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What To Do!!

Dear MysticMuse  It really does get ones blood boiling doesn’t it?

Let me say, that there is no, absolute answer, that myself, or someone else can give!!!!! Although!………… Wouldn’t that be nice?!  I do know that, with knowledge, is power, and with information, one can formulate, better decisions. This is truly a quandary, that cannot be over looked.

Company’s, who make these products, reap millions! Yet! They never explored an alternative? Even as rumblings, started to occur? You would think, that someone, who, with even, half a mind of consciousness, would have thought of it, at some point?! The least of which, in their dreams or on the crapper??

I often wondered this to myself as a child. ( Gee don’t these people have children of their own? They can’t all be celibate. Don’t they care for their own health? ) For shit sakes its not like they live on some other planet, where they don’t have to live, breath. eat, drink, the same food and water as we ?! Or do they?!
That was, and still is, the hardest for me to understand. What the hell are they thinking?
Seriously! Just like the movie we really need to get angry!!!…….. But in a positive way, Don’t just go out into the streets, and start trashing innocent peoples homes and business. That does as much good, as standing on a ledge on a  rooftop, and beating yourself on the head, with a baseball bat! Think you can keep your balance? Good Luck!

People need to wake up and realize that there are real human beings out there that don’t give a flying crap about our health and well being!!!…….. That the bottom line for them, is the bottom dollar. I reported earlier, how GMC sits around with their lawyers, when they know there is a potential problem, and figure out, after lawsuits, and all, whether they can still make a profit!         ( Note to those who care, I never knew anyone named profit! So I’m sure its not a person )          Never once, did anyone, call me or you, or anybody else for that matter, and ever ask, if that was OK! Or Hey!! What do you think about that ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been blinded, by Playstation, and xboxs, for the mentally frustrated, viagra and cialis for that, fading Penis pick me up! Anorexic whores sporting phony titties on the tele, peddling portentous crap, to millions, of young girls, who wind up, constantly questioning, their own special sexual outer\inner beauty!                                                                                                                        Some Dork bachelor, who gets to lay, a number of women, and then choose, the most special. ” I’m sorry! You just don’t turn you’re pinky, in my anus, just quite right!

Seriously who gives a shit?!?!?!?! …..Obviously someone does, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on the tele! This quest to be someone, when we already are! Yet, it doesn’t count! Its just not the same unless its seen, in front of, millions of viewers! My God! That is pathetic! Get out of my way I’m on a roll here!………… American Idol where millions get to have the power to vote. Do we really know that? Yet millions watch, and are amused, distracted, from whats really going on in the world.
Instead of being pissed. Pissed that their life, is reduced, to consuming, and distraction, and lead far away, from the truth, of their own spiritual\mortal existence!

It really is the wizard of OZ! Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain with the fog and thunder ooooooooo to scary. Brains, Heart, and Courage is what the message was! How appropriate. Isn’t that! What we need????

Ahh! But as usual, I stray from the point, a slight bit. It took years of brainwashing, conditioning, getting people, used to thinking nothing is wrong or really all that bad.
I will give them this! In the very beginning, I believe not everybody knew the dangers, or the direct, causal effects. That is the innocence, which is one of our biggest faults. We don’t put  enough time, or care, into asking, the right questions.  How might this cause problems?

Why are there no think tanks, designed around, protecting the environment or our children? How is lying about the truth helping anyone?!  I suggest there is a non profit, Non connected, organization, affiliated to\ for\ no one!!……

So The answer in part, is doing what I can!  Teaching people the truth, passing along what I have learned from others, and my own experiences.  Is it far better to reach millions slightly? Or! more powerful, to fully reach, one individual at a time? Although Humans, tend to rejoice in mass numbers, how successful has that been really? It might be nice to reach a few at a time and not wait for ” Critical Mass Panic!! ” People taking a not so, grandiose scale approach, we actually may accomplish much more.

