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Tiger Hunting!

Why I choose to write about this, is not for spotlight or fame! Unlike most, I sat in anguish for Tiger. My mind raced with horrible visions of his wife and kids being dragged through the quagmire of mucky shit. All the lies and bull, that they will have to endure, from so many, who will heap, upon the the pile, while fired by contemptuous jealousy! Snorting hordes, of greedy, greasy, slim ball’s, whom have been waiting, stalking patiently, to take the Tiger down. I bet their palms filled with sweat, and their hearts raced, with anticipation, on the very verge of climatic orgasm! My God! I get to slay a dragon! More like cook him to a crisp! I can hear them saying it! I truly think they are a sad society of men and women, who think nothing of destroying another’s life, under the guise of smart reporting, yet fueled by the profit and sensationalism, they will achieve! Shame! Shame! Shame! on you All!!!!!!!!!

I say this not because I think Tiger is such a great person. I don’t even know him.It is not because I believe in infidelity, anymore, than I believe in monogamy! The point is I don’t think it is anyone’s else’s business, period. How someone chooses, to live their life, is a very personnel thing! Who am I to judge?! How does this affect me in my daily affairs? I mean will it affect whether I purchase, another Gillette Razor??!! Oh my God I can’t put this own my face! I mean it’s probably been near one of those bitch home wreckers vagina’s! Honestly?! I really Don’t care!

I don’t care that he is in the spotlight. I don’t care if he made bad choices! I don’t have to live with them he does! I don’t care, if he does it sideways, backwards, or forwards, I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know how he feels or what he thinks! And honestly I’ve never needed to know these things! I don’t even have that desire to want too!

I’ve never said to my child hey see that guy Tiger?! I want you to be just like him! It makes me wonder, do people say that? And just what does that mean? The longer I am around, the more I hate what TV has become. It creates phony people, out of good people. Shows phony worlds, and phony ideals, try’s to get me, to compare my life, to it! Where are these bullshit values coming from anyway? And who wants them to be there? Does anyone think God has his own television show? I don’t think God has time to watch, and neither do I!

Whores and sluts! To all of you who teach, and promote, false values! That willingly incriminate others, for pleasure and profit! Yes! I said Pleasure! For surely one doesn’t do it, because they feel it is their moral duty?! That it is an obligation to the public?! Public Service with a price tag?! I’ll take public incrimination, bye humiliation for 100,000 Bob! How convenient! Hah! Your all full of shit I’m sure that’s what Jesus would have said or probably did say that day! The famous! He who has no sin, cast the first stone! “ He who never shits, chuck the first turd. is definitely more like it!

Whether Jesus did or didn’t exist, is not up for debate here! Just in case you zealots, have been itching, for me to cross that road! What is up for discussion issss?!……… Thaaaaaaaaaat!………… Isss! The point! That Quote! Puts it in it’s proper perspective! So…….The real question is?! Why? Why is it so important to reveal how another person lives their life? Or more to the point when “ WE “ Think they fuck up?! To expose their secrets?! To embarrass them on a national, no! Global level.

No one knows for sure, what their arrangement was, and we shouldn’t. We all have that natural curious interest, yet I am tired and bored, even embarrassed for those who ran with it! Spewed useless information, to the mass media. The great tattle taler’s! Oh please tell me more????!!!!!! Irrelevant journalism, at its finest! Well! I refuse to watch, or listen. I actually never listened to any of it.

OK! Almost none, but seriously, it was hard to escape, it was literally on everything and  every program, everywhere ! There was no peace, I mean this had coverage like the Iraq War, and it was just as meaningless, made me wonder what else was really going on, in the world that, our view was being distracted, by such debauchery!

I was in a restaurant, which had a bar, the screen was across the room, silent. I saw Tigers face, I could barely read, but it was obvious soon, that it was not about golf, the wife is never shown after a game! Not a still picture anyway. This eerie sick feeling came over me. Honestly?! I am annoyed by beat writers, I have experiences that are hard and painful, rarely is the truth reported anymore, on any level, whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, 911, or the stories more local in yours and, my area! They want a story! The trick word here is! “ Embellish! “ Can you say that kids?

Its like the whole world has been turned into one giant reality tv show. Where we get to judge, criticize, peek into, invade, hey look Tiger leaves track marks in his underwear! Oh God! This is so sad!

What has happened to us, to the world? these things are meaningless, mindless drivel, selfish, pointless acts, of an offending nature! They offend my, sense of integrity, kindness and spiritual focus and purpose! They invade, my being, like some alien virus, attacking, my altruistic self!

