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Victims\Veterans of War #2


I answered to new person Panic attack PTSD. Been meaning to write a part 2 anyway, so here it is.

Well thank you Panic attack PTSD!

It was a heartfelt piece that I wrote…

I’m glad I could be of any help to you.

One thing I hadn’t mentioned was, I have a Nephew who was there,……………. (IRAQ) and recently just went back.. I failed to mention, that I was also worried for him. Because he, has bought the bullshit..

He became so enraged one night during a Thanksgiving dinner, all because we started dissing, how stupid, Bush really is. ( Heavy Democratic family) And He really is not, a very intelligent man. I think George Senior purposely dropped him on his head, any time anyone was not looking.

My nephew really took this personally. He was so angry he left. I felt bad for him, because nothing of what we said, had anything to do with him, and that concerned me. As well as he really missed some funny shit, Don’t believe me just watch some of the bloopers on Utube.

These kids are brain washed. Just cuz you joined the military service, doesn’t mean you have to agree with the President’s policy’s\Lies. You may be enforcing them and I get, how that just brings up a whole lot of controversy for someone in the middle of a fire fight. I think that also, qualifies one, as a conscientious objector. Yet for someone in the military to accept fact, without research, is already doomed, to being a nonthinking robot.

I love to ask this question. If any of you serviceman\woman were asked to do all of the things that you did over there, to do over here, to your own people, in your own country. Would you do it? Just because someone else gave you an order??  Without question or reason? Could you find a way, to justify, inside your head, the way you find a way over there, if it was against your own people? Because that could be the case one day, if Real Americans, ever wake up one day, and realize how corrupt and devious, our own government has become. And decide enough is enough.

Seriously it has become Taboo to talk of revolution as if that some how that makes you a traitor to your own country. When it is an American freaking right. What bullshit it is, that we now can be rendered down to  ( Pick One ) Commies, Terrorist, Vigilantes, Non Americans, Non-supporters of our troops, Sympathizers, Bleeding heart liberals, Hippies, Guppies, Yuppies…. All because I disagree with my governments policies and refuse to be a mutated, blind smelly crusty SHEEP!

It is my, dare I say it, God Given Right! As an American, by the freedom of speech act! To criticize, scrutinize, and publicize, as well as protest for, my very own beliefs on every and any subject I choose……….. Amen! Amen brother Zen! Amen!

That American Flag, has become just a warm blanket of shit, stuffed with lies, greed, murder, and calculated chaos, which you tuck yourselves into each and every night. How do you sleep so soundly? Amongst the cries and screams, of the dying innocents? I’m not saying there are not bad people out there, Problem is some of them are our own countrymen…

Who doesn’t get, that this is about oil? And control of that oil, and closely following, are the religious zealots, who seem to forget violence begets violence and truly think that we need to control those Arab’s………. before it is too late.. Scary!!!

I recently spoke with another Veteran of this Iraqi War, and its more of the same bullshit… Know what his job was? Escorting, giant empty, corporate trucks, ( Non Military Vehicles…) Back and forth, across the desert, from one base to another. Sometimes one of the trucks, would be loaded with ice, which was insane, because every base had their own means of making it, besides since this was in the day time, can anyone use their imagination??? ( lets see iceeeee and 120 to 130 degrees heat, how much ice do you think made it? ) Oh shiiitt now we gotta go back and get more ice dammit! ) Therefore rendering, that particular journey irrelevant.

This all at a whopping cost, to us tax payers of ??!! ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PER TRUCK… PER TRIP….WTF?

As my boy Zacky said ” I risked my life to protect nothing! If I had died, I would have died for nothing. Guarding those trucks had nothing to do with Honor, or Protecting the Freedom and rights of American People! It had everything to do, with lining the pockets of some greasy fat Pigs, who hide behind the American flag calling themselves Patriots To which I will add while raping and pillaging another country,while charging the great Ole USA a hefty bill… Simply because we have the best weapons, all the while saying that we are bringing peace and good will, to a country that was out of control.

I believe we are out of control, and have lost the ability to see the difference anymore.


Peace and stay strong, and aware… Be fooled not, by the Wolves who clamor at your door, offering soggy wet bandages, to cover your wounds and your pride, of the heartaches, of the losses you have recently endured. For they care not, for you personally, they just have this growing fear, which is creeping up slowly inside them. For instinctively they know, this time, they may have gone to far..



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  1. mysticmuse Says:

    I went to the movies the other night, something I seldom do
    for a number of reasons, the first being financial, as I love
    popcorn with a passion saved only for Sex and Chocolate…

    And goodness knows you could easily buy a months supply
    of the best organic for what it costs for a modest cup of GMO
    with chemicals on top.
    The other is the possibility of crowds, coughing smokers, loud
    and restless children, parents yelling at their kids like they were
    less than dogs….and the like.
    Being forced to mingle with the ignorant hoards is
    something I loathe.
    There I go being an elitist again. So be it.

    However, the offer of a great Sci Fi, plus 3D did me in,
    and I popped for nearly $20….
    oh gosh, I went crazy and got a medium popcorn and a small
    lemony something or other drink….couldn’t afford the Jr Mints…..
    and went on a trip of a lifetime with AVATAR.

    If you haven’t seen it, See it, and at a theater, because the
    vastness of the entire fantasy is not to be seen on a small home
    screen, and the 3D is really well done.

    It is a spiritual story, an Iconic tale of the white man and the
    indigenous, and what it is that the whites do that makes me
    want to get a really good tan.