I created this place to talk about these issues and more. I was tired of sitting around, I had to do something! So Here I vent And share information, in turn you may pass that on, as I do with the things I have learned.

Peace Zen out!

~Zen Twist


8 Responses to “What To Do!!”

  1. mysticmuse Says:

    Dear Zen…

    I would stay angry…… yes……. at a site in the Pacific Ocean that is
    as large as two states of Texas……. yes……….
    and one that is at times 90 feet deep with trash……..yes…….
    90% being Plastic of one sort or another…………yes…….
    An area that Sailors now have to sail AROUND.
    An area that now major ships have to avoid……..

    But my anger boils up…………and evaporates………
    and seeping in slowly is deep deep sadness, that fills my being.

    It dulls my head……. it nauseates my stomach……..
    ……….it heavies my heart.

    I feel the ache of the Earth, the confusion of her Animals…….
    ………the suffocation of her Plant kingdom.

    The bewilderment that I feel overwhelms my senses, and
    I am at once a child and the Mother of All …

    the lost confusion and the aching sadness …
    at the idiocies of humans, the callousness of corporations,
    the blindness of all.

    It is so much easier to close the eyes than to look at what we’ve done.

  2. gatekeeper Says:

    Pure poetry, MM… I feel the ache when I read your post. The sadness… You conveyed it so well. On my way to a freelance job, but wanted to post this in appreciation, I will post more later. Oddly enough, on Mother’s day, I was out at lunch with My mother, Grandmother, wife, and brother & this topic of the oceanic plastic “islands” (I feel icky even calling them islands)… you seem to parallel the interests of Zen and myself in an almost spooky way, but it’s good, because whatever a “Zen Twistian” is, this yet-to-be-defined, and perhaps NEVER defined, for the better – whatever it is, you’re it too.


  3. mysticmuse Says:

    Thanks Mr G…..

    There’s nothing like an empathetic listener, an appreciative audience,
    and a simpatico compadre to lift one’s spirits.

    No matter the mess, there is still beauty in this world,
    and still wonderful and Awake people to enjoy it with.

    We must take what is given, and do our finest.


  4. Zen Twist Says:

    Kudos MysticMuse Truly poetry I’m keeping an eye on you two! Hmmmph! Now its MM???
    All kidding aside. Have I told you the latest? Dare me! Man I’m to easy. So It turns out that mercury is showing up in High fructose corn syrup foods. Like Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, Smucker’s Strawberry Jelly, Frosted Blueberry Pop-Tarts and Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup. Quaker oats Oatmeal-to-Go bars, there some irony there or is that MERCURY!!!!!!!!!
    Turns out the method for extracting is done in a Mercury Cell device! OK I don’t know what one looks like, but that already doesn’t sound good . Now to our credit in the USA they have switched over to a newer way that “”DOESN’T USE MERCURY”" This older way is still done by many outside the USA mostly European countries. Hah! One for the US. Short lived though for The strange thing here is that companies inside the USA still buy from these slackers from time to time! Why do you think that is class?? OHHH maybe because it’s CHEAPER??!!
    The FDA doesn’t even try to cover their ass, they say they are understaffed and under used. Let me say it better LOSERS!!!! That’s like an alcoholic finally admitting they were! After they have have destroyed everything and everyone in their path. This of course is only after everyone else, already knew the obvious. Did I mention at anytime, earlier, that last year, they finally admitted, they had failed to protect the American people with health\medicine and food issues??!! And I’m not talking about the Alcoholic!!

    So this is the best that they can do?? CHRIST!! give me the Lewis Black version! Lie to me, tell me, you did the best that you could do! Give me some shady story of Iranians sneaking into Hersheys Factory and contaminating their Chocolate with Mercury, Tell me their flying, in secret invisible planes spraying the air with it. Geez what happened to those guys who covered up Kennedy’s assassination? They all didn’t die the least of which, didn’t they pass the bull on to the next generation? They couldn’t all be as stupid as Bush!…….. Well….Come on! no imagination, they don’t even try anymore, nothing for me to even challenge, No big foot, no Grey Aliens, Think about the Swine Flu! How does the USA have an antidote in the millions like, next day, for something never seen even seen before. I’m sorry that doesn’t happen like that. Has the general public, been mentally submitted, due to poor education? Or just to scared to stand up and say anything!!!!. I need a vacation.

