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Fear from Freedom of speech

May 4th, 2011

Freedom of speech is being sorely challenged these days and it would seem that everyday we take one step towards complete, and utter nepotism. It is sickening to watch the media barrage now aimed at Rashard Mendenhal, a football player no less, good for you, who merely spoke his mind and opinion, and a good one at that! About how we now, will never know the whole truth, now that they killed Bin Laden! It is strange to me how you people have been systematically brain washed to believe everything you are told is true! Yesss I said you?! Because I am not buying the bullshit from the nations capital. Or from Fox news or anyone else who spews this crap. Blind and ignorant you are, for not seeing the obvious, lies and deceptions. Shit what are the odds that the President just happens to produce his ” Birth Certificate ” on the cusp of Osama’s death and a quick lil poke at Trump to boot. I would have loved to have been at one of these meetings looking for the best solution to Obama plummeting ratings.. You got to kill Osama Sir its the only way to save your presidency.. In plain sight they said Osama was! Certainly wasn’t hiding in some mountain miles down below eating bugs to survive..

OMG Buuuuullllllshit I say! Its all bullshit and planned, look at the timing for Gods Sake, Obama at an all time low in the poles! Not that God really cares about this.. Gee and why would you say that Zen? Glad you asked! Do you think God picked Americans as his favorite people? Its not Like we are not killers and vicious thugs, you know?! Yeah we didn’t teach the Sandinistans or other countries torture techniques. Read carefully into gave military training and advice.

Maybe you people are just worn out and overwhelmed bye the awful truth, that we are no better than anyone else. Yeah we got some good ideas and we have some awful ones the only thing it seems we are really good at anymore is kicking everybody’s ass and honestly I am not proud of that. Just because we can kill more PEOPLE, HUMANS, MEN, WOMAN and CHILDREN! Does not make us a great nation or country. Like Dorian Mingus said ” Just Animals in shoes”

Never have I or will I say that Osama was a good person! So lets make that clear. I would also say the same for Obama..What I am saying in defense of Rashard is, he is right. My question to our holy ass Obama is! First how long have you known where he was? upon knowing why wasn’t capturing him alive,number one on your list? And this whole burying him at sea, give me a freakin break. I did a survey of people and the question was this! What was the first thing that flashed in your mind when you heard Osama was killed/assassinated? interestingly a lot of people thought the whole thing was bull dookie and number one comment was how convenient! Boom Boom Shot, killed, DNA tested, photographed and buried at sea! How neat and clean, and proper. Yeah and my government and its disciples have never lied to the people to whom they serve..Remember that line ” Serve! ” And what about Osamas wife? Hmmm…Well I guess his wife must have been toting a really large gun, so they had no choice but to shoot her in the knee cap. Hope she has good insurance?! Cover ups go as this one did, no survivors, who knew anything his wife was some recent gift, from another family so not much help there.. Make up what ever you want, cus surely there is no one left to dispute it.

Jaded?! Me?! No! I just got to many friends in all the right places who have told me the truth of many things that would make you extremely uncomfortable.. It seems that you people just cant believe that your government really doesn’t give a rats ass about you or me, unless they are waning in the poles. Then they puff up, tell you what you want to hear, make promise’s they rarely kept, while handing back large kick backs ( Money) to the unions that got them elected in the first place..

Osama now joins a list that includes Oswald and others, just one more convenient patsy who’s face will be displayed on a dart board, in every red neck, bars wall, his name will alsol be the cause of many a brawl, anytime someone like Rashard decides to openly question the truth, behind what was really going on. What puzzles me is, that is what made this country free and great! That our forefathers questioned the oppressing government they were under, and eventually fought against the tyranny and gained their/our independence! So lets see, so then that was really American, and now its not? Politicians never lie either right? This whole thing makes me sad, also makes me realize that that the masses have been dumbed down enough from a lack of good, solid education that most people don’t even know whats going on!

