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Control VS Revolt

Gatekeeper, here!  Sorry, it’s been a while, but I’ve finally had some thoughts worth posting.

There are two major factors when it comes to the control or lack of control of a populace. Fear and Need. I have come up with an equation to illustrate this:

If F (Fear) > N (Needs) then C (Control) > R (Revolt)

If F (Fear) < N (Needs) then C (Control) < R (Revolt)

The current capitalistic dynamic is not meeting the needs of everyone, and in order to actually provide what everyone needs, some sacrifices on the behalf of those who own most of this country need to be made. In lieu of the willingness of those in control to provide what everyone needs (from top to bottom), another force must be exerted – FEAR. Fear is spread via the media, everyone is told what they ought to be afraid of, thus distracting them from revolting for their own needs, because the belief is instilled that we are being protected from something worse than our predicament.

Minor efforts are made to appease the most needful to keep them from the absolute bottom, but today, even these programs are being stripped bare, and the homeless population continues to swell, all because of some finagling by the most wealthy, those who want nothing more than just that – MORE.

In addition, there is another wild force than must be reigned in to maintain control. That wild force is youth. Youth sees idealism, and believes that idealism is possible. Youth sees the predicament we’re in and asks why. Youth will even, in its “hopeless” idealism, propose better ways to live. Youth rebells in the face of hopelessness, because Youth knows no hopelessness. Youth perceives less boundaries. Youth experiments. Sometimes with drugs. Sometimes those drugs expand the possibilities within the mind of those who partake of them. That is dangerous to those in control. Hence, the war on drugs. The Achilles’ heel of rebellious youth.

Thus, the more daring, bold, experimental youth are jailed for their troubles, kept in control by absolute force.

Another force, which is to be avoided by both sides, ideally, is Despair. Despair is the absolute bottom. Despair is devoid of hope. Despair is not a weapon that can be used by a populace, it is a disease. In the worse cases, however, Despair IS a weapon of the power structure. It is a last resort. A false admission that “we the powerful cannot do anything for you peasants, things are just too fucked up right now, so you ought to start fending for yourselves.”

I don’t think we’ve totally gotten there as a nation but I believe we’re seeing it in places like Detroit, New Orleans, and others. The blueprint of the rich and powerful is in use now, and if we the people don’t demand a change – perhaps even fight for change – then we’re all destined to be victims of that blueprint. When entire neighborhoods are boarded up and abandoned by the power structure, it is a false admission that “We, the powerful, cannot do anything for you. Move on, there is no hope here.”

Why, amongst all this hopelessness, are the rich still getting richer? I’m not talking about the average small business owner, I’m talking Corporate Officers/Major shareholders and the like. I’m talking Federal Reserve Bank giving handouts to their friends/member banks. OUR MONEY. No strings. Buh-Bye!!! With all this, we’re in a recession and on the brink of depression? Something doesn’t fit. There is a big problem with this kind of Greed. I wonder, when will we reach the breaking point? When will we throw down our shit shovels and scream “ENOUGH!” Is everyone blind or just broken?

This may sound extreme or flat out wacky depending on the reader, but in this type of situation, strength can be gained from thinking/acting less as a civilization and more like a tribe. When the structure of our “grand” civilization fails to meet the needs of all people, a tribe can form to fill in the gaps and eliminate the need for an external power structure all together.

If we start fending for each other instead of for ourselves, maybe we can truly change things for the better.

In a tribe, everyone fights against outside threats – real threats, not imagined threats to cast as fear spells on the populace. In a tribe, everyone eats, or no one eats – and everyone does their part to ensure that. We are all in it together from beginning to end. A tribe shelters each other, counsels each other, fends for each other. Leaders are chosen for their ability to guide, not necessarily dictate. They are chosen for their wisdom and their compassion. They’re not elected because they’re aligned with a party, there are no parties, there’s just “us.” If those leaders take advantage, a civilization is helpless to change. A tribe takes immediate action.

The current system has been designed to keep the power in the hands of the few. The only thing we have against them is our vote, and assuming that our elections are fair (can we assume that?), then we the people are always supposed to have the option to make change. So, what’s the problem? Well, there are several, and I have a problem choosing where to begin, but I’ll try.

We’ve been convinced that there are two major opposing forces in this country – the two major parties. These two parties, for the most part, are only different in rhetoric. When it comes to action, neither party can seem to follow those ideals without being hindered by something… there’s always an issue to divide. Lines are drawn and signs are painted. We can scream at each other from opposite sides of a protest line, and guess what? The ones in power are laughing their asses off, regardless of the issue. Why? Because it’s the perfect distraction. How better to distract a populace than to convince them that a) The issues that divide them are concrete reasons to mistrust and even hate the “others,” and b) That their convictions, their issues, actually make a major difference in how this country is run.

Look at the “wedge” issues, and over the last three decades, tell me what has really changed? There are certain accomplishments that have made a difference, but by and large, the wedge issues are still wedge issues, and not a whole lot has changed. Look at the current regime… A black man is the President and still, you have paranoid racists making slanderous statements about his race, his religion, his upbringing, questioning whether he’s American, questioning whether he’s Muslim… all of these things point to a sickness that still exists despite the civil rights movement.

Most people, I’d like to believe, are past this sort of thing, but there is a real interest in keeping people focused on their personal differences rather than uniting them through their common struggle.

Even so-called enlightened progressives get stuck in the mud fighting for things that in the long run are not as important as survival. The problem is, most people don’t realize what is happening, what’s really at stake. They believe that for the most part things are fine, so instead of fighting against the root of the problem, they’re distracted into fighting a problem that the power structure is completely fine with them fighting – again – distraction from the true disease that is rotting the core of this nation.