    ~ Zen Twist Out

  5. gatekeeper Says:

    Speaking of High-Fructose Corn Syrup… Supposedly there’s some pending legislation, an attempt to tax goods that contain it. Now, honestly, I don’t think this is going to curb consumption in the least, because it is such a tiny percentage, the cost won’t be apparent to the average consumer, but supposedly the justification is that High Fructose Corn Syrup is responsible for a massive amount of medical problems, and increasing medical costs, etc…

    There are many flaws to choose from in this rationale. While I agree with taxing that garbage, I’d like to see where the money goes, for one… perhaps some educational campaigns alerting people of the dangers of the crap they consume?

    And then there’s the obvious – personal choice. Everyone I know realizes how bad this crap is, but still consume it, at least in moderation. I realize marketing/brainwashing is a factor here, but when you’re aware of something harmful, and still do it anyway, how much are YOU to blame?

    I’m not exempt, Zen knows, he lectured me a while back on Energy Drinks. Stupidly, I got into the habit of drinking these god-forsaken cans of poison. He and his buddy really woke me up, even though I knew they were bad, hearing it from them, the way they put it, really shook my habit, and I haven’t had one since. It’s been months!

    Change starts with us…. how can we relate that into a massive change?

    The biggest way is personal example… sometimes even words aren’t required! My older brother started composting and using all organic methods on his lawn/plants, just because he knew I was doing it. Partially, anyway…. He saw me doing what Zen taught me, and I, without even knowing it at the time, helped change someone’s ways. Not that my brother isn’t an amazing person anyhow, he probably would have come around eventually, but I think the example helped to speed his transition.


  6. mysticmuse Says:

    hmmmm…corn. It’s so evil in so many ways…farming practices
    with tons of chemicals, controlled by Monsanto with their Roundup
    and their GM seeds….grown in huge swaths that crowd out other
    crops, as well as encourage insects and other plagues to pounce.

    Have you noticed how hard it is to find Organic Corn? I’m a
    popcorn muncher, and I have little choice but to consume GMO
    Roundup use is not monitored or limited, so they can spray it
    up to the day of harvest. PURE EVIL.

    So now it’s more Mercury piled onto all the rest.
    Corn used to be a Basic Food, like with the Indiginous Peoples.
    Now it’s making money for the Chems, and People can’t get it.

    I say that Not reading labels, Not taking the time to find
    alternative products, putting your hands over your ears and
    singing ‘la la la la la” is the Problem. It’s called LAZINESS.

    So what do We do? We pay attention, let go of our evil
    addictions and Change our habits, which as we have discussed
    before is Terrible Hard for Humans.

    THEN… we Share what we’ve learned. Live by Example,
    and Share til it makes folks crazy if necessary.
    One person at a time.
    Just like religion, some will hear and some will not.
    But at least we clean up our own act!

    hey Zen…. you can call me MM if that pleases you.
    It’s quicker and easier, and connotes familiarity.
    Just as long as I can call you Z.


  7. mysticmuse Says:

    Lewis Black gots nuthin on you Zen.
    Don’cha just love him?
    It’s just that I keep thinking he’s gonna
    have a coronary on camera.
    Hope that’s show biz…..

    Take care of your heart…..


  8. Zen Twist Says:

    So sorry and for now this is brief. I have been battling it out with my now former provider, who unknowns to me was double billing me. In the end I told them to shove it, sorry it took so long as well as being on the road and a garbage truck taking out my line!!!!!!!!??????? Thanks fore the kudos MM I absolutely love Lewis Black, so it is an extreme honor to be mentioned in the same breath be back later to talk more Peace andLove


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