEY?!

It is not a perfect world, all I know is, I don’t need someone telling me what I can, and can’t take. If and when I’m in pain, and that should be respected, not debated in the political arenas by self-serving, vote-goading, two-faced, hypocrites who may or may not smoke pot themselves. We who are Americans live in this Controlling, Parental Society we once called the United States!  Whether you like what I do or don’t, you should fight for my right to choose, as I should fight for whats right for you!.

Its another day, Peace out



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  1. mysticmuse Says:

    hey Zen T….what a great subject!
    I do want to respond to your dissertation, but meanwhile….
    I wanted to mention a little something,
    and this seemed the best place to do it.
    Just watched ‘My Dinner with Andre’, and I want to recommend
    it to you and Gatekeeper.
    It’s an old movie, (very avante garde for the time), but checking it out,
    I think you both would enjoy the subjects that are dealt with….
    …… LIFE, Goals, BEING AWAKE, REALITY, and some questions about Control from the outside…..meaning …
    ……Are We Being Controlled and Manipulated from the outside.
    Let me know what you think…………………..MysticMuse

  2. mysticmuse Says:

    MARIJUANA… ay or nay…..

    We who think, know why marijuana is illegal.
    It is a natural herb, used for thousands of years by nearly every culture,
    For recreation and healing, happiness and inspiration.
    It isn’t called Weed for nothing, as it grows easily and abundantly.
    Unlike alcohol, it requires little to deliver much.
    And it replaces many many artificial pharmaceudicals at a much cheaper
    Cost. Hmmmm……wonder who’s holding it down?
    Wonder who’s been spreadin rumors about it to ignorant isolated folks
    that make up the bulk of this nation…..Hmmmm.

    If you wonder WHY, to pretty much anything, just follow the money, and/or the power, and the answer floats up like a bad turd that
    just won’t go away…..
    Eventually public pressure will allow it to be legalized, just as long as they can tax it like alcohol. Oh ya…..
    But what about the Pharmaceudical companies……what will they do to convince the average ignorant that their products are better, safer, more reliable…… scientific studies will undoubtibly show that, somehow.
    I’m sure of that….. Fear will always be used to control the masses and their money.

    But let’s talk about Hemp, for this is another element in the big soup that has not been addressed of late.
    Hemp, like its sister MaryJane, can replace an even larger number of items that would wreak havoc amongst the monied set.
    Cotton, Wood Pulp, Man Made Fabrics, Car Lubricants, even Steel.
    You can eat it, use its oils on your salad, and the fibers are stronger
    and longer lived than pretty much anything.
    And I have only touched the surface, and the list of things Hemp can do and be is in the Hundreds.

    Oh Shit……….all those industries……plastics (big oil) artificial fabrics (big oil)…… edible oils (huge manufacturing companies that are probably owned by big oil)….. wood products (several big big businesses)…..
    the list goes on and on. Scarey.
    Hemp products don’t have planned obsolescence like most of the products we’re sold here in the United Snakes.
    Hemp can last many many times longer……
    Brings to mind the lightbulb in an antique lamp I have…..from Germany.
    The damned thing still lights up. Makes me mad every time it goes on. Hmmmmm……what’s wrong with this picture we’ve been sold, eh?

    So Hemp, to my mind, is the even bigger picture to this puzzlement.
    Combined, Pot and Hemp could give us all a better life, with Health added into the lovely scene, and we all know about those bastards….
    I mean really…..why on earth would they discover a cure for cancer?
    They’d loose half their clientele.
    These days, half of the ads on TV are for Drugs……
    They want us all on Their Drugs, and goodness knows they’ve about half succeeded. I mean depression, low energy, stress, ADD, overweightedness, sexual problems of one sort or another……
    who doesn’t have something?
    They Tox the world, then sell us not the Cure, but the Maintenance Drug, to make it temporarily go away so we can forget about it, while Toxicity slowly kills us all. Their Drugs are Toxic!
    What doctor teaches us how to eat and live healthily, so that we don’t need doctors any more….. huh? Who teaches us how to safely DeTox, Fast, avoid more toxins, use food as medicine…..?

    It’s a sick sick place here. It’s 1984, and although they have the numbers wrong, it’s here and getting worse.
    Watch the film…..it’s dated and way too obvious, but just subtle-ise the concepts, and it’s US…..us or US, whichever and both.
    They’re all on government issued drugs, and staring at the big screen, morning noon and night. They’re all told what to eat and what to believe.
    Being different is Bad, and they’re dominated and controlled by….FEAR.

    In the sixties, Leary said Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out.
    He had it right.
    Turn on to nature, the natural, the intuitional, to yourself.
    Tune in to the Oneness in all, and where the natural life leads you.
    Drop out to the societal dictates…….. the thought program we were fed,
    the addictions to substance, stimulations, hormone highs, hypnotic trance of take-me-away television…… the milk and cow diets we were force fed…..
    And make a new life based on the real, on where all this leads you.

    Life truly is what you make it.
    We truly are what we Eat……meaning what we Take In with every cell in our body and mind and spirit.
    Our bodies truly are perfect, if we get out of their way.
    God truly is within, if we take time to Listen.
    Simplify…………It’s all so simple.

    Bye for now…………………………..MysticMuse

  3. Zen Twist Says:

    Mystic Muse! Will you Marry me in Cybernetic space? Will You be my Online Woman? Holy crap where have you been my whole life. That was awesome! Well spoken well said! Literally took the words right out of my mouth and mind. This is why I started this site, I couldn’t walk around with all this shit festering inside!
    To reach someone like you, is simply the coolest feeling there is and obviously, to find more is my goal. I almost died once, I had a very intense vision, met someone so profound, a friend called him “Cosmic Man” ( She had seen him or it as well )It seemed I was given a choice, to stay or leave, and for one brief infinitesimal moment, I was shown what life was all about, I was not allowed to bring that knowledge back! I can only remember my reaction to that which was! ” Wow its so simple and we as man are way off track! Yet for me being so young at the time 15, although I understood this concept in my mind! I also knew I had not lived or experienced it in my life! That both knowing and living were key to being complete. It made sense to me even so young, so I chose to come back, waking into my fever breaking.
    Its like You can read all the books in the world and have knowledge, yet all that you know, is not really of your own doing! It’s someone else’s. Although it is useful information nothing beats personal experience. Thank you for sharing!


    Oh yeah Ive seen dinner with Andre. Very cool!


  4. mysticmuse Says:

    Zen :
    You’re adorable.
    I will consider your proposal……… but…..

    Can this marriage begin with a
    limited One Year contract ?
    With a Yearly Renewal Option…?

    Also…do you want cyber-children?
    This could get really sticky (heh heh)


    I have always been here, I never left.
    You and I have danced in the stars
    for as long as time is…..
    And you and I will dance many dances to come.
    For we are of like mind, and
    tho our spirit wears many masks,
    Yet our spirits are of one color…
    one ray… one vibration.
    We have known eachother for time immemorial.
    We are familiars.
    Smile, dear one, for you are not alone.


  5. gatekeeper Says:

    OK this is THE most awesome thread on this blog thus far. Bravo to both of you, I am not only laughing my ass off, but absolutely fascinated by the level of discourse on this subject, how intelligent, as opposed to what most people would consider “stereotypical weed-talk.” Again, a stereotype driven by the money interests…

    There’s another side to the drug war, though this goes along with the “fear mongering” aspect of it…

    As I told Zen I can’t even really remember who said it, and I’m guessing many people have made this connection. I might have first read it from either Robert Anton Wilson, Tom Lilly, or perhaps one of the McKenna brothers. “The drug war, at it’s core, has always been and will always be a religious war.” I’m paraphrasing.

    But, to expound, in my own words:

    What has driven the war against plant/fungus that have been demonized and feared throughout time – the fear of change. The fear of the potential that certain substances can unlock in an individual, or individuals. It is the mind, those less-explored realms, “the road less traveled?”

    Of course I am not saying that the substances themselves are responsible for such change, necessarily. It is the fact that they activate, or shut down, part(s) of our brains, and allow “different frequencies” to be received, so to speak.

    I am not discounting the fact that the pharmaceutical and other money interests currently drive the ban of marijuana, but that, in the long-term, is a relatively new development, in comparison to the forces that have banded together against certain substances, in response to how they can change a person.

    There are numerous ways to transform ones self, certainly, and I am in no way advocating the use of any substance across the board for everyone. I, though, like Mr Twist, believe that the individual is in charge of their own destiny, and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, they should be free to do what they like, even if it means they may be doing harm to themselves. That might sound harsh to some, but think about it – why should be create/maintain an establishment dedicated to controlling the individual choice? I’m not advocating lawlessness, either – again, anyone who harms another, whether it be under the influence, or not, should be subject to the consequences of the law of the people – and even special circumstances, harsher action taken in cases where the substance played a role in the incident.

