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Take a Good Look

I am reminded from time to time just why I started this blog site to begin with. Speaking my mind, and I have always been good at that! My first inspiration for looking for  the truth although in its fledgling state came from my senior political science teacher Jerry! We called him Teenhh! Because when he laughed, his tongue sort of stuck to the rough of his mouth thus producing the pronounced Teenhh!!

Anyways! His words struck deep into my very core when he said! ” I am going to teach you how to read between the lines! How to decipher what is really going on and what is bullshit ” I like it when a teacher is not afraid to use expletives!

So why do I bring this all up? Well I am on another journey, and as I travel across this once great nation, (If it ever really was remember thats just what we’ve been told ! ) I was passing through a town when I came bye a mall, and I saw a new bank. I was absolutely taken back bye the name, Guarantee Bank! I am not kidding. So curious was I it took everything not for me to stop and walk in and ask, Hey! What makes you so great?! And just what do you guarantee! The name brings rumblings in my gut and shows the desperation of an organizations attempt at restoring faith, to a broken nation while meanwhile continuing to farm out more and more business across the Atlantic and Pacific, Why are not the American people infuriated bye this! I come from a time when we stood up and showed how pissed off we were. The only people with balls who had enough, was the Mexicans!

I watched a video the other day that some nut sent me about how the Muslims are taking over the world bye basically screwing, and having more babies than the rest of the world, obviously created bye one church or another, seriously racist in it´s proclaimed content Though slightly amusing in one of it´s facts that based percentile births per country when it came to the USA we qualified for Muslim take over except when you added the Mexicans birth rate it put us over the safe margin!

OMG!!!!……….. Too freaking funny. I really want to talk to one of these religious Zealots! Ohhh wait I already did! Yeah I remember when a good girlfriend of mine asked me years ago to go with her and attend a meeting at of all places Dennys! She just wanted me there for moral support so for the first hour I just listened to this guy ramble on, quietly supported bye what I could only figure was his mentor: long and short it was a predictable diatribe followed bye lots of shame and fear and very animated gestures all to scare the crap out of someone.

When he though this piece was convincingly finished, he finally shut up! except really he didn’t  for anytime he, disagreed, with anything she had to say he would rudely interrupt. Until I had enough I calmly explained to him there are many different ways to see God and the god that I had was loving not punishing, I don´t go around trying to change peoples beliefs! maybe just their perceptions a little. Well I bet even you can see where this was headed?! I mean even his mentor nodded from time to time in agreement with me this poor guy became enraged, I thought to myself what does it matter to you what I choose to believe? Yet, is this not the state of the world as a whole?

I thought this guys heads was going to rupture into many pieces! his lack of understanding or the unwillingness to accept another persons reality  was ruining his whole image of himself, that he could not convince me through so many different tactics. He saw this as failure..

My friend and I finally had enough said our goodbyes  and made our way out to the parking lot soon to find ourselves in each others arms and  explore God in all his lovingness. As we headed to the car we had been exchanging our views of the whole experience, when she  said the weirdest thing of all was during the whole thing he kept putting his hand on her leg and trying to feel her up…….

Peaceful Loving From Mexico



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