We live in a era where lies are really sold as truth, it doesn’t even matter anymore, News! Imitates Reality?!………………… More like Reality TV! That’s crazy! Bottom line is? What does that say about the rest of the world, if this is where things, have really gone? Is this crap just turning everyone, into over bloated, hypocritical, pompous, judgmental asses??!!! Get a Life! Please?!

Like I said, I refuse to watch, to participate, to gloat or judge. Because again who am I to say anything about anyone, I don’t even know? Someone I’ve only seen on TV who seems to really hit the shit out of a Golf ball! The only thing I know out of this is?! He’s human just like me, and the rest of the world, we all have our greatness and we all have weakness and I’m not going to participate, in what to me is a feeding frenzy!

Again! Shame! Shame! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truly peaceful wishes and stay real and true to yourself!!!



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  1. mysticmuse Says:

    Well Well….the angry Zen man is back! Yeaaayyy…

    And this is his online woman, MysticMuse, congratulating him on
    his essay on Catch a Tiger by the Tail…! Literally….

    Yes, Tiger is indeed human, with human frailties, and can you
    imagine the women that throw themselves at him?
    (I guess we don’t have to imagine, do we…)
    Cute, multi-racial, Rich, and did I say Cute? This poor guy
    obviously was not properly prepared for the life, and its options,
    that he was leading.
    When you’re at that level, something kicks in that says…
    ‘I can have it all, and I deserve it!’.
    Well, guess what….not so. There indeed are rules, and just like
    in other realities, on this plane of existence anyway, where there’s
    up there’s down….hot there’s cold, in and out….oooops, heh heh…
    ad infinitum.

    The problem is not Tiger, and his delusions of grandeur.
    Come on, he’s young, and I guess he had to learn the hard way.

    The Problem, as Zen so abundantly provided, is This Culture.
    I still cannot figure it out.
    I see us…>US<…as a teenage nation.
    Young, cocky, stupid, arrogant, and refusing to learn from our
    elders, or even admit they might know something.
    But there's more….

    Zen hit on that Reality TV thing, and I think that whole syndrome
    is something terrible sick, and indicative of how empty the average
    person's life feels to them.
    Somehow, TV in particular, but media in general, has made them
    feel lacking. I mean,
    if our lives aren't filled with constant sex, car chases, life threatening
    situations and amazing finishes, death defying challenges and heart
    wrenching decisions….well we just aren't doing something right.

    We as a nation, are hooked on inner chemistry. Yah, that's right,
    we're all junkies, lookin to our next fix of adrenoline, testosterone,
    hormone highs (and let's not forget sugar and caffeine.)

    And speaking of sugar and such, they've got us all on god knows
    how many chemicals that most of our foods are laced with.
    Me..? I do my best to eat organically, and make food from
    scratch, even raise my own vegetables, but even then, I hear
    we're all high on drugs from the very water, cause all those
    druggies that the pharmagods have reeled in, are peeing away
    stuff that I refuse to buy (literally) in to, but is impossible to filter
    out of our water…! Horrific!!!!

    I mean, I'm still trying to figure out what's in the gravey that they
    put on my cat's canned food….he's completely hooked, cannot live
    without it, and is pissed enough to yell at me and swat my leg,
    if he doesn't get it.
    What the heck…..even our animals?
    Have the Pharmaceudimaniacs got us all???
    Do they Win???

    So….if 'we' don't feel good about ourselves and our life…
    ….if our lives are so mundane, habitual, buying in to the lies
    of 'civilisation' and conformity (Ruled by FEAR)…and the iconic
    characters that are all over TV and the average film…(don't get
    me wrong….I Love Film….there are so many Good ones!)
    ……if we are so hooked on our 'highs' in whatever form, that
    it and it only, makes our life worth living…
    ……if inner chemistry (which is emotion…our brain creates it)
    is just another high that we crave….

    then next step….?
    We all become some sort of Vampire, living
    vicariously off of others, their Highs and their Lows…
    in order to get our inner chemistry hits…
    And Yes…a Feeding Frenzy, Absolutely.

    god, I'm depressing myself.
    Listen….the only answer is to live life to its fullest.
    If we are truly alive, awake, conscious, and in the present,
    what spell, what power, do tabloidal and sensational
    nonsenses hold?
    If we are living each day anew, with the exquisite anticipation
    that anything….just Anything….might happen, and likely will….
    that's all the thrill I need.
    Life is pretty darned thrilling if you Jump and Trust.
    Buddism goes for the middle ground….a peaceful place that
    has less highs, but less lows as well.
    I sorta like the highs, but I do acknowledge a milder ride
    is not only more pleasant, but
    also more productive…..( less recovery time?)

