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Xrated Zen FMS or F Me Silly, Silly!


I received an Email not long ago from an admirer, who said they wanted to ” Fuck Me Silly!”

Of course being naturally curious, I allowed this to percolate and flow through my entire body, where I upon realized a few important facts!

The most glaring of all is, one should be very careful, with what they wish for. They may not be ready for what can truly, transpire.
I have said many a candid thing, in my day, and I have gotten varied results

I once got slapped, by a woman, after I whispered, in her ear something sexually provocative. Only to have her approach me, two weeks later with this comment, and I quote.

I am so sorry for slapping you, the other day. What you, said, caught me, completely off guard. I was so thoroughly, startled, as well as embarrassed, I just reacted. But you know?! I find I can’t get that vision out of my head. I find myself, very turned on. So, I would really like to try that sometime, with you!

Ahhh!!! Zen what did you say?!!! What did you say??!!

Sorry guys! Some things are just better left, for the imagination!
I will say, that it was a spontaneous, moment, and yet, in all, of my entire life, I have never seen, anybody’s face, flushed, so Red, it was amazing..

………………….The Power of Suggestion!!

Soooo Question is ??!! “Fucked Silly!”

When one is “Fucked Silly!”, what exactly does that mean?
That expression, in itself, brings up, all sorts of images! Some, most amusing, I must say!

I mean when one is, “Fucked Silly!” Does one, have, a persistent drool? Does one of their eye’s, twitch, in undetermined, intervals? Do they have that, sickly smile, stuck, on their face, that makes, another, want to slap, the shit, out of them?
Is one compelled, to do things, out of the ordinary, that they themselves, would normally find, absolutely, truly, ridiculous?

Silly?! Hmmmm!?!?!?!

I must admit, of the many different, ways, in which, I have been fucked, and by no means, am I proclaiming, myself, to be a ” Professional” or an “Ultra Sex God!”
I would say, I am experienced, and nicely polished, and further more, in the “S and M”WorldI am told! I actually have a name!
“Daddy Dom” Most pleasant sounding!
(We will explore this at a later date)

For the statement “Fucked Silly!” I think we should start with a:

Dictionary’s version!

Inflected Form(s): sil·li·er; sil·li·est
Etymology: Middle English sely, silly happy, innocent, pitiable, feeble, from Old English sǣlig, from sǣl happiness; akin to Old High German sālig happy
Date: 14th century

1 archaic : helpless, weak
2 a : rustic, plain b obsolete : lowly in station : humble
3 a : weak in intellect : foolish b : exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment <a very silly mistake> c : trifling, frivolous
4 : being stunned or dazed <scared silly> <knocked me silly>

Silly, in addition to its dictionary definitions, may refer to:

  • Silly, Belgium, a town in Belgium
  • Silly Department, a department or commune of Sissili Province in southern Burkina Faso.
  • Silly (band), an East German rock group from the 1970s
  • Silly (album), the 2008 debut album by Taiwanese singer and songwriter Queen Wei
  • Silly, a fielding position in the sport of Cricket
Well one can see, there is a few to choose from?! The old High Germans version sounds pretty good! Basically meaning to be!

00000000000000Fucked! Happy!0000000000000000

Although, the other German reference, is not very pleasant, it would mean, you were accosted and fucked by an entire German Rock Band, aptly named Silly!!!”

I keep envisioning, a group, of very large, hairy, old, men, with bad teeth, all wearing, Viking helmets, that were just a little too big. All having the first name of Hans! Oh yeah, each sporting, a pint of beer in one hand, and their Shwanstooker in the other!

IInga says, ” Woof!

Quick question:

If one was already happy, which one, could assume, for the most part,  since they were about, to get  fucked, and “Fucked Silly!” at that!
Then In fact, one could, assume, that they may be elated, from that very fact, and since, they were about to get, “Fucked Silly!”
One could, also assume, that they were, beyond “happy!”if not undeniably ecstatic!

Therefore! “happy” Gets thrown out the door, we have moved past happy! Right through ecstatic, into another realm! Lets say, “Euphoric!”

Answer #1 May hold, partial truth. Helpless and weak:

That certainly, could apply. More than once, have I felt. both weak, and helpless, or is that, more like, powerless? when above, below, over, backwards, sideways, to the  pussy!

