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BP?Whats a Little OIL?

I’m sure many of you have wondered why I haven’t said anything yet of this on going crisis in the gulf..

Honestly I really didn’t think it was going to go on this long. Then as Each day went by, while millions of gallons more oil,  just bled into our ocean, Or is that “The Ocean?” I became numb.

Numb from the simplicity of a gigantic problem, numb from the very fact that since this had happened before back in the 70′s. One would think, the oil company’s had a solution in hand?! That they would have been more prepared?! would have capped that puppy within days of the incident?! I mean but really what the fuck does BP care of this problem really? they don’t even live over here and lawsuits won’t be settled until 2030, and who will remember then what really happened today? BP refused to shut down oil wells even though it would make it easier to plug the hole, simply because only 20 percent was being lost and we’ve got a schedule to keep and some how this thing will just work itself out?! “No! Keep on pumping boys” Who gives a rats ass, if the fishing industries take a colossal hit! England is happy eating their sausages. But wait what about fish and chips? Jesus man, they will feel the fall out! Or is that oil out? Would you like some oil on your Mayo dear? Now their saying by august, that is a whole month and a half away has anyone really thought how much more oil will have spilled? that is not good enough. That’s like uncle Ernie who’s Liver is so bloated, he’s got stretch marks on his nipples telling you he checking into rehab a couple of months from now
Just got to have a few last shots with the boys.

Bloody Hell, what the absolute freaking kind of madness is occurring? Priorities are officially out of complete fucking Wackedness. Seriously it was like some comedic spoof except that it was real, bumbling, stumbling idiots, who have lost touch with reality! The Military said they could help. Oh great that’s wonderful! Oh wait! Whats that? Uhh it seems that they don’t want to reveal their top secret, scooby dooby doo shit, so they can’t help us, national security and all.. Holy crap Hold on I think my brain just split in two…AArrrrgggg.. I swear I’m having a Lewis Black attack in my living room… I believe this is the first time I really wished I was President.. Want to know why? I don’t care if you don’t want to know! I’m gonna tell yah anyway.

Because first I would have ordered all of my biggest finest battle ships to go to every oil rig and basically ordered them to shut down and if they refused I would have taken the oil rig by force and shut it down myself.. Then since I was the commanding Chief I would have ordered those ass in their ear officers to go get what ever we had that was sooooooo secretly important Scooby Dooby Doo butt fuck gear, and go fix the God damn thing before the first week had passed…

Sadly……… I am not President! And all we really had was a bunch of guys standing around with their fingers in their ass waiting for someone else to do something. Sadly as well, is, this is the state of the entire world, thinking somehow it will all get fixed by someone else. I also wondered to myself is this the beginning of the end? Didn’t think it could end this way did yah.. A big bang or some deadly disease, probably manufactured by some real insecure rotten freak..

Mother Earth is bleeding because they “BP” ripped a gaping hole in her under belly, and the best that BP has to offer, is a ship to sit over the top of the spill still sopping up the spillage with some hood. With the standard we cant say for a few weeks how much we are actually getting this way, “Zen Translation” not to fucking much, but by the time we release that info it won’t really matter anymore it will have passed by with only a whisper, an after thought, oh hey! What was that number? How many gallons now? You would have thought that some law should have been in place that didn’t allow any drilling past a depth that we couldn’t go and fix..

You know? as a whole we really are not very bright, and it is this type of thinking or non thinking that will be our undoing, and that may have already happened. Whats most disturbing is the lack of urgency! This isn’t going away any time soon, even if it was shut down today, it is a horrific blunder which will have cascading side effects over the rest of our life time.

This world is now run by those who have no care or emotion for the wonder and beauty of this lovely planet. Whether it is the Ocean or Forrest or the vast mountains, all they see are dollar signs and their hearts bleed from greed as they strip, gouge and cut and burn all that is good and once plentiful, and give nothing in return. If they could bottle the Sun Rise and sell it they would, even if it it meant never having another one..

Peace and love but know that the time has come to fight for her right to survive.



