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What used to be known only in other countries when it came to corruption and blatant ripoffs( Mexico, and Africa to mention a few ), has now become standard procedure for this once Leading country. Note to those still in denial! We are near or at the bottom of most things real important Like ( Education, Provisional health care, Pollution, Enviro friendly cars.)

I wonder! With the years coming ahead, when they pass us by, what will the final tally unfold for these inglorious bushwhacked years?! How will the X president/ X vice president and their crooked cronies be viewed? Will they be prosecuted? Does it matter and does anyone care? Can the new President repair our image as well as our shredded constitution or has the damage been done?

This country has regressed into a cryptic religious and staunch position towards things that shouldn’t even matter to a supposedly modern thinking society. We allowed a band of well groomed theives to waltz right in and degrade everything that was pinnacle to being the vision and dream of what an American was! They openly defecated on our values and morals and then had the gaul to brand anyone who spoke out against them as traitors or supporters of terrorists. Did somebody slip mass amounts of drugs in our waters? It was like watching a bad horror movie, yet couldn’t look away from simple disbelief. Where was our common sense? Lost with our sorry-ass worldly image.

Those guys were nothing more than pirates on the high seas raping and pillaging at will, mostly because no one wanted to believe that anyone who called themselves American could actually do such a thing. Yet lets face it, these are not the only times that we have been defrauded into seeing something that wasn’t there, or is that, is there?.

The Vietnam war was a farce, making certain individuals very wealthy smuggling drugs ( Opium and Marijauna ) back into the USA inside body bags. ( When you have a moment look at the escalated heroin usage during that same stretch of time ) Dont believe? just ask a Veteran or two when you have a moment away from your blackberry ” it can do anything phones “  To inquire for the real truth! How about Standard oil selling gasoline to the Nazis during world war two? That is one of those things that always sticks in my craw. Isn’t that grounds for treason? I guess not if you’re wealthy and powerful enough!.

With Wealth is supposed to come responsibility! Yet, the more I listen and learn, what really comes is arrogance and greed, along with power and the need to control others. A kind of self-righteous, “Father Knows Best” sorta thing. God,
I really hate this whole Parental-state mentality thing this country’s got going. Its suffocating and paralyzing.Every year things get more stifled simply because some Ass tight control freak cant stand that others enjoy and value freedom differently than they do.
So lets make more laws that go beyond common sense and have no reason other than self-centered reflexology. You know? The knee-jerk reaction. Such as, Gays can’t marry! When the hell was it anybody’s buisness, and of all places America! Seriously sliding backwards! What ever happened to “no mixing of church and state?”
Funny! or not so funny, how statistics have never changed when it comes to molestation! Meaning? I know you thought it! I’m glad you thunk it. The leading losers in fondling of youth, still have it in a landslide with family members leading the charge, with friends of family finishing in a desperate close second, Not the gay stable couple down the street and don’t forget the church! Whoa! there silver! God! What was that run all about? It was like an epidemic. June! cancel those Gummi bear Priest we were going to make for Halloween! The question should have been which priest didn’t? A cancer that spread throughout the entire organization as people came forward, unbelievable! And remember it got so bad the Head of church divested itself from any responsibility making each church its own solvent enterprise. That’s like Mcdonalds saying the burger that made you sick in Alabama has nothing to do with the Main Mac Head quarters. Evfen though its all the same food. Don’t forget the cover ups either! Years of them.
Yet! After all that You’ve still got religious zealots hating on those, of same sex marriages. Still trying to twist them into perverted slime as they turn their heads away from the freaking obvious. You all should be ashamed of your blatant, hate mongering, self serving ignorance! Oh man that felt great! Whew!

Do I stray to far? No! Why? Because I see all people as potential possibilities of contributing to the greater whole. Each individual has the ability to contribute something and that nothing or no one is too small. Love is love and no one person can take that away, no one has the right to judge another based simply on their differences. For that is prejudice at its core! Condemned for being different.
Which in Zen translation means: UNIQUE! Now that is a beautiful thing to be and should be celebrated but not slammed in someone else’s face, mind you. Nor should one walk around like some privaliged debutant, that just causes unfavorable reactions ( like hanging, or being shot  possibly run over by a car, who knows?!).
Revolutions have been born out of these very things in the past. Yet our tolerance level has really been pushed. Why? What has changed that we seem so passive that our will is not our own anymore? That we accept shoddy performances and blatant lies as if they were cheap tickets to a bad matinee. ( Well of course they were free so why should I complain? ). Like that was the best they were doing, so I shouldn’t complain? Well OK, but not too loudly! What ever happened to getting royally pissed when a shitty performance was turned in? Trust me when I say that congress is just as much to blame if not more for failing to keep control. Everyone so afraid of keeping their jobs, instead of doing their jobs, this mentality has got to change.

Maybe someday when sex, color, country, religious beliefs, or sexual preference’s just don’t matter anymore, maybe then we may finally evolve, which is my understanding of the whole 2012 thing anyway. Each person has importance and we are a whole.
Don’t get me wrong, things are not over, they are just shifting and one thing about humans for the most part is we don’t like change. Funny how that is so innate in our very being. To prefer to stay some place that may or may not have even felt good instead of moving on to the next, not to be out of our comfort zone. Maybe that’s why Viagra is so popular. Funny how they said masturbation causes blindness! Viagra and Cialis just hadn’t been invented yet.

I believe these things can be changed, though change takes courage and responsibility of a greater good beyond our own selfish desires. Simply! What I want and what I can have, are not necessarily the same thing.

Peace and Be well!

~Zen Twist


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