    Does that mean, however, that we should chain people down, figuratively and literally, in order to pro-actively direct the course of their lives? Lord, NO! Gee, for a nation that so many consider to be “Christian,” it astounds me that so many of the christian-right don’t believe in “God-given” free-will.

    Ok, so back to more pressing matters, apparently you two are having e-babies?


  6. gatekeeper Says:

    Or is that “Z-Babies?”

  7. gatekeeper Says:

    Speaking of Hemp, many years ago, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 years ago, I decided to stop eating meat and minimize my use of leather or other animal based products. I’m not preaching here, please note. What I am saying goes along with what MysticMuse was saying about hemp and it’s durability/longevity… 10 years ago I bought a hemp wallet. I am still using that wallet, and it’s only barely getting worn-out. It has lasted longer than ANY fabric, nylon or leather wallet I have ever owned. This is an item I use practically every day, and its still going. I need to replace it probably within the next year, otherwise I’m gonna have some bad holes in it, but it’s been a decade!

    Hemp is king of the textiles.

  8. Zen Twist Says:

    JESUS! Women! They never change, even in Cyber Space! But god do I love em! Well I see this, is a negotiation, I love that! So since we are, I accept those terms, I mean why not?! One never knows what kind of a relationship their in, or for how long! One year renewable is not an unreasonable request!
    +Children?!?!?!? Love em But I think not at least for one year, lets not rush into this, don’t want Lil cyber rats runnin around to soon! Besides I want the first year with you, all to myself! And! How does one have cyber children? I know our tech is always advancing, yet?! That brings me to another interrelated subject SEX!
    ( Just gettin this out of the way! )I’m not marrying you and planning to become celibate, soooooo at least a couple times a week and once a month, an all niter for sure, that’s the bare minimum Of what I will accept. I’m not that demanding
    Also I sort of like the Mexican cultures taking on each others last names So what sounds more appealing dear? ZenMystic? TwistMuse, We could throw a ed in there and be TwistedMuse! Sounds like a winner to me at least a Hard Rock Band….. LOL…..
    Well I guess I don’t have to warn you I’m crazy that’s obvious, You are magical and alive and that was pure poetry, in your ending verse.I would love to share my Cyberspace with yours, just say I dooooooooo! For gosh sakes the Lady said I was adorable!!!!
    Here is a Poem I wrote a few years ago!

    In another time..In another place..Will you still recognize who I am?
    Would you be able to look, into my eyes?
    See the me you knew, eon’s before?

    Along time, space,and the virtual continuum’s,
    such question’s go unanswered.
    How lonely would it be, never to see?
    Your face in such soulful laughter.

    Although I know! I would not know,
    just what it was, that I was missing.
    I do know! that I would know.
    That something, was not, quite, right

    So it feel’s to me, that a piece of me, would be missing!
    Yet where then, am I to look?

    When perchance! One day, one place, one event.
    Our path’s could fare to cross!
    Would we feel something? Or simply nothing!
    Do we bother,to glimpse a glance?

    For should they matter, feeling’s so beyond profound,
    could you or I grasp that chance?
    For nothing could be stranger!
    Than knowing a complete stranger.
    You’ve just met, For the Very…First…Time…………………………

    ~ZenTwist~ Peace and beyond

  9. Zen Twist Says:

    That would be Cyber babies Gatekeeper!

    In back tracking on one of MysticMuses comments, I had a response to the question on what would the Pharm companies do!

    LIE! That’s what they would do, just like the cigarette companies did and still do. False advertisement! Who came up with that one? That in the business world is just creative lying. What this whole world needs is a stiff kick in the pants. Maybe this is it! With all this troubled banking and big car companies going down.

    Bye the way what yah gonna do now Arnie that the Feds have turned California down for that 30 billion you asked for? I guess we can clearly assume that those guys are not fun lovin westerners! You ever heard those tapes on those guys at ENRON doggin California? Really sticking it to ole grandma in California one guy laughingly says as the other one chuckles and chides in yeah!! Wow! Sick bastards. Makes you want to shove a rusty train track spike in their yoohoo. Hey wear that for awhile Dick Brain! Wheres your compassion for Grandma? Whats the matter did your Grandma do something so bad that your just a hater? ( Come on Junior make your Grams Happy!! ) Whoa! Issues with Grandma! Could be the new hit on late night TV.

    I’m waiting for my reply MM Don’t leave me waiting at the Cyber Alter!


  10. mysticmuse Says:

    Zen the adorable…

    First let me say I really love your poem.
    It makes me wonder when you wrote it, and to whom,
    but alas that is ancient history, and here we are
    in the …..Great Big Now!

    I am willing to go so far as to say that we are dating
    and considering being Engaged. I mean, all this is
    engaging…….. but we must respect decorum.

    A Big Note to Gatekeeper: This is how rumors begin. Are you a secret reporter for the Enquirer?
    We Are NOT having children of any kind, OK?
    only talking on the ethers on ones projections,
    ones desires, and Cyber Kids at that.
    Does anyone even know what that means of yet?
    I Don’t Think So.

    Actually, I think lots of things can be kids…..
    pets, projects, creations.
    Perhaps one day we’ll start a band named TwistedMuse,
    and that can be our Kid. I Really Like that name, by the way.

    OK….Mr Twisted…..
    One thing at a time, por favor.
    I only asked about Cyber Kids, because I wanted to know
    how far you were willing to play. Your answer was perfect.

    Now as to SEX… I have No Idea how that would work.
    Perhaps you can clue me in, cause I really don’t want
    to turn this wonderful site into a Porn Party.
    So….how? wha? Eh???
    I must admit your amazingly candid desires are appreciated,
    and further more, quite within my happy zone.
    I just need some coaching, and I am beginning to suspect
    that you might be more well versed than I in this arena.

    Am I your first, or do I take a number?
    And if I decide to say Yes ……….yes comes before I dooooo…… ….. will I then have your CyberCherry?
    And will we then have exclusivity, regards the Cyberworld?

    Mr Twist….may I call you Mr? I may not have been
    born before television, but I realize there
    may have been others before me………and
    may be others for you in other Realities
    and Dimensions now.
    I am a Realist, as well as a Romantic,
    …….and Artist and Lover of Life.
    I’m just looking for something Special.
    Something that can’t be touched or
    wilted by anything else,
    in any dimension.
    Are you free to make that commitment?

    Now…..the name thing. I really like ZenMuse.
    How does that strike you?
    Seems like the essence of both.
    Although TwistedMuse is so bloody great.

    Later………….and Peace, as always……MysticMuse.

  11. mysticmuse Says:

    Ola Gatekeeper!
    Reverting back to your notes on that wallet that you love
    so much……I just read that Hemp lasts TEN TIMES as long
    as Cotton. Pretty impressive!
    And there’s a great little link on a brief history of Pot, and
    if I can track it down, I will send it in. Brief and Artful.

    On the other rather pressing subject here, I was thinking
    that if/when we do it, we’ll need our witnesses….
    and since you are such a Yin/Yang kind of guy…balanced
    and all that ….you could be Both! You can wear a corsage
    on your left wrist, a buttonier at your right lapel, maybe
    a little eye shadow one side, cute little moustache on the
    other. How bout it? I mean, who else?

    But you’re not gonna get to be an uncle for a while!

    Peace and Love………………..MM

  12. mysticmuse Says:

    OK Zen….I surrender.
    I say *yes*…
    these are my Vows to you…

    All I ask is for you to truly be yourself,
    and I will truly be me.

    I will be kind, and honor you, as you are.

    I will not seek to change you, but
    I will accept your changes joyfully.

    And although, at times, I may challenge you,
    I know deep down,
    that is what you want: … true reflection….
    and I will do my best to speak from that
    higher self that is the true me,
    to the higher self that is the true you.

    I am quite sure that you will challenge me,
    and I say Give it to me.

    I accept one year as your Cyber mate,
    whatever the heck that turns out to be…..
    … as We are the actors, writers and directors
    of this passion play.
    And we Will remember that
    Play is
    indeed the word…..

    It will be what it will be, and so be it,
    so help me Everything……… Amen.

    Peaceful Love……………MM

  13. gatekeeper Says:

    Alright a quick “first post” from our (wife and I) new abode, just recently got internet, and I have to say, where the phone company failed with Zen, they passed with flying colors on our installation. I think it really comes down to what sort of person you get assigned to your install and how motivated/knowledgeable they are, and this dude was really great in both areas.

    Anyhow… more soon!