If a nation is its people, then those who are pulling the strings truly do not love this nation, they are merely interested in exploiting the masses for personal gain. Do they even love themselves, or are they completely blinded and mislead by their sickness? They seem to look out for their families and friends, but that’s where their allegiance to humanity ends. The allegiances they form are not out of love, it seems, but more of convenience.

People need to realize that the power structure doesn’t give a damn about them. Politicians act like they do, but it’s hard to argue where their priorities are when most of them are on the take from Corporate interests. If you knew what was going on with preferential loan practices that are extended to lawmakers by major financial institutions, it would make you sick. It’s all to keep their pockets lined and in luxury. The more you have the less you want to give up, so when you’re sucking the tits of big money, you keep on sucking unless you want to get cut off or worse. Big money wants to stay big money and anything that stands in the way of big money gets squashed.

It’s not “Free Enterprise.” That’s a lie. Laws are written (and regulations eliminated) to favor big money, and keep them as the top dogs. What we are facing is a new aristocracy, and it is all about wealth and power. Don’t be fooled, this is the new peasant state. The top 1% wealthiest Americans own more than 95% of the population put together.

This begs the question: What is the end game? How much do they want? When will big money be satisfied?

The Answer: NEVER. A sickness finds new and insidious ways to propagate itself. Greed is a never ending cycle of vampires feeding on the weak and exploiting the ignorant.

Look at the current trend of financial institutions feeding on our elderly. Once you stop working you still need income to pay your housing taxes, right? So when you run out, what happens? You lose your house – or do you? BANKS to the rescue! We’ll give you money if you’ll just sign a portion of your house over to us… and by the way, we’re gonna give you a sweet introductory rate, but what we’re not gonna tell you is in a year or so, we’re gonna heist you, legally. We’ll keep jacking up your APR until you cannot possibly keep up! We’ll blame it on the “housing bubble” which we created, and we’ll probably end up stealing – I mean, repossessing your property. Your hard earned legacy.

We never really own anything, do we?

A tribe would never put its own out in the cold because of some financial debt. Our nation, however, does, and will continue to do so, at the behest of those who line our lawmakers’ pockets. Most tribes don’t even have a sense of ownership like we “enlightened” folk do. We draw lines. See? That’s clever. We plant flags. Oooh, impressive! We draw maps which dictate our boundaries, and tell us who owns what. But again, “ownership” is bullshit even in our capitalistic society. As long as you continue to pay taxes for the home you “own,” you don’t own it at all. As soon as your family cannot keep up with the outrageous protection money – I mean, housing taxes – then the property goes back into the hands of the financial institution(s) that was/were “nice” enough to extend you credit so you could achieve your own personal American Dream. What a sham.

This is the truth and many of you don’t want to admit it. You’ve been duped by the illusion of a so-called free society.

True, there’s freedom of speech… as long as you’re saying something that doesn’t perturb big brother.

There’s freedom of the press… but the press is now owned by a handful of corporate conglomerates. So a free press? Also an illusion.

There’s the right to keep and bear arms – as long as you don’t hold beliefs that are contrary to the power structures desires, because if you do, the FBI and the ATF will be knocking your door down and storming your castle.

We have protection against unreasonable search and seizure… unless you’re one of the many types of offenders that the Patriot Act specifies as Fourth Amendment waivers (mostly minor drug offenses, not anything to do with terrorism).

We have the right to due process… unless you’re declared an “enemy combatant” by the state. Who can be declared an enemy combatant? ANYONE. Citizen or not. All it requires is a corrupt judge’s signature and it’s a done deal, your ass is locked up with no rights. You’ll also probably be locked up somewhere where torture is institutionalized, so they will attempt to violate your 5th Amendment rights by coercing confessions through torture or threat on your family, those confessions extracted being false or otherwise. Doesn’t matter as long as you scream like a baby and demonstrate absolute obedience.

Trial by jury? Forget it. If you’re an enemy combatant, you get a military tribunal if anything.

Protection against cruel and unusual punishment? I believe we’ve already gone over enough to prove that doesn’t really hold true anymore. Even if you’re not declared an enemy combatant, is state or federal prison a place where you’re going to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment? I think not. In fact, our prison system is increasingly becoming a “for profit” industry, and with all the rhetoric about the free market system, you’d think that industry could provide better than the government, right? Wrong. Often times corporate run prisons are much worse than government run institutions. Our former Vice President Darth “No Pulse” Cheney has a significant stake in a texas based for-profit prison system that was recently under investigation for cruel and unusual punishment – punishment encouraged by the management and propagated by guard cronies.

That hardly sounds like the American Dream, but it is the American Dream of the powerful, the rich… the “elite” class. It’s the new Aristocracy, and they don’t give a shit about you or your family, unless you happen to be one of their close friends, family members, or a person in a position of power who’s in line with their agenda of absolute ownership and control.

If F > N, then C > R

If fear instilled in our society exceeds our sense of need, then the control exerted over us is more powerful than our impulse for revolt.

If F < N, then C < R

If our needs exceed the impact intended by the fear mongers, then the impulse to revolt then overwhelms the attempted control exerted by the powerful…

What happens then?

We, the people, truly become the power. We stop responding to the threats and boogie man shenanigans of the media, and we take control of our destiny. If we are going to overcome this heap of shit, we have to have the resolve and conviction to do so, and we have to treat each other better, or it’s all for nothing. Greed will prevail again, and we’re back to nothing.

If we can overcome greed and the allure of power, we can make the changes that we all know must be made for the benefit of the people. Something like this would be a fine test for humanity, to see if we can truly “rise above” the muck and mire of materialism, and forge ahead to a new age of enlightenment.



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