    The life of these ‘aliens’ is much like our native nations north
    and south, highly developed, connected to eachother, and the
    earth Herself, and also aware and in sinc with the entire
    Energetic Network of all life. Harmony…. Interconnectedness…..
    Love in its highest form.
    Emotions rose, tears threatened, heart swelled. See it.

    This all comes as an intro to my response to Zen’s latest missile,
    because it’s these old bloody white men that are the villains in both stories. It’s my belief that the whites are the aliens on this planet,
    which is why they seek to control, use and destroy life with no
    thought of the morrow, or the consequences to all the rest of the
    beings large and small who reside alongside them.

    Somewhere in that lily white DNA rests an ancient memory of
    other worlds, and changing addresses. Somewhere inside is the
    Primary Directive….. Somehow they really believe everything is
    here for them to Use, and UseUp, that this is their ‘God-Given’
    right, even their Duty.

    I think it may be a left-over from those ancient Gods who mixed
    in their own genes with earth beings, and created these cold and
    deficient hybrids who are raping the entire world.

    I really think they believe God’s coming back and picking them
    up and taking them somewhere else, so what matters here? Oh….oooops…..did I just repeat that lovely story that’s been
    proliferated through time immemorial by that great institution,
    the Christian Church?

    And how bout that latest one, The Rapture….where everyone
    just disappears one day, if they’re on God’s special list….
    Ever read one of those novels…? It’s a series, nauseatingly
    predictable, with a barely high school level of writing style.
    I read the first one…
    In a word….boring.

    oh ya…..and when they go, everything is left on their pillow…..
    their rings, jewelry, everything. Just their little naked bodies
    leave, which must be very embarrassing for them, those
    modest and paranoid little marshmellow people.

    God probably gives them a new and perfect body for free,
    no diet or exercise required.

    So….. to me the military is the consummate level of this attitude,
    carrying a gun.
    And God is on their side.

    Before this wonderful uplifting spiritual film, there was a lengthy
    ad for the Marines, and I nearly got sick, the way it appealed to
    our dear innocent youth, with their longings for heros and bravery.
    It totally glamorized the scene, the guys all square jawed and
    decked out in warrior attire. Ya….kick yer ass….bad!

    I like warrior attire on snowboarders…..
    Athletes….that rocks. Daredevils, defying gravity
    and probabilities, and fighting no one but their own fears
    and physical limitations.

    But how Dare they glamorize war.
    How unethical can you get ?
    Isn’t it bad enough, what really happens over there,
    without building false hopes of glory?

    The lies and distortion that go into gathering the best of
    our young, and sending them off to die for nothing but
    old white men and their greed….. well, we’d need a
    Vomitorium to deal with a true and visceral reaction to
    something so nauseating and UnGodly.

    I find it so ironic that the ones who hide behind the Cross
    and the Flag are the very ones that beat the war drum to
    mow downlittle brown people with strange accents, and
    stand to benefit from the bloody loss.

    But as long as the Bible is the biggest selling book in the
    western world, and is held up as some sort of standard,
    some sort of justification for what
    evil men do, and have done…

    As long as they choose to forget the hope that we’ve made
    some sort of progress in the last few thousand years, and
    learned from our mistakes….
    ……….It will continue.

    As long as Fear and Guilt are used to manipulate our minds
    and hearts…..
    As long as they know how to push all our old and sick buttons,
    and keep the bulk of people so busy just trying to survive,
    they don’t have time to look at reality, much less themselves…
    things will remain the same.

    Hearts must open….. Fear must loose its grip……
    True and ethical leaders must arise, with their priorities in
    the right places. This will take time.

    The change will come, is coming now, and we are part of it.
    Those of us who have the courage to change from
    the Inside out, and share what we know, and walk our talk…..

    We are living that change right now. Yes….we…are!

    Greetings to you, my Friends! I See You.



  2. gatekeeper Says:

    Wow… I’m floored by your comments, MM. Very insightful, cutting deep to the core of the sickness we face. I, too, am disgusted at what my ancestors and my fellow incarnate beings do and have done and will continue to do for profit.

    The change you talk about, I’ve recently read and have read a few times in the past as “The Return of the Goddess,” or the re-balancing of the yin and yang, with a temporary tilt towards heavy yin. Some people call that the apocalypse, oh what a misunderstood word!

    Some speculate that it will only happen at time’s end, seeing the “end” as a sort of leaping into a single collective moment…

    Others see it as happening less mystical, more human, physical resistance. I see it as a mixture of both the material birth pangs of a new era, and the unseen energies of, at the present, mostly untapped reserves of forgotten spiritual knowledge and truths. “The Return of the Goddess” seems a very fit term to encapsulate the entire concept of what is currently missing.

    The indigenous tribes of the earth, those fortunate enough to be able to continue living at least a semblance of their native traditions, know and love the goddess(es) as they know and love the god(s). How sad that most mainstream religion is not only ignorant of this, but that the foundation of their beliefs is rooted in the suppression and attempted extinction of the divine feminine, yin energy, the goddess, etc.

    Fear not, she lies in wait, but her return might not be pretty. Perhaps some Shakti is in order before Lakshmi? ha!


  3. Resource Guy Says:

    Resource Guy…

    On Friday my search on U. S. Untapped Oil Reserves showed your page on Obama Obama ” Palins supporters aan het woord ; ) Do you have more info on this? I am a bit fuzzy on this… You might find something similar on Obama Obama ” Palins supporters…

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