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Ieee Knooow Nuuthiinnng! Battle Cry of the Young!

Its was a wonderful weekend and lots of family on that glorious Labor Day weekend! I wonder just whom came up with it?! Sounds like one of those stimulate the economy holidays that we seem to have so many of!

I love it, like Cinco De Mayo! What a joke,  America celebrates a holiday that Mexicans sort of just don’t. Supposedly it started here in the U.S. Amongst heavier Mexican areas. Yet its like some unknown force said lets give them a day of their own. What did Vincente Fox called over here and said! ” Hey I got a great suggestion! Why don’t you celebrate are you ready? Its a very catchy phrase, Cinco De Mayo.

OK! Class anyone know what it actually means, and what it stands for??….Just why are we celebrating it anyway?!….. Yeah you the Kid with the nose rings and tattoos!

It was the battle of Puebla in 1862. The French when they still had balls,were eager to expand their empire using a debt issue that Mexico had incurred,  borrowing money to help a ruined national economy, and financing several different wars!  ( Sound freaking familiar?? ) Both the American war form (1846-1848) and Mexican Civil War ( 1858 ) which both preceded a bloody war with Spain that eventually gained Mexicos independence in 1821


Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian
Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian

During this period of struggle Mexico had accumulated        heavy debts with other nations such as Spain and England  who were also demanding repayment. When Mexico stopped making payments , France took action on its own to install Napoleon III’s relative, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, .

Realizing France’s intent of empire expansion, Spain and England withdrew their support.

Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza

Map showing Veracruz, site of the French invasion


invaded at the gulf coast of Mexico along the state of Veracruz and      began to March toward Mexico City a distance today of less than    600 miles.

Although American President Abraham Lincoln was sympathetic to Mexico’s cause, for which he is honored in Mexico, the U.S. was involved in its own Civil War at the time and was unable to provide any direct assistance.

Mexico Confronts The Invasion

Marching on toward Mexico City, the French army encountered strong resistance     near Puebla at the Mexican forts of Loreto and Guadalupe. Lead by  Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, a smaller, poorly armed militia estimated at 4,500 men were able to stop and defeat a well outfitted French army of 6,500 soldiers, which stopped the invasion of the country.

The victory was a glorious moment for Mexican patriots, which at the time helped to develop a needed sense of national unity, and is the cause for the historical date’s celebration.Unfortunately, the victory was short lived. Pay attention here! Upon hearing the bad news, Napoleon III had found an excuse to send more troops overseas to try and invade Mexico again, even against the wishes of the French populace. 30,000 more troops and a full year later, the French were eventually able to depose the Mexican army, take over Mexico City and install Maximilian as the ruler of Mexico.

Wow! dude that was awesome, to think a guy like you knows history, see can’t judge em bye their looks can you?

How many caught the whole Nations lending, economy sucking,war depleting, egos getting in the way……………..?

Hey quick note here,

Maximilian’s rule of Mexico was also short lived though only, from 1864 to 1867. With the American Civil War finally over, the U.S. began to provide more political and military assistance to Mexico to expel the French, after which Maximilian was executed by the Mexicans ( THAT HAD TO HURT???!!!! ) ( DO YOU THINK HE WAS A LITTLE BUMMED AT NAPOLEON FOR SENDING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?? ) His bullet riddled shirt is kept at the museum at Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. Talk about pissed and making a point to everyone else!

So despite the eventual French invasion of Mexico City, Cinco de Mayo honors the bravery and victory of General Zaragoza’s smaller, out numbered militia at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

So this is a holiday that really is not even celebrated widely in  Mexico itself. Although it signifies unity for the Mexican culture, it was short lived, and when does America celebrate other countries Holidays?

Oh I forgot ST Patricks Day!

Now don’t get this wrong cus someone out their can quickly take this as a racist point of view! It is not. The point here is this what we celebrate here is far from the original, here’s an interesting fact St Patrick’s Color is blue not green.The three leaf clover was supposedly used by ST Patrick to teach people of the Holy Trinity. And ST. Patrick was?????????????? English…. Oooooooo!

In modern-day Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has traditionally been a religious occasion. In fact, up until the 1970s, Irish laws mandated that pubs be closed on March 17. Beginning in 1995, however, the Irish government began a national campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to drive tourism and showcase Ireland to the rest of the world. ( READ CLOSELY MOOOOOOOONEYYYYYYYYY ) Last year, close to one million people took part in Ireland ‘s St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, a multi-day celebration featuring parades, concerts, outdoor theater productions, and fireworks shows.

Point glad you asked! Really I’m talking about our education system I was never taught any of this stuff in any school I ever attended. If I was it was not even close to the truth.History just keeps being rewritten

Honestly these days it really can be embarrassing to be an American, we used to be leaders of so many things now we lead in Greed and War! What wonderful things to be associated with. We suck at environment, and health care, while corporations farm out millions work\ jobs to foreign countries, crippling our own workers\economy to the brink of bankruptcy and foreclosures for millions of basically now indebted slaves.

So here is where I stop and let you chew on those thoughts for awhile. Just because you can’t see it or prove it doesn’t mean its not real, There are small groups of people within our education system, who have the power and control over what is read and taught don’t think that education is randomly chosen by an individual teacher their hands were tied their mouths were gagged, from the moment they entered the system.

Another day passes, yet who, seems to notice?

Peace and safe goings



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  1. mysticmuse Says:

    You know, I never liked history when I was young and in school.
    It always seemed very boring, dry, dead I guess.

    Later, when I had met some people who loved history,
    and they had told me stories that were exciting and
    alive, I realized that it wasn’t history that I hated…
    it was those stupid teachers!

    Usually they were men (sorry!), and they seldom smiled,
    were very strict, and everything was about memorization.

    Knowing people who Loved history helped.
    They told me stories that were alive, and that related
    to me in the present.
    A whole world opened up to me.

    So Zen, this is a beautiful presentation!
    I love the Colors ….so Mexican!
    … and the liveliness
    with which you do the telling
    kept me there.

    Thanks! for the history lesson.

    With Much Fondness……………….MysticMuse

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