  14. Zen Twist Says:

    Sorry MM for not getting back to you sooner! Helluv a party in good ole Vegas, and no I don’t drink, but that never stopped me, from having a good time. Threw out my back though, it was those strippers fault, they put Mr Bubbles in the hot tub, ( It turned an ordinary hot tub into a bubble making frenzy machine ) I couldn’t see shit, all I could see was a tunnel of bubbles reaching the ceiling from my face and everything around me that I touched felt either warm, fuzzy, slippery, smooth or wet, including the strippers! Needless to say what can happen on a slippery tiled bathroom floor in Vegas?!?!?!…….

    I guess there is more than one option!!!!

    You being in Hawaii leads me to think I can tell you these things, without the annoying after math of questions followed bye details that only lead to more questions It is a vicious cycle that never ends. But could be entertaining if one has a sense of humor!

    I am Honored bye your surrender, as I surrender myself to you, My Cyber Bride to be. Do we pick a date? Just how does this work? Gatekeeper looks and acts like a modern day Priest! He sure could fake the part I mean in Cyber space we can be whom ever we want right?

    To be continued………….. Gots to soak my back!! And write my vows…. :)

    Quick note some how I missed the dating response from you, I didn’t get all of it.
    Muse My darling that was absolutely hysterical and witty and brilliant, which is why I find you so alluring. I will respond to all of your questions very soon, and you have a lot of them.

    Peace……. I’m going out with MysticMuse! Cha Ching!


  15. Zen Twist Says:

    So many questions, yet I will dare to answer them all!
    First! Porn parties are fun, yet this place! That! It is not!
    I love how life truly throws curve balls. Having someone such as yourself as a Cyber playmate and friend is a blessing.
    You would be my first in the Cyber kingdom, my love! Thus you will have my Cyber Cherry, and I do think I would need no other! I truly cherish these moments, of connecting and conversing with someone such as you! You are Witty and profound! Your spirit shines, in your words, I try to imagine your voice. You sound shy in some ways, don’t worry I am an excellent teacher.

    I too! Am puzzled bye the sex thing, yet! I also believe that nothing is impossible. As my latest adventure proclaims ( Bubbles in Vegas! ) I am at the least, an adventuring enthusiast!
    I am in some ways a modern day Pirate, I love traveling and what life brings forth, and I do love, loving a woman, as well as being loved in return! I am not shy, yet I am respectful, Kinda like a Dirty Gentleman. Its all in the timing of what one does, and what one says.
    Not sure how it all started, at this point it really doesn’t matter, for I am comfortable with who I am,

    One question I have is what exactly is your happy zone? or should I just use my imagination? Warning! I have a real vivid mind, so be careful what you say. I cannot be held responsible for what I may conjure up!

    As for exclusivity?! Since we are agreeing for what amounts to one year at a time concept, I see no need to be pursuing anyone else! Not that I ever, was truly looking in regards to! ” Having a Cyber Soul Mate” This happened on its own! So! What would be the point?, surely it would cheapen the whole bond between us?! I don’t go around, asking just anyone to be my Cyber Bride!……… So while we are here………… I will also say that I’ve never, asked anyone before! So I hope that may clear up any questions you may have on any related subjects?! Like I said before! ” I would need no other! ”

    I am all those things that you said. Realist, Romantic, Artist, Lover of life! So! Something special?! ( Spoken with a french accent ) ” But of course! ” I am willing to make that commitment! That is easy to do with you!

    Be well And Peace

    Your Cyber Boyfriend\Fiancee


  16. mysticmuse Says:

    little slut ! (So…..didja think of me just a little? )
    Mmmmmm…a bubble bath sounds really fun…

    You didn’t punish yourself by killing your back, did you ?
    Reminder: no need. What area of the back, by the way,
    for that will tell us both a lot.

    Please know that you can tell me anything, always.

    Besides, how do you know I’m in Hawaii?
    I could be in las Vegas watching you.
    I could be in Oregon, or Northern California, or
    or visiting Neptune.
    It wouldn’t matter where I was, we can always tune in,
    isn’t that fun?

    I mean, isn’t This Fun….without all the usual constraints
    and physical realities and complications.
    It isn’t about how we look, or
    what people think, or
    how can our lives possibly mesh.
    It’s just about who we are right now in this realm alone.

    I said it, I mean it, I accept you as you are.
    I can’t be jealous, for I know that I hold this special place
    in your heart, and you in mine. That is irreversible.

    But yur still a Slut.

    more later………………….MM

  17. mysticmuse Says:

    Sweet Heart….I so look forward to you next post to me.
    I find myself in a very loving mode…. a place that i only reach
    with other modes and methods……
    I will be in a thinking mode tomowow….
    meanwhile, I send you LOve…………
    your promised………………MM

  18. Zen Twist Says:

    Hello my love!,,,,,,,, Slut am I?……. Well! I think in this world that may be a complement. So I shall take pride in my slutyness.

    Hmmm How loving? I feel I may take advantage of your amorous state! At least that is what a slut should do!
    Bye the way I did think of you while I was in Vegas! I was actually disappointed I didn’t bring my Lap top with me so I could check in more often while there!
    For your information my inquisitive one, it was my lower back, five and a half hours in a hot tub is too long! Everything looks like a prune after that long.

    It is also nice to know that you love me no matter what. Unconditional it seems! How nice!
    And look what I get for ASSUMING that you were somewhere, when you could be anywhere! Point taken darling! Who knows?! For I may even know you already, and haven’t a clue as to who it is. That quite possibly makes it even more arousing,
    As well as that modes and methods thing. I said be careful what you say my imagination runs wild with all sorts of scenarios! God I truly am a slut but I believe that sluts have more fun, at least I do!!!

    And above all else My loveliness You do have a place in my heart! And you can call me a slut anytime I won’t mind cus you say it with love!

    Peace Baby! Sleep well and Dream a Dream of all Dreams!

    Your Cyber Lover Man…………


  19. mysticmuse Says:

    How delightful to awaken to strong and creamy coffee,
    and a love letter…..from someone strong and creamy?

    Hey slut man….everything does not have a sexual
    component. Or perhaps it does, but not always intended.
    My ‘modes and methods’ had to do with being high on
    life, yoga, and high road love…..yes, that is you.

    To Dream a Dream of all Dreams is one of those phrases
    that can take one on a long journey of the mind….thanks!

    I am contemplating amongst thought clouds that are
    floating above my head, some slow, some pushing others
    aside in their quest for front row, some just hovering
    politely, and waiting their turn.
    Perhaps chronology would be the easiest sort method?

    Life throwing curve balls. I like that. We must stay
    flexible, and remember the vastness that is beyond us.

    Cyber Playmate….very nice … hold that thought.

    Cyber Cherry….. ditto. This gives me a thrill of sorts.

    Happy Zone…. well, your desires, vaguely scheduled
    quantities and especially that monthly all nighter sorta
    rang the bell. For me, it needs to be somewhere between
    the ‘gotta have it every night, like too-much-hot-fudge ‘
    syndrome, and a long ago memory of being in the
    middle of the dance, and drifting into teary place,
    realizing that with this person,
    it won’t happen again for another few weeks.

    Spontenaeity, Variety, Waiting til you’re Hungry.
    Most of all, that Heatfelt Melding that only comes with
    True Spiritual Love.
    Fast Food can be fun….. but give me the Real Thing.

    This Just Happened. wow…it sure did. No Plan.
    True Zen-ness, and I’m not talkin You, I’m talkin
    Life Path Flow. Letting Go. Allowing….

    Your Surrender and Committment is so beautiful to
    behold, and I taste the tenderness there. thank you.

    And lastly but firstly….How Does This Work?
    Holy Shit, I don’t know. Aren’t we making this up
    as we go along, my Dear Friend…?

    I think we pick an auspicious date and time….
    I think we CREATE a Magical Ritual of Our Own.
    I think Gatekeeper would be the wonderful
    and obvious
    One to join us.
    And I think the Cyber Groom can invite him.

    What Do You Think…???

    I will return later, with some beginnings of thoughts
    about our special day.

    Meanwhile…..kiss yourself for me…………MM

  20. mysticmuse Says:

    I think Gatekeeper could be
    the perfect one to marry us.
    He doesn’t need to ‘fake it’. He only needs
    to Believe, and he’s there.
    I think we should all dress in Irridescent Pearly White….
    In our minds.

    Not white, like, you know, like we’re virgins or something.
    But shining shimmering glittering glowing
    iridescent pearlistic ethereal goodness.

    Picture light beams pouring down, like when
    the sun shines through places in the clouds,
    like angels have poked holes, and are peeking in on us.

    Picture little birdies and deerlettes (that’s baby deer)
    watching with awe.
    (like an old Disney film……well, sorta like that,
    but better………even the deer have wings)

    and everything is soft and fuzzy, like when you
    put Vaseline on the camera lens.
    Light reflects and refracts, and we almost float.
    OK……got that image?

    I guess we pick a date ….. gots to be special numbers…..
    And a time…..same…..
    And at that moment, we all image the same thing.
    And it begins….
    OK…….You take it from here…..

