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Adventures Without Health Insurance!

Last August, I was laid off from my job of 8 years.  I worked for a Civil Engineering firm, and the housing market collapse forced my employer to make serious cut-backs.  In fact, they’re still trying desperately to at least survive through the recession.  I am a network administrator/computer tech, and since the layoff, I’ve been doing business 100% freelance.  The positives?  Plenty.  I work on my own schedule, I make more money per hour (nearly double), and I have more time to work on my creative endeavors.  The down-sides?  No health plan, work is come-and-go, the current economy makes it difficult to find new clients, my current clients are also suffering the wrath of the economy and they can’t always afford to call me for work – or pay me on-time (though they’re usually very good about it)… what else?  Overall, I’m making less money, and I’m now ordering a very expensive Asthma medicine (Advair) from overseas, because I cannot afford to buy it here.  My local mom-and-pop pharmacy (Yes, miraculously, we still have one here!) would charge me about $250  for one month’s worth, when I can get THREE months worth from Germany for $105.

I cannot live a productive life without this medicine.  I question whether I could actually have a life worth living without my Asthma medication.  It makes that much of a difference.

Currently, I have a prescription for 9 more months of medication.  After that, I have to see a physician to get a refill.  How, I ask you, do I do that without Health Insurance?  I have never been in this position before.  Many of you reading this could be in the same position as I or worse, I realize that.  You might be scratching your head, thinking “this dude is complaining to ME?”  I’m not claiming to have bigger problems than you, or anyone else.  My problems are my own, but I feel its important for people to know about this one, because it’s one that over 50,000,000 Americans face, not to mention God knows how many more hundreds of millions across the globe that go without adequate health care.

It’s also a very hot topic in our Government right now, and one thing I’ve been hearing a lot of is that “our economic crisis, in large part, stems from the health care problem that individuals and businesses face.”

Did you know we are the only industrialized nation on Earth that doesn’t have national health care?   Can you believe that?  Not every nation on earth thinks of national health care as Communism!  The only “red menace” I’ve heard about lately usually has to do with some sort of staph infection!  I’d wager that the vast majority of Americans right now are in favor of national health care.

Can one prostitute themselves for a good health plan?  Are there any pimps out there with a good HMO & Dental? Maybe profit-sharing, or a 401K?  Uhhhhh… where was I?

I kid, I kid… but you get the point.  America needs national health care now.  Hell, I need national health care, now.  If I were on my wife’s plan, it would cost her an additional $600 a month.  I can get my own individual plan for about $350 a month.  The SAME plan that she has.  How the hell does that make sense?  My grandmother recently got a shot that would have cost her over $700 without insurance.  With insurance, she got it for $20.  Someone please explain to me how this makes sense!  If my grandparents hadn’t worked their asses off for a living, she might be screwed right now.  And trust me, they did far more than their share to help other people in need.  Years ago, before my wife and I were married, she gave her a place to stay for OVER A YEAR when she needed it.  She and my grandfather not only raised my mother and aunt, but raised my grandmother’s half sisters, and put an enormous strain on the family, but they did it because they wanted to help!  I’m not saying that the government should just hand stuff out willy-nilly, but we all know they can do more to help, especially when it comes to health care.  After all, good health means a happier, more productive life, and that benefits more than just that individual.  It just makes sense – a healthy populace is more productive.  Happier workers produce better products, generally speaking.  How can that not be viewed as a sound long-term investment in this country’s infrastructure?

My personal adventure without insurance is not over yet, and I’m working so that I might be able to afford that individual plan… SOME DAY!

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2 Responses to “Adventures Without Health Insurance!”

  1. Zen Twist Says:

    Whoa there partner! Me thinks you’ve forgotten the obvious, for as you know the bottom line is, and has been always, about money, and those who want to control it.Not share the wealth so to speak.
    Look at the fervor that came up a year or more ago around people getting their Meds from Canada! What ever happened to the free trade market? How about freedom of choice! The simple right to choose! Same meds cheaper prices These arrogant bastards hide behind the FDA and use them like common street hoodlums, bulling people into submission under the guise of protecting your best interest. Their protecting interest alright but it’s the money interest of the pharmaceutical companies, who basically have the FDA in their back pocket.
    Talk about corruption at it’s worst. Last year they finally even went public and said they have failed the American people in every aspect, only because they couldn’t come up with anything better to say and as usual we did nothing. They have gotten out of control with greed and power needing to control every aspect of everything, not allowing you a choice, only their product. even if there are better proven products out there, its like the big shake down gotta go through the FDA before you can be approved. Their phonies and hypocrites.
    George Mason! One of our founding fathers, and unsung hero’s, of this once great nation, even said over two hundred years ago! “That politics’s and government should not get involved with how someone medicates themselves” This man was a true visionary. Go figure! That guy was hipper back in the 1700′s than most of our senators today and he had balls! Big ones, unlike his predecessors. First of all he read the constitutional draft before voting for it, then disagreed, and vehemently fought for what became, and whats left of our Federal Bill Of Rights! The amendments that were finally included, which really gave us our individual rights, You don’t know much about him for he really shunned glory and attention yet was respected enough to convince enough of our fore fathers to vote those important changes in. This is a man that claimed that Alexander Hamilton did more damage to our country than Great Britain and all her fleets and armies.
    Our Senators today are just wish washy puppets parading to special interest groups and seriously can’t find their own butt holes unless told exactly where to look. And that’s what’s wrong my dear friend Gate Keeper! People not willing to lose their jobs trying to do the right thing! We don’t really have anyone representing us a people, as a nation, as a whole. We stand divided and conquered, powerless, on the verge of being a poetic verse from a Moody Blue Album. “We’re nothing but Magnetic ink” Just an unimportant commodity, that brings profits to their coffers, and damn us we can’t keep up. But remember! as I borrow again From that Moody classic ” It riles them for yea to perceive the evil web they weave so keep on thinking free! ”

    ~ Zen Twist

  2. gatekeeper Says:

    Oh, I definitely have not forgotten the bottom line but thank you for adding to that, because I did fail to incorporate that into my arguments, as, I got caught up in what I perceive to be a moral imperative – to get health care under control so that everyone can afford it.

    I do, however, know what the major obstacles are – the FDA, the AMA, Insurance interests, and the massive lobbies that represent all of the above, not to mention the greedy politicians who take their dirty money.

    There is an active interest in keeping it expensive. My argument just basically became about the moral implications, and the positive outcome that might result from implementing affordable healthcare.

    As usual, Zen, you are thinking outside of the box, for sure, and I love that. You, in turn, get me to think more broadly as well.


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