Tuesday, February 20 2018 05:50 pm

What is the Truth on Prop 19??


After carefully reading prop 19 honestly I think Richard Lee is a self serving Negative Icon.. since Mr Lee is the only person who runs the largest operation that breaks many of the laws both 215H as well as SB420. I say read the fine print.

Going on I would like to say that I would like to see cannabis legalized, like they so proclaim Prop 19 provides. After spending 45 minutes reading through the quagmire of legal verbiage, it fails the litmus test terribly, in fact I would say some of the things people think they are voting for is absolute lies… And who would benefit the most from this law? None other than Mr Lee himself who only because of the money generated into the city of Oakland does he have complete amnesty for his illegally run Oaksterdam.. Jealous? Maybe! Correct I am…

The numbers alone that both 215H and SB420 dictate are pretty much broken on a daily basis.. Now this may be great for Mr Lee and the city of Oakland, yet no one can run the kind of operation/empire that he has built..Don’t believe me stand outside one day and watch the traffic for people buying clones.. 215H law says 99 in possession. At one time they sold more per person, now they limit to 30 per… and you can come back tomorrow and buy more again.. Loose at the least comes to mind…There is literally a line to purchase clones. 3O or more, so you do the math. After 4 people the limit has been exceeded, yet nothing happens.. The same goes for the purchasing of cannabis, and the legal amounts that that establishment/person may have on them the limit is exceeded before noon…meaning the amounts the club has in possession would put the average person/caregiver/club in jail.

What is my point? My point is why does Mr Lee get to break the law, avoid any legal prosecution and no one else can? Its about fairness and prop 19 is none of that.. Mr Richard Lee since he is the only one set up to go big time…and a few other big wigs stand to gain the most how does this stimulate the economy?

Prop 19 falls way short of true reform, and for those that say legalize, stop being a moron. No where does it say legalize! It says Control, regulate, and tax..  no where in there does it say LEGALIZE!!! So get what your supposed to be voting for. Might help if you actually read the law. This is not even close to what the end of prohibition was and really it is a very cleverly disguised power play, to eliminate competition, eliminate your hard earned protective rights under California law, it is not even about legalizing. All the laws that are in place don’t really change in fact they remain the same, if not worse. The more scarier part is that 215H and SB420 could basically be negated through this law.. Sure it talks about you can grow personally but not to sell. Just like the Tobacco law you can grow it can’t sell it.. So it boils down to only a few.. Hmmmm just whom might that be? Well besides Mr Lee and the greedy sell outs whom have been recruited by people such as Phillip Morris and Phizer.. it certainly isn’t me or you. I think that it is ludicrous that Mr Lee’s lies are being tossed around like it is absolute truth. Where? Where does it say I can go out and file for a business license to grow like a small brewery or winery? It doesn’t! They say it’s about taxation! What? Did I miss something these past few years? Haven’t clubs/dispensaries been paying taxes? At least the legitimate ones. I do believe our grand President himself made a statement that Clubs have payed over 100 million per year in taxes. What kind of garbage is this?

Bottom line is too many things have been thrown into one law, it seems to be the fad these days whether local or federal just clump a whole lot of mishmosh into one law to confuse the masses. Cannabis should be legalized, yet separate laws should be passed to deal with the complexed issues and Mr Richard Lee shouldn’t be any where near these discussions he has way to much to gain and seriously how much does he really need? Not to take away from anything that he has contributed to the cause, this is a chance for many people who have spent 20 30 years of perfecting their craft of growing and creating incredible strains and we all should benefit… If California is truly interested in digging her way out of a crisis this is a special time where many can participate in having a viable commodity that can ‘ Bloom” into a thriving industry shared by many, whom have perfected their craft… I’m sorry to all those Richard Lee worshipers yet seriously what he has created a thriving business if he was really concerned for others in having thriving businesses in other places why has he not bridged that gap from the safety of Oaksterdam??????..

In closing, no matter what, being informed is what one should always do.. Know what you are actually voting for.. I truly believe they feel their best bet was to not advertise because people would get caught up in thinking they were voting for something cool.. If you notice there is no commercials one way or the other and what sense is it for anyone who is under 21 to vote yet they could do the most damage because they are the least informed Ive spoken to many college students who don’t even have a clue…They think they are voting for complete legalization.. Have I mentioned how I feel about our education system?? No matter, another day, in the mean time please take the time to inform yourself before haphazardly casting a vote in the dark..




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