    … it’s like those kid games, where one person
    begins a story, and then passes it on to the next.

    …………………………..GO !!

  21. Zen Twist Says:

    I’m still stuck on Creamy and Vaseline……… LOL……………………………….Just kiddin………Sorta of……… Ok maybe not! I have a journey to go on! Lookin for my lost brother across the border Will elaborate further when I return Asta la vista baby..

    Yo Regress o en De muey cercano futuro……



  22. mysticmuse Says:

    Take yer laptop this time….


  23. Zen Twist Says:

    Hello Love I’m back……. Deerlettes? OK! that’s just too cute and precious. You’ve really just come into yourself here. Not that you weren’t before this site, you just seem so comfortable…….I just avoided a very long point! So how was your thinking day? ………..

    On another note I just wanted to say you absolutely rock!!
    You have this softness that I can almost touch…….. A gentle essence I crave to feel, to breath, to taste…. Blind folded I seek out your smell, what is it, I swear I can almost smell it……see it……………..Do I actually feel you in my soul.

    What an interesting journey this is! I wonder to myself how I find your insight so refreshing and alive yet soothing, calming. I have thought of how to go about the marriage yet I so do love courting you, teasing you, pleasing you my dear…..

    Let me tell you a story of a girl I met long ago. A love I had that lasted only for a few weeks. It was strong and passionate, deep and accepting. Never in my life had I met before nor after….We truly were Kin Spirits headed in different directions. We sort of knew this yet stayed in denial. She did change her trip once to stay a little longer…..
    You see she was committed to a priesthood in Kauai, Myself one last attempt at working things out with my daughters mother. Three weeks, one of the most amazing loves of my life. The first time we made love, she said how do you know my body so well? I really couldn’t tell her I just did.
    I never felt so accepted or complete by any woman in my life, I don’t know if because of the impending end, that we treated each other so well, so sweetly, so beautifully, so honoring. I tend to believe that was not the case, we just truly loved each other, and also knew, on that very last day, while we held each other, and wept in sorrow, fully knowing that our paths were meant to go in different directions. It was really a very special love which I do not regret, for I truly feel blessed to have known her at all. As well as to have such a powerful experience..
    I am not sure why, but your essence reminds of her. Deep, well traveled, a mystical, spiritual, accepting, loving being. Hmmmm.

    It is late and I tire I thank you for being simply being you!

    Sleep well my beloved, who knows what surprises await you, when you wake in the morrow.

    Your Creamy Strong Man.



  24. mysticmuse Says:

    Good Morning Creamy….

    Glad yer back from your quest.
    I enjoy hearing your life stories. I think we both have
    been extremely fortunate in our experiences in life.
    Perhaps it’s because we’re both adventurous and open.
    Perhaps it’s just that like attracts like.

    I too have had magical magnificent encounters, and
    these tend to make one’s outlook broaden.
    This can scare some folks, if you share it with
    someone who’s invested in possessing you.
    I’ve made that mistake, and it’s sad.
    But it also cuts the wheat from the chaff, if you get me.

    Further along on my path, I’ve come to feel that
    on some level….albeit a pretty high one…..
    all is energy, and we are just energy expressing
    male and female.

    In some arenas of thought, there is only one man
    and one woman, with many faces.

    Fortuneately, as I move through levels and phases,
    I find, truly, Less is More.
    I’ve gotten really picky.
    Which leads to long periods of Alone….which I now
    Love and Embrace….how I love the Quiet.

    BUT….then, look what comes floating in on that cloud!
    Drawn by an unseen call, a quiet fragrance,
    a knowing without knowing it.

    Have a great day……………………………MM

  25. mysticmuse Says:

    hey Z…

    thanks for all the compliments!
    i think WE inspire Me.

    i too am enjoying this phase, and
    there is no rush to go anywhere.

    it all feels like foreplay to me.
    makes me feel warm and squirmy…


  26. mysticmuse Says:


  27. mysticmuse Says:

    What? Who Are You?

  28. Zen Twist Says:

    Hello My dear been on a long and difficult trip. I apologize for not writing sooner #*$&%*%$*&#*# That damn dial internet crap. 2 Hours I worked on a post only to have it disappear into thin cyber air. How have you been? I sure did miss writing you. and I did take my lap top, like I said hotel connection sucked as well as when I got home ………… Guess what? ……………no connection! Hmmm is there some deeper meaning to all this?
    Nooo some one slid my furniture and sliced my cord. But I’m real good slicing wire so I’m back in action. I don’t Know who that is up there. I think it is some spam!.

    Holler vbery7 soon

    Love XXOXXOO


  29. mysticmuse Says:


    how lon? how deeffeecul?
    joo gotsum splainin to dooo…

    elebin dayziz a lon lon tine….

    almoze ferget chur naim.


  30. Zen Twist Says:

    How impersonal I was! Whats cookin sugar? Hmmmmm Big Island talk! I guess my absence has set that off?!?!??!!
    No explainin! Just got real tied up with personal family stuff….. and dial up didn’t help.
    Quite frankly, I wish I had a better story…… but alas I don’t.. How are you? I hope the weather has brought you some relief, for here I swear it feels like Hawaii muggy, sticky, humid weather. And the only way to enjoy that is being naked with someone else and your not here soooooooooo! I’ll get naked by myself and imagine.

    Peace my love and sorry


  31. mysticmuse Says:

    Hey Z man…

    enjoy the thoughts you and i bring.
    wish i was there, or you here, or us in between…
    imagine our body-spirits spinning into the sky…
    call my name when you spend, and
    i will call yours.


  32. mysticmuse Says:

    Good Morning my long gone one…

    You seem very sad, sad and tired.
    I am happy you are returned, and safe.
    I missed you, and our little exchanges,
    very much.
    I know you can/will only share so much of you,
    but I do hope you can keep me closer.

    I wrote a poem while you were gone, and
    I thought I’d share it with you….
    Perhaps it will give you a little tickle…

    Is my darling one a sailor,
    sailing off into the sea
    Is my lover man a sailor,
    who never thinks of me.

    Does he wander with the porpoises
    In search of mermaids fair
    And does he have a secret life
    With fishes when he’s there

    Is he somewhere in the desert
    searching long and far and wide
    for shimmering lost treasures,
    never thinking of his bride.

    Is he gambling in las Vegas
    Turning daytime into night.
    And frolicking in bubbles
    Never thinking of my plight

    Has he gone to lakes and rivers
    For to bathe his weary soul
    And will he cook me supper
    When he’s back with reel and pole

    Is he racing ships on venus
    Ever watchful for the droids
    Forgetting that he promised
    He would bring me back the spoils

    Is he visiting his lover
    Who also waits alone
    And just like me, she’s wondering
    To whom he now has gone

    Is he hiding in his garden
    And talking with his plants
    Reciting verses quietly
    While slapping at the ants

    And will he bring me flowers
    All from his garden fair
    And make a little garland
    For wearing in my hair

    Is my darling one a primitive
    With spear and shield and knife
    A running after buffalo
    To bring back to his wife.

    Or is he turning werewolf
    And howling at the moon
    With fur and fang and hungry heart,
    And will he come back soon

    I wonder what he’s thinking now
    And if he thinks of me
    And though I know he likely does
    His heart I cannot see

    My darling one is searching
    For sensual repast
    His days are filled with banquets
    That seldom seem to last

    His goodness and his beauty
    Are obvious to me
    But am I just another one
    To leave, so to be free

    Is his heart too sorely wounded
    And his mind too scattered wild
    To ever know a lasting love
    Resides here with this child.

    So part of him is with me
    And part of him is free
    And I must hold my knowing
    Instead of holding He
    How many Z men are there
    Pray tell me darling one
    Just who am I intended for,
    Just who is it I’ve won

    Your words are full of beauty
    But I can’t look in your eyes
    To see beyond the poetry
    To know if they are lies

    Yet he and I have been here
    A thousand times before
    And stars have lost their bearings
    In between our little wars

    There is a season for a time
    The watering and feeding
    And I can deal another day
    And not think of the needing

    You will return, your prize in hand
    And show me what you’ve garnered
    And share with me just what you’ve learned
    Our bond will then be honored

    I settle into self right now
    Reminding me of knowing
    Beginnings are such fragile things
    And this sprout will be growing

    I guess a year will tell me more
    For one month is near done
    But I too am a mystery
    To you, my dearest one

    Blessings on your day………..your Muse

  33. mysticmuse Says:

    hi there….

    today i discovered a new site.
    are you familiar with Ram Dass?
    he was/is a contemporary with Leary, and
    is a sort of guru, still.
    he puts in these great short little things that
    totally inspire me, and ring true.

    todays short little thing:

    Oneness is the source of Love.
    Real Love is the One celebrating itself as two.


