Tuesday, February 20 2018 05:50 pm

Fear from Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is being sorely challenged these days and it would seem that everyday we take one step towards complete, and utter nepotism. It is sickening to watch the media barrage now aimed at Rashard Mendenhal, a football player no less, good for you, who merely spoke his mind and opinion, and a good one at that! About how we now, will never know the whole truth, now that they killed Bin Laden! It is strange to me how you people have been systematically brain washed to believe everything you are told is true! Yesss I said you?! Because I am not buying the bullshit from the nations capital. Or from Fox news or anyone else who spews this crap. Blind and ignorant you are, for not seeing the obvious, lies and deceptions. Shit what are the odds that the President just happens to produce his ” Birth Certificate ” on the cusp of Osama’s death and a quick lil poke at Trump to boot. I would have loved to have been at one of these meetings looking for the best solution to Obama plummeting ratings.. You got to kill Osama Sir its the only way to save your presidency.. In plain sight they said Osama was! Certainly wasn’t hiding in some mountain miles down below eating bugs to survive..

OMG Buuuuullllllshit I say! Its all bullshit and planned, look at the timing for Gods Sake, Obama at an all time low in the poles! Not that God really cares about this.. Gee and why would you say that Zen? Glad you asked! Do you think God picked Americans as his favorite people? Its not Like we are not killers and vicious thugs, you know?! Yeah we didn’t teach the Sandinistans or other countries torture techniques. Read carefully into gave military training and advice.

Maybe you people are just worn out and overwhelmed bye the awful truth, that we are no better than anyone else. Yeah we got some good ideas and we have some awful ones the only thing it seems we are really good at anymore is kicking everybody’s ass and honestly I am not proud of that. Just because we can kill more PEOPLE, HUMANS, MEN, WOMAN and CHILDREN! Does not make us a great nation or country. Like Dorian Mingus said ” Just Animals in shoes”

Never have I or will I say that Osama was a good person! So lets make that clear. I would also say the same for Obama..What I am saying in defense of Rashard is, he is right. My question to our holy ass Obama is! First how long have you known where he was? upon knowing why wasn’t capturing him alive,number one on your list? And this whole burying him at sea, give me a freakin break. I did a survey of people and the question was this! What was the first thing that flashed in your mind when you heard Osama was killed/assassinated? interestingly a lot of people thought the whole thing was bull dookie and number one comment was how convenient! Boom Boom Shot, killed, DNA tested, photographed and buried at sea! How neat and clean, and proper. Yeah and my government and its disciples have never lied to the people to whom they serve..Remember that line ” Serve! ” And what about Osamas wife? Hmmm…Well I guess his wife must have been toting a really large gun, so they had no choice but to shoot her in the knee cap. Hope she has good insurance?! Cover ups go as this one did, no survivors, who knew anything his wife was some recent gift, from another family so not much help there.. Make up what ever you want, cus surely there is no one left to dispute it.

Jaded?! Me?! No! I just got to many friends in all the right places who have told me the truth of many things that would make you extremely uncomfortable.. It seems that you people just cant believe that your government really doesn’t give a rats ass about you or me, unless they are waning in the poles. Then they puff up, tell you what you want to hear, make promise’s they rarely kept, while handing back large kick backs ( Money) to the unions that got them elected in the first place..

Osama now joins a list that includes Oswald and others, just one more convenient patsy who’s face will be displayed on a dart board, in every red neck, bars wall, his name will alsol be the cause of many a brawl, anytime someone like Rashard decides to openly question the truth, behind what was really going on. What puzzles me is, that is what made this country free and great! That our forefathers questioned the oppressing government they were under, and eventually fought against the tyranny and gained their/our independence! So lets see, so then that was really American, and now its not? Politicians never lie either right? This whole thing makes me sad, also makes me realize that that the masses have been dumbed down enough from a lack of good, solid education that most people don’t even know whats going on!

Hey You! You explain that to me! Am I the only one who see’s this as merely boosting ratings for the up coming 2012 election? Seriously is the average American really buying this pathetically veiled crap of in house lies. Funny as so much info has been spread about over the last few years on the very fact that Osama had nothing to do with 911 and that it was our own, ” Americans ” who brought down the World Trade center.. Now he is served up like a tasty ordourve, to service the palate of the lame and tame.. They Stab it with their steely knives yet they just can’t kill the beast! Who, is the beast? And who are the sheep? Now being sent to slaughter!, Just feed them sweet grass Jimmy it will calm their nerves, they can’t focus on more than one thing at a time… Osama!…. Sweet grass…..Osama!…. Sweet grass….Obama.. Sweet grass…… Obama……. Sweet grassJust keep your head down and keep eating that sweet grass nothings wrong everything is just fineBecause the said so!!!!

Peace War Mongers!!!



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