I can also, remember, at least once, or twice, feeling this way, after being With, someones sister, or daughter, or wife? This condition occurred, in my early youth of course! so don’t get to far out with any Ideas!

But now as I think of it, I just felt like, I was sure to get fucked!
“Zen Translation: In a world of shit With someones brother, or father\husband, and thee occasional Mother!!

#3: Seems to add more, of what one could imagine, themselves, to be!
Although! #2: Does add a bit of food for thought, with the word, Humble!

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hmmm again a moment to ponder.

I think everyone, has been humbled, at least once, in their lives, if, they have had, an active sex life!
Usually, when one loses themselves, within the passion, of a sexual moment, realizes, that Neanderthalic screaming, grunting, groaning, or crying, is none other, than themselves??! Whoa! Shit that was me?!!….

I do remember, once, long ago, when I was 22, being with, this beautiful, lovely, young girl, my first real love! We had just had, some wild sex, in which, she had completely, lost, herself!
She had shouted out, inane profanities, aimed at nothing, or no one, in particular, while all the while, sounding, extremely happy, with God!
So much so, I started looking around the room, thinking surely he must be there!
All the while she carried on like a banshee, urging me on, like the world was going to end, REAL SOON!!!

I myself, was lost in the moment, I did not know, this person, who straddled the floor, on all fours, whilst I carried out her orders, with complete abandon, she was a crazed thorough bred, as I searched, vainly, for a finish line, hanging on, only with impassioned, strength .

We were no longer, human beings, as such, we connected on a level, of true, animalistic, purity!

( You see, animals don’t wonder, if what they, are doing, is wrong, and neither did we! )

Visions of her turning into a werewolf seemed an extreme possibility, yet I stayed fearless, besides, I always wanted to fuck a werewolf!
Girl Werewolf that is! Can’t imagine a guy werewolf, The teeth! and all that hair!….not my thing!!!

Yet, when we were done, and oh, what, a finish it was! She moved, away from me! All the way across the room, , curling herself up in a blanket, upon, the bare, wooden, floor! Silent, distant,

( The humanness had returned! )

At first I was confused, what had happened?! To be so close to someone, only to have them pull away… It was, disconcerting! Did I unknowingly hurt her?!

Are you alright?!…. I asked. A slow nod, of yes, in silence…….She sat still a bit longer, again I asked, did I hurt you?……. No! Gently, she replied!….Again, more silence. I watched, in complete, baffled, curiosity!! What happened??!! I asked, with loving concern! She raised a hand, with one finger, pointed, upward, indicating, to give her, a moment, or two.

When she was ready, she spoke in a soft, yet, earnest voice.

You did nothing wrong, that was just very intense, and I find myself feeling, very vulnerable, I really let you, deep, inside of me, how I reacted, has never, happened before. So, I am taking a moment, to take it all, in. This is, a new experience, for me, so honestly, I don’t know just how to react!

Not sure, just what I am feeling..Completely!...………. Scared?!..Confused?!Embarrassed?! Elated!….
Happy!.. I know that I never would have thought, that that! could have been me on the floor just now?!?!?!.Intense, certainly comes to mind!…..and my mind is a slight bit blown...

I thought to myself, Is this what they mean by,The Naked Truth?

Interesting for in some ways she never did recover from that experience! To young? To soon?
Or?! May be more like!…….STAR TRACK SYNDROME!!”
I went, where no man, had gone before! And for her, too far!! Too far beyond, her own understanding!

We lasted a while longer, in fact another year, yet she most definitely pulled back, from that deepness,.  Probably better for me anyway, I don’t think my knees, or my physic, could take too much of that, Who the hell was she talking to anyway!!

Like Jack Nicholson said,“You can’t handle the Truth!”

Moving on: Before getting to #s 3 and 4, I will say that if being ” Fucked Silly!” Applies to a town in Belgium? That would be a feat in itself. To be fucked all the way, into another country, would be awesome, and if possible, save a ton of money in travel fair! As well as the exhaustive lines and checking every orifice just so I can board a plane>>Hey Honey! Where do you feel like “Fucking Silly!” too this year? See all we got to do is get every country to change the name of one town to Silly, and we can Fuck n go anywhere!! LOL………….