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  1. mysticmuse Says:

    My mother taught me to clean up my own mess.
    I taught my children the same.
    Is it so complicated a concept to put that into law?
    You Can’t start anything you can’t Finish.
    You Can’t make a mess without knowing how to fix it.

    When it started, something in my spirit said…..
    I hope this is big, so maybe they’ll listen this time.
    And each day, as it continued, my spirit said….
    Good…..We must get their attention.

    Now our Grandmother is hemorrhaging, and
    my spirit cries for her.
    My spirit cries out for the creatures
    that suffer for our ignorance.
    For it is ignorance that has created this catastrophe.
    We have IGNORED our Grandmother,
    and all her many children.

    We are the greedy child, thinking only of self.
    We are the numb child, unable to feel .
    We are the blind child, unwilling to see.
    We are the deaf child, living in our own silence, Alone.
    Set apart from our brother and sister beings, and
    Gone from our Grandmother.

    She cries for us to return, and can we hear her?
    Can we hear her call to us to return, to come home,
    To suckle from her bountiful breasts, and
    Gently kiss her with thanks?

  2. mysticmuse Says:

    I just read a most amazing post, and here’s a quote:

    ” We must move our civilization from the predator/parasite
    modes of energy, politics and finance toward more symbiotic
    and sustainable modes.
    We would be ahead of the curve of history if we could do that
    without having our civilization collapse first. If an individual or
    a civilization is not able to learn from shock, it is doomed to
    receive more massive shocks.

    Having an ecological Sword of Damicles hanging over our
    collective head could be exactly what we need. We need to
    see that our options are extinction or evolution.

    In order to overcome the inherent conservatism of any species
    we may need a threat to the entire genome. Subtle shocks may
    not be sufficient to catalyze a quantum evolutionary shift.
    Therefore what seems like the worst, most irredeemable shock
    may actually be the extra strong medicine we need to

    Metamorphosis means the destruction of the old form to allow
    the birth of the new.
    Instead of lamenting how bad the oil spill is,
    >>>we need to hope that is bad enough to give us the
    kick in the ass we so desperately need<<< (my emphasis)

    We must therefore choose to interpret this shock as medicinal
    and evolutionary. We must use it to change the fundamentals
    of how we relate to both the physical world and the collective
    unconscious of the species."

    —the Blog of Jonathan Zap

  3. gatekeeper Says:

    I feel so powerless. No matter how many times this happens, it will happen again, and again… And my heart aches for the gulf. I love it there, and have a lot of very fond memories from my visits to Louisiana. I leave a part of my heart there every time I have to leave New Orleans. I don’t know how much more the Gulf Coast can take before it simply cannot sustain life anymore. They have spent billions on the wetlands restoration which is so vital to the future survival of New Orleans…

    Last time I was in New Orleans was before Katrina, like a year or so prior. I remember listening to talk radio, back then, and the host/guests discussing the future of New Orleans. All the experts agreed that without the Wetlands Restoration, most of New Orleans would become a toxic lake. Well, that’s exactly what happened, and now much of the city is uninhabitable, a huge chunk of the population have relocated (can you blame them??), and really, there are two major things keeping that city afloat (no pun intended) – The Port, and Tourism.

    I just feel sorta numb. It will happen again. As long as we’re dependent on Fossil Fuels, this will happen again. There is nothing you or I can do to stop it. That’s how I feel. I really don’t think the Government cares, I don’t think BP cares… Clearly the President has feelings on this but his response seems similar to mine – “I’m upset, there’s a lot of blame to go around, we need more oversight, we need to become less dependent on fossil fuels, so we need to invest more in alternative energy.”

    Sounds fantastic. Try getting Congress to do a fucking thing about it.

    I’m so very tired of the status quo. I try to “flow with the world as it is” but it is so hard.


  4. mysticmuse Says:

    hey Guys….
    Just dropping a note to say that I will be gone for
    a good long while, and may not be back.
    I have enjoyed being part of this blog, and I hope
    more people come in to participate in this forum
    with you.
    Things change, life goes on, and all thinks must end.


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