    Yes Zen…..Stay Real, be True to Yourself and, as a really
    cool guy once said…..BE HERE NOW.

    Peace, Love, Brown Rice and Someone to Love…..

    ps…………..see? you can do both.

  2. mysticmuse Says:

    Hi guys…
    I just posted a really nice piece of writing, and I see no sign
    of it….
    Is this possible, to disappear it?
    I’m a little bummed…..hope not…

  3. mysticmuse Says:

    The angry Zen man is back…..yeaaayyyy…

    And this is Zen’s on line woman, Mystic Muse, checking in on his essay …
    Catch a Tiger by the Tail…..literally!

    I have Once Again learned my lesson re: Back it UP!!
    I lost my first writing last nite (damn, it was good), and I sure hope this one works as well…..
    Anywayz, I’ma gonna try.

    Poor Tiger….but it really isn’t about him at all, is it?
    He obviously wasn’t prepared for the life he’s leading now…..I mean,
    he’s cute, smart, Rich, multiracial, and did I say Cute?
    Can you imagine the women who throw themselves at him every day?
    And there’s something there in him that says……
    ‘I want it, I deserve it….so I can have it. ‘

    Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.
    Reality in this plane of existence has a way of slamming it back at you.
    these days it’s been called Instant Kharma……..up and down,
    rich and poor, more and less, black and white, …
    ..in and out……(ooops….sorry….)

    No, it’s really all about this Culture, which I still haven’t quite
    figured out.
    I have seen it as a Teenager for a while…..self absorbed, oblivious, arrogant, rude, and refusing to look at our elders’ viewpoint,
    or even admit that there might be another better,
    more appropriate way.
    But now I’m seeing it as a culture of Addicts. Yes…

    We are all addicted to our inner chemistry, that’s a given……
    Adrenaline, Testosterone, the chemicals with and without names,
    (they call them the catch-all hormones) released by our brains,
    with all the Emotions that we constantly endure.
    Our brain remembers these chemical cocktails, and we can sneak
    a little Hit now and then, just Thinking about something emotional.

    OK…..now cross that with our recent culture that pushes us to believe sameness is good, safe is good, scarey is everywhere, so stay home,
    be good little ants, predictable, all be it borin,g is being a
    good little citizen.
    If you do break out, do it quietly, sneak around, and lie lie lie, while virtuously pointing the finger somewhere else….( the GOP, anyone?)
    And get your kicks on TV….with our spoon-fed 1984 Orwellian Life.

    Incidently, if you have a chance, watch 1984….it’s a dated movie, simplistic at best, but you will be shocked…..
    …..wall sized TVs with big faces telling you what to believe,
    Reminding you to take your pills….
    ……drug police, there to be sure you do….wow.

    We (and I’m talking bout the everyman in this country) live
    vicariously through these Reality shows that have become life
    for millions.
    These provide us with our craved hits of chemicals….emotions
    are just chemical cocktails produced by our brain, remember……
    And let’s not forget sugar, corn syrup, and caffeine, oh ya..

    Speaking of sugar, we are also addicted to all the chemical additives
    in pretty much every prepared thing in the store. The plastic
    packaging leaches chemicals that act as synthetic hormones in the body….. I mean, even my cat is hooked on whatever is in
    the gravey that the canned meat comes in…and he freaks out,
    yells at me and bats my leg, if he doesn’t get it……geeees….
    …even our animals?
    And now, the very water we drink is filled with all the drugs
    peed out by everyone who is now on drugs….. which is almost
    everyone, thank you Pharmacreaps.
    So even little me, who refuses to even visit the doctor, who proudly
    is on Nothing except Life, even little me is now high on Prozac,
    Xanax, Paxil, can’t think of all those chems with Zs and Xs and Vs….
    …..ever notice? (Makes ‘em sound so much more sexy! the latest
    one has all three!)
    Seems there is no way to filter them out!
    Uppers, downers, mood enhancers, penis lifters…..we’ll become a
    society of numbed out zombies with hard ons.

    TV has convinced us that if we aren’t living a life full of sex, thrills,
    car chases, quick getaways, glamorous dining and emotional hashing,
    then we just don’t have a life.
    But, we are supposed to be good and stay home and keep busy…..
    So….. we get our dose with….Reality TV.
    No Risk, No Pain, (no gain), just lots of
    Chemicals going off, convincing us we’re alive.