OK! So I think the combination of 3 and 4 best suit’s this “Fucked Silly!” inquiry! To refresh your minds:

3 a : weak in intellect : foolish b : exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment <a very silly mistake> c : trifling, frivolous
4 : being stunned or dazed <scared silly> <knocked me silly>

( Check it out! “Knocked me Silly” Well of course, Wikepedia isn’t going to say ( Fucked Me Silly! ) Close though!

First 3a Weak in intellect! Zen translation: Not to “Fucking Smart!” or, a bad lay. could also mean when ones mind, has been weakened, after a good fucking, so it is, one possibility!

3b: Now to my knowledge, men commit, this error, way, before, actually having sex, many a dumb ass, has let, his lower regions, rule his thoughts, in crucial situations. Unfortunately ZenTwist is no exception to this rule`You have to read between the lines on this one.

The word “Lack” Zens Latin translation: Means Penis Interrupti o Homo Erectous..

And by the way you have to think we were doomed, from the beginning when, I’m pretty sure, it was a guy, who just had to choose the word, ” Erect ” When naming the entire human species!!
He could have chosenHomo Standis Upis!instead!

And Finally! #4 This I believe above all truly stands up the best for the true meaning of the word:“Fucked Silly!”

Being stunned or dazed!

Me thinks this best exemplifies the essence of this terminology.

“Not sure, where I am!”……….“What the fuck, just happened?!”.…..“I didn’t know I could feel this way!”, “Blown away!”…….. “Brains fucked out!”………… “What happened to the Gerbil?????????!”….. Momentary bouts, of uncontrollable laughter, also called “Spontaneous Giddiness!” Followed by uncontrolled, whimpering!………….Did you ever have a moment, where you wondered to yourself ” Just Whom, actually, has, possession, of the Dick?”.Better known as, Who’s Fucking, Who?……….Puzzled by the complete, disappearance, of, or shredding, of a condom?? ..And Where did it go anyway? Or! Oh my god! That looks just like grated cheese! No wonder it felt so natural! What do we do now?! Followed by, this wasn’t a very good time, for that! To happen!.….The unexplained high pitched squeals, that seem, to emanate, from your, very own, vocal chords?!..Also known as an Orgasmic Geist!!! ………….When you find yourself, or your  partner, seemingly, crying, and when asked why?? the only reply is “I’m not crying! I’m happy, with tears of joy!

If you’ve experienced any of these things during a, sexual encounter, then you too, have been “Fucked Silly!”

Using Einsteins theory of sexual relativity(“F:S!:”= SxC8p: []*JHP) “Fucked Silly!”=Sex x Cock to the 8th power: squared by juicy Hot Pussy!!

Need I say more, except looking forward to it!

A little more graphic than usual but a lot of fun

Stay true! Stay real! Especially to yourself, no one knows what its all, really about, so don’t think, that you’ve got nothing, to say or contribute! We all count in this tiny Lil world we call Earth and home!



2 Responses to “Xrated Zen FMS or F Me Silly, Silly!”

  1. gatekeeper Says:

    Zen, you have me laughing my ass off. Let’s not get into the etymology of that one, though! LOL

    You have a strange way of writing things, embedding certain phrases or ideas that conjure up memories or are synchronic with something I’ve recently thought or read.

    This one has to do with “Fucked Silly” and the town in germany, and how it would be cool to be actually “fucked to another place.”

    I have been reading about some strange shit, I tell you, including some 1970′s experiments of a new-agey type of collective that actually claims to have used certain methods chemical, scientific, and sexual (I think all of the above at the same time?) to cross over into other dimensions or go out of body for “Remote viewing.”

    Wild, wild shit, and that doesn’t even begin to describe the territory of borderline madness/genius that this particular book conveys.

    Keep up the good work… if your post doesn’t loosen things up in here, it sure as hell shook it up and off axis! HAHA

  2. gatekeeper Says:

    PS a preview for my next foray into writing on ZT.com – I know a major bummer but with some real gems of wisdom, some true history lessons about the denigration of the Moors in America – who I might add settled in the “New World” before white people did, and actually meshed, intermarried, with the native peoples quite well! Sounds like a fairy tale, but it is a story that has gone largely unnoticed in our schools’ history books. In fact, the memory of the Moorish people in America has all but been buried, lost, forgotten, but it is a story that can actually inspire people to buck up against the powers that denigrated and destroyed them – powers, I might add, that still rule us in various forms, ideas, underlying currents, even embedded into popular culture and our very language. A wild story, but I have to figure it out in my skull first.

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