  34. Zen Twist Says:

    Hey M Lady! Well wow! First I must say that was absolutely beautiful and I might add I believe my first! Hmmmmm sure we haven’t met before? It makes me wonder so precise and……….thank you my darling one, I am honored. It did bring a smile to my face!

    Yes I am saddened and my heart is heavy and grieving, as I watch my fathers mind slowly slip away into darkness, watching him struggle with his own denial and submitting to its defeat when he still has options. I am Powerless to do anything, angered by those who have hidden and lied, and stand in the way, even to the point of betrayal over a simple requests! When I was younger I would have sought revenge, struck out in rage, yet this is only poison flowing through my veins and eventually will sicken me.

    I feel helpless! For this is not a story that will have a happy ending. I have wept from the place of a child who when 3 or 4, rode on his fathers lap, on his brand new tractor, how much I adored him, and he loved me. We fought and argued and earned each others respect, we were friends as well as father and son, and I miss him, for he already is not all there. It is like watching a candle slowly burn out!

    Interesting I wondered to myself when I wrote to you, if you could see a difference in my words?! You really do know me or I all ready know you! Or life only gives you so many options! Either way it is all the same which is why I asked you to be my Cyber bride! It doesn’t seem to matter where we are. Is it possible to have a connection with someone you never met, you are in tune with me. Albeit I’m not a liar, at least not in that way, I don’t use words falsely, to the best of myself I am always respectful to others not disregarding their feelings.

    OK! enough of that serious stuff!! I really liked the Xs and Os you little tease! come on hot mama! Give me some love!


  35. mysticmuse Says:

    Good Morning Sweetheart One…

    Of course I could tell a difference in your words!
    My heart felt the heaviness, the weariness, the Sad.

    You were Trying, but you weren’t really there.
    I knew something wasn’t right.

    Now I understand. How terribly difficult for you.
    To simultaneously watch him depart, and to feel so helpless.

    I send you Love. Loosing a parent is really really painful.
    I know, as both of mine are gone, in very different ways, but
    each in Their Own Way.
    Someone told me once that it was their experience that
    people die the way they live. I found it helpful in understanding
    each of their passages.
    In the end, the story is His. If he’s drifting off gradually, in parts
    and pieces, well that’s His way. We must allow him this.

    Yes, it is possible for a connection like this, as We are Proof.
    It takes attunement, and a sympatico that somehow is there,
    despite time and distance. Makes a new story about
    Long Distance Relationships, huh?

    So…you liked my little Ooo’s and xXX’s…? get your imagination
    going, the blood pumping in the right direction?

    mmmm…so here’s some more…..yummmmmmiessss…..

    ….O! O!! O!!!!…..mmmmmmmmm…
    can ya feel it?


  36. mysticmuse Says:

    hey sexy Z…

    friday’s the full moon…..hmmmmm

  37. Zen Twist Says:

    Damn baby I sure did like the tongue action or was that your finger? Its dark so I can’t see and I really couldn’t tell and I guess it doesn’t really matter cuzz it all felt sooooooooo damn goood! Where did you learn that technique anyway! I guess we can clearly say your not a virgin and I’m glad!

    Once again I would like to thank you for your words of encouragement and advice, they will be helpoful reminders from time to time!

    So you too with full moons? I swear I have to hide sometimes it gets so bad and some woman really don’t see the difference in how they act. Men their always horny, opportunist we are, yet I really am not like most, and i am told this as well from others as well as I just think in some ways I am different.

    Again thank you for your loving thoughts and concerns, I know I opened up to you about my problems and simply thank you for your words of support.

    On another note! I am beginning to get the impression that you are a dirty girl, a true naughty one and I like, I like a whole lot! Well 2 can play that game! So lay back and close your eyes my sweet!

    ~O~O..O..oo.Xx.ooo..~.~.does it feel good baby? xoxoxo~o_~_. You like

    that?……mmmmm O..~O~O…oo..ooo…_O_O~~_OO..oo=~~=O0O0O0


    You got somethin for me?!!~O~O~O…X…XX…xx…~>o~>~o>~>o~>~>

    ooooooooo000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!…….give it to me….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss! My Lover girl…………..can you feel it?

    Peace my love


  38. mysticmuse Says:

    Wow…very nice. I felt it alright.

    Speaking of feeling it, just what were you doing
    Like somewhere between 11:30 and 11:45…?

    I swear I could feel you inside of me….

    Long distance oneness?

    You’re the dirty one, you naughty naughty boy….

    *Mystic Muse*

  39. mysticmuse Says:

    Darling One…

    This morning’s message from Ram Dass…

    I put my hand into the box, and pull out one,
    sorta like a Zen fortune cookie…

    **When the despair is great enough, there is a shift,

    and you start to go back to the One.

    And that is the moment who you are starts to change**

    With great affection……..


  40. Zen Twist Says:

    Well! Day or night? Actually now that I think of it I may have been doing the same thing either way………LOL…… Ram Daas I am familiar, my mother studied with him for awhile back in the mid to late 70s or so.

    That is a different way of being for sure. What say lover lady, we should pick a time day or night and transcybernate our passion for one another.

    Bye the way, you call me the dirty one and naughty boy yet you say you could feel me inside you?/? Wow!…. OK!…….I think your the one just waitin in the closet to come out and be the dirty lil thing you are! I also don’t think you’ll need much coaching from me I believe you know just what your doing. So wanna play Dirty Girl? Quick question should we carry this on in more privacy? Just a thought, we are getting a bit randy and all?!

    Your sweet and creamy guy


  41. mysticmuse Says:

    Hmmm… hello creamy guy…

    I have always been one for privacy, yes.

    I think we already agreed that this spot was not the
    appropriate one for the more intimate moments….
    And I think you may agree that we have gotten quite
    close to crossing that little teeny tiny boundary.
    So… I’m ready to disclose my more private access…
    IF…you’ll meet me for the full moon.

    The Full MOON makes me crazy….and you too?!?!

    Legally, it’s nine in the am. tomorrow…
    that is the peak of LIGHT.. LOVE and POWER.
    But you seem to be a creature of the night. Am I wrong?
    you write deep in the dark, in the wee hours…
    Actually, the early a.m.s are clear of psychic interferences,
    and you seem to know that.

    Want to pick a time? tonight? what’s yer pleasure…?

    Before midnight would be best for me….

    What say around 11?… we could go on line at 11, and
    just do a little back and forth….

    Oh, and by the way, it was 11:30 am….
    when i felt you…inside me.

    And also, what you called ‘Island Talk’
    was just a flash from the past…..
    didja ever watch I Love Lucy..?
    Remember ‘Lucy…joo got sum splainin to doooo…’

    So0o0oooooo…..let me know…..soooooon…..
    i’ll send you my private email when you write back…..


  42. mysticmuse Says:

    hey baby….

    i’m saying goodnite.
    maybe another time.

    sweet dreams…………*MM*

  43. Zen Twist Says:

    Hey Darling one so sorry birthday plans and heat wave messing with my precious girls, its a little crazy here in the southland parts of Calif. man sweatin from every body part including my balls! One knows its to hot when sweating from their balls,

    If I awake in time this coming morrow I will give you a jingle although you did say 1100 I am only oh what do they call it? Oh yeah! Fashionably late!

    I love Lucy classic one of the funniest woman in show biz especially for her times when woman struggled in of all professions comedy! One of a kind.

    Love and affection

    P.S. If I don’t catch you tomorrow not really available till Sunday out of the area across the border. Also quick note you are aware this is the weekend of burning man, Ive never been always wanted to go life has brought many things that sort of not make it possible or It wasn’t as important as the other three million things I had going on.

    Peace my love!

  44. mysticmuse Says:

    Yummy Bear….

    Burning Man! Oh, go if you can. I’ve never been, but have many friends who have, and have seen a zillian pics of that fantasmagoric reality.
    It’s a Fellini Film on LSD, staged on Neptune.
    I’m sure you will love it, being the sort of crazy person you are.

    Sorry we missed the full moon, but there’ll be others.
    Have fun, darlin one.


  45. Zen Twist Says:

    Oh I’m not going! Other things have priority Lover, it was just an update on other events going on, and a wish that maybe someday!!!

    I see you were up early this morning, not I! Though I would like to remind you, there are three days of full moon, and my heart warms that you called me baby! I can imagine being in your arms snuggling close to your breast and kissing you tenderly up and down your neck sweet lady of mine, your sexiness oozes from your soul my lover to be.

    Yummmy sensualishious Woman! Makes my blood flow to all the right places.

    Peace yummy girl!


  46. Zen Twist Says:

    Where are you my dear? I have looked and seen that you are no where to be found, hope all is well?! Look forward to the next encounter!
    I hope life finds you peaceful and content.

    Going to bed!

    Peace out!


  47. mysticmuse Says:

    Hello my dear one….

