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Look behind the Curtain Dorothy!

According to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the Times-Picayune, and several other news sources, the Coast Guard has put new restrictions that prevent the public including members of the media from approaching within 65-feet of response vessels or booms on the water or beaches.

And since booms are often placed more than forty feet from islands or marshlands, this means that photographers, blogger s, reporters, and even volunteers, won’t be able to get close enough to oil-drenched wildlife to bear witness. To report. To help.

Violators will face a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a Class D felony.

Welcome to 1984. This is the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. History. Eleven lives were lost in the initial blow-out and the death toll of wildlife — birds, dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and sharks — cannot be tallied. B.P., and now the Coast Guard, want to make sure it stays that way.

OK now that you’ve had a chance to digest that what is the first thing that comes to your mind?….?…..?…..? Well I’ll tell you what comes to mine! This is worse than we thought. You don’t keep Media out unless you really don’t want anyone to know the truth! what has our country come to? Up is down, Bad issssss.… Ohh yeah what was that famous line from that movie Wall Street with Michel Douglas?? Greed is Good… Wow! Are we there yet?

I am not sure just how we will meet our demise, but if these rat bastards stay in control much longer we are all screwed.I mean how convenient for BP not to have to worry about any real documentation of the real damage caused… And I think I’ve made up my mind about Obama. Looooooooosssseeeerrr with a capital L and a Jim Cary flair...This guys inability to pull the trigger on important issues. Freakin frack! and I voted for him, should have voted with my heart and soul instead of my wishful thinking and a prayer. They fooled us again, throw em a black guy to liven up their dispirited souls, He sucks just like the rest and spends money faster than…….. God! Dare I say it?! George W B.B.B.B.B.B.Bush!!! Egaaaads How embarrassing and How many of you know that last month we passed more banks  that went belly up  than all of last year? Yeah just keep throwing those useless worthless plummeting dollars all over the place and not deal with the real issue.. Jobs.. and how it seems right now that every company in the world is farming their business to under paid overworked third world countries where they don’t have to worry about child labor laws. WE NO LONGER HAVE REGARD FOR HUMAN DECENCY……………We are supposed to champion that belief, not step all over it with corporate boots?!

Did you know that the European Union members and several other countries of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) to make the $10 billion abuse-ridden cocoa industry more sustainable and fair to workers (the U.S. was still conspicuously absent from this organization). This agreement will largely be wishful thinking until the United States, the largest consumer of cocoa, signs on to such agreements or guarantees its chocolate as Fair Trade. Which of course they haven’t!

I don’t know! I get this quizzy feeling in my stomach, we used to be a super power and did the right things most of the time or was that an illusion as well?! Now we can’t even do anything. Like Lewis Black said! ” I mean lie to me or something, go down to Kinko’s and Xerox a photo showing a camel with a missile strapped to its back”

God you don’t even bother to lie to us anymore! Have we become so pathetic as a nation, and so immersed in apathetic numbness that nothing really matters anymore????!!! This country needs more than a face lift, it needs some serious rehab. The era of quick fix was over in the 90s yet we stayed the course. Like a giant merry go-round we keep spinning no where, but man we sure are going fast! Wooohoooo!

Back to the main topic. How will we know what damages BP has to pay? If can not record the truth, see the truth, tell the truth, or simply know the real truth???

Again I say! ” How convenient! “

Peace and double out!



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  1. gatekeeper Says:


    It is very sad. The writing was on the wall long ago – and here’s an oldie buy goodie… this immediately came to mind when I read the above quote from this piece, Z. This was not so long ago (relatively speaking). Read this, and think of where our economy has gone, is going… and wonder… “well isn’t this exactly what they wanted?” The more you look, the more you know, the more it becomes apparent that this economic “crisis” seems pretty damned manufactured.

    This is a quote from Tom Delay in 1998 to Saipan’s Governor about the state of the “FREE” Market in Saipan:

    “You are a shining light for what is happening in the Republican Party, and you represent everything that is good about what we’re trying to do in America, in leading the world in the free-market system.”


    Saipan’s free market? You mean, class division, a small upper class and a massive lower class in extreme poverty that is forced to resort to prostitution (many of them children)… extreme working conditions, child labor, SHIT PAY…?! Huh.

    And you mean to tell me this “ECONOMIC CRISIS” just happened? Like, all the banks in the world just collectively tripped over their own dicks? Screw that. I ain’t buying… SELL SELL SELL!!!!


  2. gatekeeper Says:

    I’d also like to add: This BP Oil clusterfucktaster is just one of many symptoms of having such a reckless “Free Market” Philosophy. No oversight/regulation that really does dick… Congress in Big Oil’s pocket, so there’s no real movement for alternative fuel sources… just a bunch of flapping lips in Washington. Too bad we can’t force them to harness that energy! All the talking without anything getting done, at least we could say they’re contributing to SOMETHING positive!

    I’m in a French Revolution state of mind.

  3. JamesandJanka Says:

    Deep bro. I am finally getting to read God of eden. There is a pdf copy here you can share with your readers. http://www.ukrytesprawy.org/inne/William_Bramley_-_The_Gods_of_Eden.pdf

    Been rocking the shirt too it looks nice. I will add a link when I post some photos.

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