    So ….. Now we’ve become Energy Vampires, living off of
    other people’s highs and lows, because we’ve traded in real life
    for fabricated spoon fed fantasy in our own home.

    So of course there’s a Feeding Frenzy…!! The Hero Falls.
    Oh no, he’s Human, and Sexual too…(that’s bad, right?)
    So he gets it all, and then we get to stone him.
    And we all get High…..
    What century is this again??

    So yes, it’s just as Zen says….refuse to participate, even in your mind.
    Stay Real, be True to Yourself…… Be Here Now, and…..I might add….

    Peace, Love, Brown Rice and Someone to Love….


    ps…..see Z….you can do it all !!

  4. mysticmuse Says:

    Hello my Darling Zen….

    So, I’ve read a couple really excellent responses to this
    Tiger MegaMess….and thought I’d share….

    First is by Jaimie Lee Curtis, and deals with all the
    disgusting media mania…


    and the second has a really interesting slant on it, from a
    woman’s point of view….. expanding on what I said about
    how many women throw themselves at him.
    Esp now, when they’re all clammoring to have their names
    in the news, next to his….. YUK!
    entitled Preditor or Prey….?


    Good Thoughts…



  5. mysticmuse Says:

    Merry Holidays, Happy Christmas, Good God it’s nearly 2010!!!
    Just wanted to check in on my fav blog, and wish you both
    wonderful days, delightful nights, yummy repast and loving
    company, on these last few days of 2009.
    It sure went fast!
    Here’s to PEACE in the coming year for ALL.

    Gatekeeper!!! Where Are you? I miss you, and hope you’re ok.
    Zen!! as always, sending Love to you thru the mists…


  6. gatekeeper Says:

    Hello MysticMuse!

    Happy New Year to you. My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth. I think my state of mind and motivation has been affected more than I realized by all that has happened, things mentally are coming around though, and I should be posting a new piece soon, though I sure don’t know what about – yet. I have started working on my artwork again after a long hiatus and it feels good to create again. I don’t know why, but in the wake of all the shit in 2009, I found myself in a kind of mire, not necessarily depressed – though as Zen can testify to, I’d had this undercurrent of melancholia that had sorta sapped my motivation.

    His talk with me kinda helped to light a fire under my ass, as I have been thinking about what he said and I’ve been doing a lot of mental house cleaning – but more importantly I think I need to force myself out of the house more, and I have lately, but I really need to do this more. I find that if I don’t it’s easy to allow a day to float by without notice and that’s no way to live.

    Not quite sure why it’s so easy for me to fall into the role of the hermit but it’s something that bothers me about myself so I’m out to change it.

    In fact today I’m gonna go get a big container for my poor goldfish that my mother has been looking after for so long in my small makeshift pond. They really do need a larger home and I have felt bad for them for some time, so today I’m filling up a much larger container for them once I obtain said container for said feed store that my friend and neighbor told me about. Gonna look that up as we speak, and get my lazy un-motivated ass out of the house this beautiful morning!! Oh and it is a very beautiful morning, there was a gorgeous sunrise, golden/red. The sky has been lovely lately.

    I’ll be back soon, promise! And sorry about the shirts… my karma is in debt to you for being such a lazy sad sack and letting that slip through the cracks despite several promises to the contrary. That is shitty of me.


  7. mysticmuse Says:

    Hello dear Gatekeeper!

    It’s very nice to hear from you once more!
    I have missed the balance you bring to this venue,
    and I would guess that Zen has too…

    I do understand reclusiveness, as I have become
    quite reclusive of late.
    I have always done the ‘very out there-very in’ thing,
    and love to just go into my little cave and hide from
    the world, and all its sadness and distress.

    But the last few years, I find I enjoy my own company
    a lot more than many or even most people.
    If that sounds snobby, well so be it.
    It seems like people require so much time and energy,
    and often I feel psychicly drained.
    And so I seek the refreshment of quiet and solitude.

    You and Zen, in very different ways, have become
    good companieros, in a rhelm all our own, and
    I humbly thank you Both for what we’ve shared.

    It is my sincere hope that our threesome may
    continue to flourish and grow,
    no matter the changes.

    Me love you longtime!

    Peace and Love ………….***MM***

  8. bigbabyjesus Says:

    My only thoughts on the tiger woods subject were as follows:

    1. Who cares who Tiger sleeps with
    2. People are just jealous that tiger has more money and gets more pussy than they do.
    3. Get ‘em Tiger

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