    Well, you’re back! Hope it was a good trip.
    Your parting note found its way to my heart, so sweet…
    I’d love to cuddle up with you too, warm man.

    Here, it’s starting to feel like Autumn, and I’m busy making pickles,
    thinking of what to do with all these tomatoes, feeding my ladies,
    enjoying the heavenly blue morning glories, and wondering
    what this place will look like without all this glorious garden.

    Nights are chilly, days are unpredictable, but the sun still arrives,
    albeit a little late. G sales are nearly done, which is very sad…
    …I heart G sales.

    I miss you when you’re gone, but I’m learning to just let it go,
    and know that you’ll be back, and looking for me.

    I’m on a little de-tox thing right now, and for a few days.
    Spring and Fall are traditional times, so guess I’m in the groove…

    Meanwhile, how are you? And how was your trip?
    To Mexico was it? What do you do there?

    Soooooon? ……………………..MM

  48. Zen Twist Says:

    Something so tender and sweet in your words this day Almost a tiny bit lonely/melancholy… Could just be that detox your doing purging those toxins from your body?! or the seasonal change that is occurring. Women so sensitive and emotional to their surroundings, such a beautiful gift it is to have! It took me some time to allow that for myself being a ” ” Man ” and all. Our worlds in some ways so different from the way we can be raised and influenced!

    Trying to remember when that changed for me. probably started after the navy. That was the worst of times, both violent and aggressive, didn’t feel like I had a choice to be anything but that. It sort of is fed to you, the whole environment is keeping your aggression at a peek level, most likely for war time, always ready to kick someones ass.

    Man sure glad those days are long gone. Anyway my love, I hope your spirits are bright and full as another autumn harvest begins to come to a close, may the farmers of the world reap from their fruits of their labors and rejoice with laughter and much love making. Orgies Galore! Sounds like a great name for a porn store!!!! LOL………………………..

    G sales? I do think I missed that one, not sure what to make of that! Nice to know nibbling on your neck made its way to your heart! Or somewhere else even!!

    Mexico didn’t happen but a whole slew of family did for the weekend it was a lovely time all in honor of a dear friends birthday! Its was a glorious birthday celebration for several days I mean, 50 is something not to take to lightly!!…….

    Close your eyes and feel my kiss, so soft and tender upon your lips, as I let mine own, linger, softly, so gently, slowly, tenderly, touching yours, like such silky velvet………………..

    Oooooooooooo Yummmmmmmmmmmm!
    My Lovely…………..

    Peace and safe going…….


  49. mysticmuse Says:

    Hey there….

    Ever think of creating names as a business?
    I mean….Orgies Galore……Twisted Muse…..
    there’s buckos to be made there.

    That kiss makes me ache. You are so sweet…..
    That, and nuzzling next to my breast, kissing my neck.
    My neck is so sensitive….bite it and i go mad.

    Several days of celebration…food and friends and
    So now you must be itching for travel again…

    Yes, I am indeed a little melancholy.
    The autumn always makes me feel that way…
    I love summer, and the end gives me sad feels.

    Thank you for that sweet and tender kiss.
    I shall re-read it whenever I am sad or lonely.

    The Equinox is approaching…..The fall Equinox was
    a traditional time for
    the Ritual of the Sacred Marriage,
    with the high Priestess and her Consort
    engaging in the Ecstatic Union, while everyone partied,
    and ran off into the bushes.
    Sound like something you can relate to?

    That’s the 22nd of September , and
    the 21st is International Peace Day.
    Since we both seem to have adopted the habit of
    Signing off with Peace….
    ( I think I’ve been doing it for the last couple of years now…..)
    this timing feels sorta right.
    Whadaya think?

    It might be the right time for our little ceremony.
    …and then we can run off into the bushes…..

    So put that thought in your hat for a while…..

    Love, Peace, Kisses, and crackers in bed………


  50. Zen Twist Says:

    I’m adorable?!……………. Your adorable!!……………..
    Forget the bushes lets run into the Forrest and get lost………… In each other… Yeehaaaaw!

    Yes I knew of this tradition as well, and I like that concept. The visual of multiple groups screwing in the bushes is priceless. ” Hey dude this rabbit hutch is taken man! move on! ”

    Sooooooo I like the idea of the 22nd as vows day my Lovely Sweet!
    Don’t get too lonely or blue just imagine me massaging you into a relaxing and peaceful place. I really do have magic fingers and hands.

    Until later my darling one!
    Peace on Peace!

    P.S. what is G sale? Anything to do with lady’s!


  51. mysticmuse Says:

    Damn, ain’t we the adorable ones?
    Oh Yes…

    So the 22nd it IS !
    and forget the rabbit hutch, I’ll take the Forest…

    Oh massage me into heavenly oblivion, please?…
    And then after I wake up, I’ll do you….well.

    I too have a very good imagination, so your coaching
    and descriptive words will lift me out of my
    temporary funk.
    You are right….the detox thing is definitely affecting me,
    and I really wasn’t that aware til you mentioned it.
    Do you already know me that well, too?

    And…a G sale has nothing to do with a G spot….
    …yes, I know you that well…..it’s a…a………a ….
    ……………GARAGE SALE!
    …hope I didn’t disappoint you too much.

    I’ll find something else to tickle your tastebuds,
    tantalize your tendrils, entice your ….hmmmm…
    what goes with entice…entrails…no…….earwigs…
    ..no…..help me here….! where’s my thesaurus?

    You make me whacky!
    I love assaulting your synapses, nudging your neurons,
    diddling your dendrites, courting your cortex.
    SeE wHat i mEan…?

    Peace, Love, Marshmellows and a Zucchini


  52. Zen Twist Says:

    My intentions! My enthusiastic essentials! LOL. That or my tiddly winks I will leave that up to you! I actually thought it had to do with the ladies that water.

    Now if you are dyslectic you may read that correctly otherwise use your imagination. Although it did cross my mind I got that it wasn’t G spot, darling so yes, you may know my thinking, and I may be a sexual deviate of sorts ( And Proud of it! ) Though none the less this time you missed the mark. But don’t worry I”m sure I can think of something perverse and down right dirty in no time at all. Since I’ve got live porno films living in my head, I’m always ready to share! Heh heh!

    Sorry I was on a good roll< took it all the way……. Well Almost……. Just think I haven’t even begun to tell you what I want to do to you………Woohoo!!

    Peace to the lovers in my head!


  53. mysticmuse Says:

    ok…..ya got me now….
    what’s the ‘ladies that water’ reference? s’il vous plait.

    and what on earth would you want to do to me? hmmmm?

    ah, another time, another place………

  54. Zen Twist Says:

    Anything that makes you feel good baby, anything that makes you scream and turns you into a wild thang. Heh Heh!………….

    I know that you and GateKeeper traded convo and you and I have other things in common. Avid gardeners are we!

    Peace on it….. You’ll get it!

    Who loves you?!!!!????………


  55. mysticmuse Says:

    Good Morning Zenman…

    I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of lightbulb jokes, so…

    Here’s a selection….pick the one or ones you Haven’t heard,
    and I will send you the answer…

    1. how many Deadheads does it take to change a lightbulb?

    2. how many Lead Guitarists does it take to change
    a lightbulb?

    3. how many Gypsies does it take to change a lightbulb?

    4. how many Magicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

    5. how many Taoists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    6. how many Mystery Writers does it take to change
    a lightbulb?

    7. how many Flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    8. how many New Yorkers does it take to change
    a lightbulb?

    9. how many Chiropractors does it take to change
    a lightbulb?

    …..and Finally…..

    10. how many Zen Masters does it take to change
    a lightbulb?

    Bye….hee hee……………………MM

  56. Zen Twist Says:

    I don’t know any of those so give it all to me!

  57. mysticmuse Says:

    hey baby…

    ok, so you sound really enthused …
    so, i’m not telling you yet.

    what’s up with you…sad again?
    whatcha been up to?

    your intended CyberChick

  58. mysticmuse Says:

    1… none…they just wait for it to burn out,
    and then follow it around for twenty years.

  59. mysticmuse Says:

    2… five…. one to change it, and four to stand there
    and say “I can do that”.

  60. mysticmuse Says:

    My Dearest Zen…

    I have missed you, and our little ramblings so much!

    Where oh where is my little Zenman gone?

    I try to feel you, and all I get is deep pensing,
    some anger, some wanting to be alone.
    You seem deeeeep in thought about something,
    maybe everything.

    I wish you would share with me, reach out and
    touch someone, hopefully me…. !

    So…are yooooo there? Yoooohooooooooooo!

    Today is PEACE day….
    so you know what that means….
    tomorrow is OUR day……

    Got some ideas about what you want to do?
    I’m feeling sorta lost.

    Peace, Love, big pillows and some ice cream.

