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There has got to be a better way!

`What is real? That is the question! Have those who want to stay in control, perpetuated such fear that once again our focus as a species in its whole sum parts is deterred, from the real point of life? Is there one? For the sake of argument itself lets assume there is!

`Money! the huge security sucking, life stressing, war mongering, life taking, self seeking, material rendering nothing! That’s right I said nothing! Money doesn’t breath, think, act, accuse, destroy! It has no heart beat, no emotion, no religious opinion, or racial bias, except for the moving molecules that make up its mass. Yet without my even saying, you and I all know, what people do, or will do, to have it, earn it, steal it, create it, beg for it, pretend for it, Lie for it!

`Now again I say it is nothing! So why or how has our lives become consumed in having this one thing? Life used to be about, starting in the dark ages for all you Darwinist, Survival of the fittest! Now its survival of the wittiest! Who can fuck you out of your money the quickest. They better sure hope the dinosaurs are not resurrected, those twenty dollar bills are pretty useless against carnivores. Better yet, better hope the whole thing doesn’t collapse, you guys would be the first to go down. Yes I know I’ve trailed, sort of, and yes I did use what some would say was foul, or is it fowl language? But tell me what other word describes what these people did or do best? One has to wonder if these guys weren’t the ones in school getting teased and bullied their whole elementary years and they walk around in such anguish the only pleasure is destroying others’ lives with the flick of a Tongue? I don’t know, a real reptilian creature just popped into my head! The Elders say go for it! Hope I haven’t lost you with an A.D.D. moment.

`The point? Glad you asked! Look, since money was created there have been those who schemed and connived for it. Before that it was that guy down the mountain who was stealing your goats and chickens in the dead of the night. Back then, by the way, you could take that guy out and no one would ask any questions! Personally I like that approach, except in these days it would be utter chaos, where could you draw the line? The real point is that some people just have that thing in their nature. It’s kinda pathological, really, because it takes someone who feels no emotion to not care about others to the point of extreme. What do we do? Well unfortunately, we haven’t arrived just yet to the Star Trek era when money isn’t necessary anymore. Wow, could you imagine the human race adopting a beehive mentality?

`Don’t misunderstand me, because money can do a lot of good. There are people out there doing wondrous things and that’s great. Money is just a motivational tool, it can create and give those the opportunity to add to there lives and their ideas. Maybe the question should be how much is enough? Yet as I started out saying, has our focus been altered from all this financial upheaval? There is still death going on, we are still in 2 wars, our out-going President and Vice President are facing possible war crime charges and stay with me here, that’s serious. These guys got together with lawyers to create legalese arguments so they could break the law. [ The whole defining torture under different rule standards and breaking these guys rights to a fair trial! Including having proper representation] Things so devious that if another country had done these exact same things those guilty would be prosecuted by international court with U.S leading the way.

`While we are here, how many of you were angry instead of glad when the oil prices first started dropping? Is there anything more clear than that to tell you who is running the show? Did you think to yourself they are throwing us a carrot because I will tell you. you could feel everyone’s stress, they took shit too far! Oh man did it again, yet again, I say no other word describes what was happening more than that one.

`Although I try to stay away from politics, this I will say: Bush’s up-coming book should be titled “HOW TO COLLAPSE AN ECONOMY IN JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS AND STILL GET RE-ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM WHILE MAKING ALL YOUR BUDDIES MEGA WEALTHY!.” Had them all fooled, he did! How does a guy have a 20% approval rating get anything done? Republicans hang their heads in shame, the guy couldn’t even get his farewell speech out without a gaffe. Bullshit wasn’t the biggest part of it, people should really realize how uninformed they were. From the beginning I was running around telling people the guy was so not qualified, he had ruined the state of Texas with all his deregulation. Texas was the number one polluted state in America and somehow I think he’s proud of that. [ "At least I was number one in something!" ] What is really scary is, he was the perfect choice to have in office for the war mongers and corporate hogs because he knows nothing, has nothing to contribute, and therefore questioned nothing. He never had a job to speak of, that is what is so eerie! The Perfect Puppet, no experience, had to rely on others read the fine print [ Dick Chaney and associates! ] Although I’m not a Ronald Reagan fan even he thought GW was a “loooserrr,” Jim Carrey style! Don’t believe me? Read his memoirs! No people skills and completely oblivious to 3rd world politics. Never even visited a 3rd world nation till he was in office. My God, America, what the hell were you voting for? His good looks?

`In last night’s farewell speech he still had to lie when he said that we as a nation never did anything to provoke the attacks of 911. Yeah right, and Vietnam just sorta happened all by itself. For once get it right George! That’s what we as a nation are good at! Provoking! Provoking countries to be at war with each other and with us. Chiquita Banana didn’t hire assassins to shoot protesters from helicopters. Standard oil didn’t kill villagers and enslave them to build their oil line across the globe, Shell oil didn’t kill protesters on their platforms the list goes on. think those people aren’t pissed? I would be! So what do you do when nobody is listening or they are killing the ones trying to get the information to the general public?

`Did you ever once wonder to yourself if other nations ever talked amongst themselves about the possibility of going to war against us? And I’m not talking about any Arab Nations. I travel and I will tell you I saw it in their faces Europeans were afraid of us.

`Don’t be Naive and think our country wasn’t disregarding and violating our own as well as United nations [ Which We the United States formed! ] human rights agreements. Which if you don’t know that you are a either a victim of the education cuts or you don’t care! Or you just feel safer being uninformed so as you don’t have to formulate an objective opinion!

`I guess in an ironic twist of fate I sense we should be lucky that we were the leading arms super power that no one could stand up to us. But that just makes me embarassed, its like the huge bully on the street that you know is oh so wrong! Yet he can kick your ass in a heart beat and there is no one to tell him different. Doesn’t make him right, just gives him a false sense of self righteousness. There has got to be a better way!

Peace Zen Twist


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  1. mysticmuse Says:

    hello Zen!
    You know, speaking of money, and oil and greed and oblivious people…..
    have you or Gatekeeper checked out what they are calling the Great Pacific Trash Heap, or something like that…? here’s a URL that sheds
    a little light on the true greed and stupidity of all of us right now:

    Oil = (among other things) Plastics. Completely out of control.
    We talked about toxicity, in water and lots of other things.
    Now let’s talk about what it is doing to the planet.
    What are We going to do about it?
    Recycling is one answer, but how do we get the middle America dolts
    to take it seriously? We start with Me….but then what?
    It seems to me that the only thing that really gets to them is money.
    So somehow it must affect their pocket. And not just paying for it, cause people pay more and more for smoking cigarettes, and they still smoke.

    Should people be fined for not recycling? Like they have to keep their
    own trash, and Deal With It. Like they get money at the dump?

    The Bigger/Biggest question lies with the multi dimensional corps that are at the head of the beast.

    It all just has to STOP. But how, guys, HOW?


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