Hey You! You explain that to me! Am I the only one who see’s this as merely boosting ratings for the up coming 2012 election? Seriously is the average American really buying this pathetically veiled crap of in house lies. Funny as so much info has been spread about over the last few years on the very fact that Osama had nothing to do with 911 and that it was our own, ” Americans ” who brought down the World Trade center.. Now he is served up like a tasty ordourve, to service the palate of the lame and tame.. They Stab it with their steely knives yet they just can’t kill the beast! Who, is the beast? And who are the sheep? Now being sent to slaughter!, Just feed them sweet grass Jimmy it will calm their nerves, they can’t focus on more than one thing at a time… Osama!…. Sweet grass…..Osama!…. Sweet grass….Obama.. Sweet grass…… Obama……. Sweet grassJust keep your head down and keep eating that sweet grass nothings wrong everything is just fineBecause the said so!!!!

Peace War Mongers!!!



What is the Truth on Prop 19??

October 30th, 2010


After carefully reading prop 19 honestly I think Richard Lee is a self serving Negative Icon.. since Mr Lee is the only person who runs the largest operation that breaks many of the laws both 215H as well as SB420. I say read the fine print.

Going on I would like to say that I would like to see cannabis legalized, like they so proclaim Prop 19 provides. After spending 45 minutes reading through the quagmire of legal verbiage, it fails the litmus test terribly, in fact I would say some of the things people think they are voting for is absolute lies… And who would benefit the most from this law? None other than Mr Lee himself who only because of the money generated into the city of Oakland does he have complete amnesty for his illegally run Oaksterdam.. Jealous? Maybe! Correct I am…

The numbers alone that both 215H and SB420 dictate are pretty much broken on a daily basis.. Now this may be great for Mr Lee and the city of Oakland, yet no one can run the kind of operation/empire that he has built..Don’t believe me stand outside one day and watch the traffic for people buying clones.. 215H law says 99 in possession. At one time they sold more per person, now they limit to 30 per… and you can come back tomorrow and buy more again.. Loose at the least comes to mind…There is literally a line to purchase clones. 3O or more, so you do the math. After 4 people the limit has been exceeded, yet nothing happens.. The same goes for the purchasing of cannabis, and the legal amounts that that establishment/person may have on them the limit is exceeded before noon…meaning the amounts the club has in possession would put the average person/caregiver/club in jail.

What is my point? My point is why does Mr Lee get to break the law, avoid any legal prosecution and no one else can? Its about fairness and prop 19 is none of that.. Mr Richard Lee since he is the only one set up to go big time…and a few other big wigs stand to gain the most how does this stimulate the economy?

Prop 19 falls way short of true reform, and for those that say legalize, stop being a moron. No where does it say legalize! It says Control, regulate, and tax..  no where in there does it say LEGALIZE!!! So get what your supposed to be voting for. Might help if you actually read the law. This is not even close to what the end of prohibition was and really it is a very cleverly disguised power play, to eliminate competition, eliminate your hard earned protective rights under California law, it is not even about legalizing. All the laws that are in place don’t really change in fact they remain the same, if not worse. The more scarier part is that 215H and SB420 could basically be negated through this law.. Sure it talks about you can grow personally but not to sell. Just like the Tobacco law you can grow it can’t sell it.. So it boils down to only a few.. Hmmmm just whom might that be? Well besides Mr Lee and the greedy sell outs whom have been recruited by people such as Phillip Morris and Phizer.. it certainly isn’t me or you. I think that it is ludicrous that Mr Lee’s lies are being tossed around like it is absolute truth. Where? Where does it say I can go out and file for a business license to grow like a small brewery or winery? It doesn’t! They say it’s about taxation! What? Did I miss something these past few years? Haven’t clubs/dispensaries been paying taxes? At least the legitimate ones. I do believe our grand President himself made a statement that Clubs have payed over 100 million per year in taxes. What kind of garbage is this?