    Your Lady Muse

  61. mysticmuse Says:

    How many Zen Twists does it take to screw up a nice day?

    Just One.

  62. Zen Twist Says:

    LOL So sorry……….

    Things have been hectic and my attentions have been needed elsewhere. I apologize for something I have no control over If I had your personel E.. I most likely would have kept you up to date! For what is going on cannot to be shared here on this forum…. Way too personnel.. and troublesome.. I found your last comment amusing thought and had to respond..

    Keep cheer my dear one talk soon??

    To my fairest Cyber love



  63. Zen Twist Says:

    OK So your mad I think?!???……………… I also know we had discussed a Cyber Vows day which is today……

    I know we also discussed that it had to be right and as I said in my last blog There is some shit going on right now that has had my attentions. I wished that you had responded so as we could have some sort of dialogue yet you may be really busy yourself?!!
    This I am hoping is true! I would like you to know that this is in no way personel, I have enjoyed our times and look forward to more, so I am hoping in the spiritual self that you showed me that, that! Is true.
    So although we are not married we are still engaged and that has not changed. I do admit that at times I shut down and let my mind deal with whats happening from a quiet place, and the next thing I know a whole week has gone bye, yet all Ive done is work in my garden, it is so peaceful for me. The interesting thing is I travel so much yet when I am home I really don’t want to go anywhere, for I enjoy being here! That is something that has really changed over the years.

    I ramble…….. Yet I am searching for words to tell you that I am sorry, in only that it may have hurt your feelings, I am so ADD…Yet that is who I am.

    Be well my dear and when the planets align themselves again for us, I will shed a spiritual tear of joy…

    Love and peace out.


  64. mysticmuse Says:

    Well well, There you are!
    When you write like you just did, I can respond.

    Yes, I’ve been mad.
    Will you please read the things I have written you
    in the last week ?
    Then you’ll see that our date
    Was September 22….the Equinox…..
    I even wrote….”tomorrow is our day.”
    You left Me at the Cyber Altar, so yah…..you could say mad.
    (I seem to remember an impatient Zen writing MM…
    “don’t leave me waiting at the Cyber Altar”…see above)

    When you write me like you just did…when you let me in….
    then I can deal with anything, pretty much.
    Here is the email I was preparing to send you:


    It would have been kinder if you’d just said:
    …I’m not coming…or
    …..I don’t have time for this…or
    …..I’ve changed my mind.
    Communication is very important to me.

    So now perhaps you have a window into
    how I’ve been feeling, and why…

    Ok…on to better things.
    First of all, I have a private email address that Gatekeeper has…
    (surely you know this, and this has been another confusion for me)
    And if you write me there, you can speak freely, BUT
    you will still not know who I am in another reality, for
    it is held under another alias.

    Perhaps that is why you did not write me? for surely you know
    you could get it from him….
    I don’t think either of us is ready
    for other realities just yet…
    So you can get one too, and not reveal your
    other reality name as well.
    I got it with Google, and it’s free and easy.

    I need you to understand….
    I do not do well being left out in the cold.
    If we continue to have our little relationship, I need
    consideration and inclusion.
    You can tell me anything, and as long as I’m not ignored
    or left out, I will deal.
    But be prepared for a grand storm if not.

    I’m very happy you’re in your garden. I was afeared that it
    had to do with something in that regard,
    and was concerned for you.
    So Whatsa matta bodda you?

    I LOVE my garden! It gives me so much pleasure and peace,
    and brings in all the little creatures to entertain me, and
    share their lives.
    Just outside my window where I work, there’s the
    hugest spider imaginable, and she sits in the middle of her
    gigantic web and waits, and sleeps. Do spiders dream?

    She is obviously very successful, and I watch her work diligently,
    when something catches in her lair.
    And then she sips her prize, and then she sleeps.

    The chickadees are flitting about the tall tall sunflowers, searching
    for seeds, which are nearly ready. Some of them have
    Heavenly Blue morning glories entwining up their necks,
    adding their brilliance to the mix.

    So now we both feel better.
    I do not like it when we are not together.
    It makes me sad, and I mourn the loss.

    Take care sweets, and please Please remember to stay with me,
    Share with me, and even in those ADD moments, you really can
    Touch in and allow me to be there too, if only to say…
    I can’t be there right now.

    Thank you for your sweet and honest writings.
    You touch my heart…

    Peace, Love, Sandalwood and Roses…………….MysticMuse

  65. Zen Twist Says:

    Well I had read everything somehow I mixed up dates oops……….

    Also not to get snotty, even if I had known, I wouldn’t have asked him for that, not without your permission of course. So you assumed that I was fully aware of his possessing your alter Email. In fact we only recently just hung out for a few hours which is even more weird considering that he moved in next door over a month ago! Busy? I think yes!

    I missed the tomorrow is our day, shit was hitting the fan, and I was trying to stay clear. I will get another alias email and then I will talk to gatekeeper.

    I wish I was in your arms just feeling your warm, sensual, tender love. I know its there baby I can feel you from here.

    So peace and tender kisses on your cheeks
    both sets of them!

    Until another day love


  66. mysticmuse Says:

    G’nite babe…
    thanks for the kisses on cheeks….yer funny.
    Know that I hold you close tonite, wrapped up
    in your arms.
    Wanna spoon?

  67. mysticmuse Says:


    Picking prickly cucumbers
    On a late summers’ day
    One cannot help but notice
    The variety nature provides
    Of shapes and sizes

    Some slender, some fat
    Some lean to the left.
    Some pointed dartlike
    or bulbous with desire.

    Grasping, I gasp, the
    feel so familiar, even the prickles.
    For pleasure is Siamese
    twin to pain.
    And I remember both.

    My pinkness blossoms as
    The memories flit and flood.
    Grand fun, stolen sweetness,
    Chocolate vats of indulgence.
    Heart melding moments
    That always leave.

    My bed remembers, but
    Only my pillows fill
    Spaces that are
    Lost for later.
    Later and again.

    Warm Summers’ Love from MysticMuse

  68. gatekeeper Says:

    Just a quick note, MM ~ ZT asked me to let you know he’s on one of his road trips & he’ll be back in a couple days!


  69. gatekeeper Says:

    Oh and about the shirts, money has been so friggin tight and gas being so expensive I honestly could not afford either: postage, or a Laundry proof pen. Seriously! So, my appologies for the delay ONCE AGAIN but as soon as Zen gets back, I will a) have him sign the shirts, b) provide him with your email address (as I just got caught up on the last couple of posts) I should have provided him the address a while back but when we get together to talk, trust me, it’s all over the place and there’s never any way to cover everything!! I love the convos though because he always tolerates my ADHD moments under the influence of the sweet sweet goodness of the goddess… It gets cosmic and it’s hard to come back to earth sometimes!

    The more I read the more I think it’s very strange, this universe, how people, or souls or spirits – are magnets… You somehow found this blog because of the Hawaiian frogs, but who’d know that was just the beginning of what would be a very strange synchronistic connection of beings on this little blog, it’s like, the more you would write, the more I would personally trip out on how you seemed to be totally in sync with where Zen’s at in mind & spirit, let alone how much you are able to know exactly where I’m coming from spiritually, etc . I mean that’s hard enough to find in the real world, you know?

    That got me thinking about a day in June I think… the year for sure was 1994, and I was as much of an online geek then as I am now, or.. well probably more back then now that I come to think of it. But it wasn’t the internet. It was local dial-up Bulletin Board Systems.. They had games, chat rooms, forums, very basic but very cool for the time.

    I met Lisa, my wife, on a BBS called “Translucent Reality.” How very fitting. We played exactly the same BBS games, we were sort of equally lonely, sort of both felt alienated from society (yet I was 17, about to go into Sr Year, and she was 21)… Yet, despite the age difference, we had so much in common, and there was a spark. We didn’t physically meet for a month and a half or so! I met the woman who I undoubtedly consider my soul mate, on a silly local BBS, on a ASCII character/text based game called Baron Realms Elite, among a couple others like “legend of the red dragon,” “Usurper,” I could go on but that’s not the important part.

    My life is connected by a series of strange synchronicities, and they increase as time goes on. The more I reflect on the sequence of certain events, the more I’m kinda convinced there was a sort of destiny to much of it.

    Aha, I’ve veered off fairly far off track, but I figured I’d share some of that.


  70. mysticmuse Says:

    Hey Gatekeeper Guy….

    Wow….yer back! I’ve missed chatting with you, ole buddy.

    Yes, all this is very strange and cool and destiny furr shurr.

    The hows and whys are just not ours to figure. It just IZ.
    I remember years years years ago, on an excellent and
    at that time very clean, substance, my expanded brain
    just kept going… it’s the Is-ness…..the IS-NESS of it all.

    I have no idea, no plan at all as far as Zen and Mystic.
    We may run off together, and live happily ever after on
    pluto…..or we may never meet on this plane.

