Tuesday, February 20 2018 05:49 pm

Quick shout-out to all the new users who have registered lately!

Welcome!  I’ve seen several people register over the last couple weeks, a good dozen or so.  Sure, some of those are probably bots or spammers, but there have got to be SOME of you who are real people and at least a little interested in what’s going on here.

Maybe there are a few of you who have considered responding and getting involved but you might feel intimidated about being the newbie in a new land.  Fear not!  We await your contributions.

So stop lurking and start sharing!  Don’t be afraid to agree or disagree, or even put an entirely new spin on something.

Your move, lurkers!



4 Responses to “Quick shout-out to all the new users who have registered lately!”

  1. gatekeeper Says:

    Alright I just saw someone register yesterday with the name “BigBabyJesus.” Come on… You gotta start posting with a name like that. Any fan of Ason Unique aka BZA aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Dirt McGirt aka Dirt Dog aka Rusty aka Joe Bananas aka Osiris aka Big Baby Jesus is a friend of mine. Yeah, you heard right… Gatekeeper is down with the Wu. I’m out the fuckin’ Wu Tang Closet. LOL


  2. mysticmuse Says:

    Hey there Gatekeeper !

    Well, looks like the Lurkers are still lurking!
    Too bad, cause it would be fun to have a couple more
    voices lending their flap to our causes.

    Oh well…..we’re still here, and that makes it all worth
    while. That Baby Jesus guy might have been interesting,
    but I also think he’s a bit staaa-range.

    Ah, but aren’t we all. Makes life interesting.

    Don’t have much to say, ‘cept Hi and Good onYah,
    and Bye for now………….


  3. gatekeeper Says:

    Hey, like magic, I went to my computer to a) look up directions for this evening’s computer gig across town… and b) to shoot an email to you to say HEY! Haven’t seen you on the blog or in email in a while, hope all is well and such… But then I saw you’d left a comment, so I figured I’d drop here to say “what’s up?”

    Hope your late winter/early spring is going as lovely as it is down here. It is been amazing for all the plant life, a nice two week warm spell or so will do that. And of course down here we’re not supposed to have any rain… Riiiight. Tell that to El Nino! lol

    Take it easy!


  4. mysticmuse Says:

    el nino is known as warm and wet…..hmmmm Zen would
    make something sensual from that !!…….and I do believe
    that we in the Great Northwest get All The WET……

    So much rain….I know it’s good, but Give Me A Break!!
    Just when I started daring to plot out the garden, think about
    starts, get excited about turning that beautiful soil….
    today here comes the wind and the rain, and
    I’ve been in the Worst Mood.
    Hate the wind, it just drives me mad.
    Oh well….there certainly are worst places to be living right now
    in the world, and we here on the west coast are
    So So Lucky….no Fortunate….. luck has nothing to do with it!!

    Wishing you the Best of Spring…………….MysticMuse

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