    It just isn’t there yet, to that place in the road,
    and I for one am enjoying it so much, I am leary
    of changing one thing, for fear of
    chasing off the magic…
    …..even tho my other sides want more.

    We shall see …
    But YES, we are So Sympatico, in sync,
    on the same path,
    and it is so precious to meet that Anywhere.
    I think we have fallen in Love with eachothers Spirit.

    Now with you, I recognized your remarkable mind
    right off, but we have grown to grok eachother, and
    to Trust Eachother, which is again, very precious,
    and rare, and rarer still, in this particular lifetime.
    Sad but true.
    It’s a strange and sad world out there, but feeling
    cozy and safe with two great guys, well what can
    I say. We appreciate eachother.
    Makes the days a little lighter in all ways.

    I believe in synchronicity, and I also believe that
    it is an indication of something…..something like
    a little pat on the head from the universe,
    while it whispers in your ear….
    …” good….good work…..you’re getting it!”

    Peace always Peace………………..MM

  71. mysticmuse Says:


    WHY are you gone ?

    Full Moon has me howling.

  72. Zen Twist Says:

    Wow woman calm thy self! It would seem this moon has a few people howling not sure why. Strange! something is amiss!

    I journeyed far and wide to gather wondrous things for my hoard, sadly I left at a time that seemed to call to many’s inner desires, alas…….. MY Bad!

    I will write more when I awake my love I have traveled far and my eyes a weary, sleep beckons to my earthly needs. A kiss upon your lips and and a smack upon thy cheeks,, I bid thee ado until the morrow…………



  73. mysticmuse Says:

    Wow back to you, my little traveler…!
    I could not sleep, and at last gave in to this well-lit night.
    Had a feelin…. checked in, and….
    And here you are!

    Sleep well, dream deeply, awaken joyous.

    A kiss on both heads……………….MM

  74. Zen Twist Says:

    Oh but you bring a warm smile to my face and other regions that was cute funny and sexy all wrapped in one thank you, I have been working my ass off for it is the time and this is the first time I have sat down at my comp to see or do anything wow is it already thurs\fri shit!

    How are you my love, my sexy Lil Diva Muse? You were right about that moon! In fact what the hell was going on in the planets woman were coming on to me right and left it was crazy! And to think no time to play at those moments but great fantasy’s! Yumm! Anyway how did you spend your night suring that time besides howling at the moon?!

    Peace loved one Until next time to write

    Your Hot and Horny Twisted Boyfriend


  75. mysticmuse Says:

    Dearest Zen…

    OK…the hot and twisted horny got my attention.
    Glad to hear it. Wish I was there…..

    I can tell by your run-on sentences that you are
    literally running, and I am happy that you found the
    time to write me….. you are GONE so much of the
    time !!
    Know what I think? I think you like being gone, because
    everyone Wants You.
    Everyone wants you wherever
    you’re gone to, and….
    Everyone wants you when you get back.
    How Clever of you!

    It is not lost on me, But…..it would be nice to hear
    from you more often.
    That being said, I’m off for now, but will get back to you
    when I have time, and some creative thoughts….

    Yes, it was a hard and heavy moon, and I will share
    things with you about that too…..

    Your sweet and sassy woman………………..
    (aka Mystic Twisted Muse)


  76. mysticmuse Says:

    hey Twisted Horn…..

    Know what I want?
    I want a date.
    With you….

    Please write back
    with a day and time,
    and I will reply.

    Love………………… ***MM***

  77. mysticmuse Says:

    Dear One…

    This moon was indeed a special and most intense one.
    It was in Aries, signaling the beginning of the Inward Phase
    Of winter, just as Aries Sun signals the beginning of spring.
    It is also called the Harvest Moon, for obvious reasons.
    It’s a Strong One!
    Depending on where your Personal Moon is, it can really
    affect you, especially because Aries is so Impulsive and
    Reactive. And Sexy.
    So where’s your moon, besides yer pants?

    Mine’s in Libra (all about balance and relationships),
    the opposite of Aries, and so the effect is
    Big on me….opposites are strong tensions, attractions and lessons.
    (our souls are attracted to growth)

    Ok, enough of Astro-class. I do love the esoteric, but
    I am a girl with feet on the earth, and so I have also been
    in the cycle of Harvest time.
    I was INSPIRED in my garden, and wrote the poem,

    >>> Picking Prickly Cucumbers<<<>2012….Prophesies from the Heart<< ……with some guy named by native elders……Drunvelo Melchizedek
    He’s white, looks like David Carradine…………. (poor David),
    and IS an Angelic Messinger for these times. He’s the Real Thing.

    You would really enjoy it…. Both you and Gatekeeper….
    But sometimes I just can’t wait,
    and other times I feel the need to prepare.
    It’s getting close now, and big things are coming.

    I’m very interested to talk with you about the coming times….
    With you, and with Gatekeeper…..
    He’s a cosmic Soul, and I wonder what is Our Path, our work here….
    I want to co=ordinate with both of you…

    ….I wait for your response…..

    Love, Peace, and lots of the color Purple……your ***MysticMuse***

  78. mysticmuse Says:

    hey, re=reading the above, there was a lost sentence….

    >>>Picking Prickly Cucumbers<<< the poem I wrote…

    I just saw an excellent film entitled:
    and then the rest is fine.

    sorry, don't know how this happened, but it
    could be a bit confusing if you didn't know….


  79. mysticmuse Says:

    I just re-read the above, and there is a Sentence missing….

    ‘I wrote the poem…
    >>>PICKING PRICKLY CUCUMBERS<<>2012 Prophecies from the Heart<<

    and then it's fine again….

    sorry….no idea why this happened….


  80. mysticmuse Says:


  81. mysticmuse Says:

    ADD IT….

    I wrote the poem….
    Have you read it yet?

    I just saw an excellent film….2012…blah blah
    the rest is fine.

    sorry…..don't know how this happened.


  82. mysticmuse Says:

    I wrote the above, because I have tried twice, unsuccessfully,
    to amend my last posting, and yet my message never showed.

    I’m trying again, to say….
    There was a sentence left out….somehow.

    It made the reading sorta weird.

    after ” i wrote a poem……PICKING PRICKLY CUCUMBERS”
    then i wrote “Did you read it yet?………
    also….. I saw an excellent film, called
    2012 Prophecies from the Heart……”

    blah blah blah….

    hope that helps, and hope this gets printed this time.


  83. mysticmuse Says:

    Hey Z and G…

    Now I get it! I was edited. Hmmmmmm…


  84. Zen Twist Says:

    It wasn’t me M. Never edit other peoples work…… Well once I spell checked Gatekeeper. But only once.

    Answer to your question is Cap with Aries moon Sag rising. It was very powerful and intense man I love that stuff. Anyway cool short Doc called The Awakening Universe very cool… got to go but didn’t want to leave you hangin with somebody touched my stuff. Thats like walking in your bedroom and borrowing some of your underwear…………Ok I might look but I wouldn’t take em.
    Hey and whats this reference about my moon being in my pants? So you think im a sexual being? ……… I guess that was a stupid question.

    Peace and sweet dreams lover


  85. mysticmuse Says:

    Hey Zennie…..

    Well, I certainly HOPE yer moon is in yer pants…..if it isn’t,
    we may be looking at some problems.
    You? SEX? (I saw yer head flash when you saw that word)…
    naaa….not the cosmic Zen.

    I will check out that cool short doc you mentioned….
    more talk on the Gmail circuit.

    Moons again….gee whiz…..our moons are opposites….
    the Moon is your inner child, your emotional self.
    Aries and Libra moons would have a certain magnetism
    going on….hmmmm. We deal with the same issues, but
    from opposite directions…..
    Aries “I AM” pure outpouring being
    Libra “I BALANCE” always weighing equalities and
    seeking balance.
    Que interestante, no?

    And Sag rising? Me too, believe it or not.
    We hide behind the same mask. Warm and social,
    love to ‘discuss/argue’, philosophical, broad minded.
    The ‘glowing embers’ Fire sign.

    Ain’t we Cosmic, or what?

    Yer LadyLove …………………**MM**

  86. gatekeeper Says:

    FYI – I did not nor do I edit posts except for to correct spelling or grammatical errors of posts, but never, ever comments unless I’m deleting spam posts from bots and what not. Not sure what happened!

  87. mysticmuse Says:

    Thanks you guys….something in the ethers didn’t want me
    to post some of the things I said….
    I shall think about that!
    Anywayzzz…thanks for responding to my perplexities,
    and thanks for enabling free speech!!

    love and kisses…………………***MM***

  88. Zen Twist Says:

    Hey M quick shout out to you! Wingin it on a keyboard that has no letters anymore… Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY SMOOCHES


    Mexican keys a little different

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