Bottom line is too many things have been thrown into one law, it seems to be the fad these days whether local or federal just clump a whole lot of mishmosh into one law to confuse the masses. Cannabis should be legalized, yet separate laws should be passed to deal with the complexed issues and Mr Richard Lee shouldn’t be any where near these discussions he has way to much to gain and seriously how much does he really need? Not to take away from anything that he has contributed to the cause, this is a chance for many people who have spent 20 30 years of perfecting their craft of growing and creating incredible strains and we all should benefit… If California is truly interested in digging her way out of a crisis this is a special time where many can participate in having a viable commodity that can ‘ Bloom” into a thriving industry shared by many, whom have perfected their craft… I’m sorry to all those Richard Lee worshipers yet seriously what he has created a thriving business if he was really concerned for others in having thriving businesses in other places why has he not bridged that gap from the safety of Oaksterdam??????..

In closing, no matter what, being informed is what one should always do.. Know what you are actually voting for.. I truly believe they feel their best bet was to not advertise because people would get caught up in thinking they were voting for something cool.. If you notice there is no commercials one way or the other and what sense is it for anyone who is under 21 to vote yet they could do the most damage because they are the least informed Ive spoken to many college students who don’t even have a clue…They think they are voting for complete legalization.. Have I mentioned how I feel about our education system?? No matter, another day, in the mean time please take the time to inform yourself before haphazardly casting a vote in the dark..




Control VS Revolt

September 3rd, 2010

Gatekeeper, here!  Sorry, it’s been a while, but I’ve finally had some thoughts worth posting.

There are two major factors when it comes to the control or lack of control of a populace. Fear and Need. I have come up with an equation to illustrate this:

If F (Fear) > N (Needs) then C (Control) > R (Revolt)

If F (Fear) < N (Needs) then C (Control) < R (Revolt)

The current capitalistic dynamic is not meeting the needs of everyone, and in order to actually provide what everyone needs, some sacrifices on the behalf of those who own most of this country need to be made. In lieu of the willingness of those in control to provide what everyone needs (from top to bottom), another force must be exerted – FEAR. Fear is spread via the media, everyone is told what they ought to be afraid of, thus distracting them from revolting for their own needs, because the belief is instilled that we are being protected from something worse than our predicament.

Minor efforts are made to appease the most needful to keep them from the absolute bottom, but today, even these programs are being stripped bare, and the homeless population continues to swell, all because of some finagling by the most wealthy, those who want nothing more than just that – MORE.

In addition, there is another wild force than must be reigned in to maintain control. That wild force is youth. Youth sees idealism, and believes that idealism is possible. Youth sees the predicament we’re in and asks why. Youth will even, in its “hopeless” idealism, propose better ways to live. Youth rebells in the face of hopelessness, because Youth knows no hopelessness. Youth perceives less boundaries. Youth experiments. Sometimes with drugs. Sometimes those drugs expand the possibilities within the mind of those who partake of them. That is dangerous to those in control. Hence, the war on drugs. The Achilles’ heel of rebellious youth.

Thus, the more daring, bold, experimental youth are jailed for their troubles, kept in control by absolute force.

Another force, which is to be avoided by both sides, ideally, is Despair. Despair is the absolute bottom. Despair is devoid of hope. Despair is not a weapon that can be used by a populace, it is a disease. In the worse cases, however, Despair IS a weapon of the power structure. It is a last resort. A false admission that “we the powerful cannot do anything for you peasants, things are just too fucked up right now, so you ought to start fending for yourselves.”

I don’t think we’ve totally gotten there as a nation but I believe we’re seeing it in places like Detroit, New Orleans, and others. The blueprint of the rich and powerful is in use now, and if we the people don’t demand a change – perhaps even fight for change – then we’re all destined to be victims of that blueprint. When entire neighborhoods are boarded up and abandoned by the power structure, it is a false admission that “We, the powerful, cannot do anything for you. Move on, there is no hope here.”

Why, amongst all this hopelessness, are the rich still getting richer? I’m not talking about the average small business owner, I’m talking Corporate Officers/Major shareholders and the like. I’m talking Federal Reserve Bank giving handouts to their friends/member banks. OUR MONEY. No strings. Buh-Bye!!! With all this, we’re in a recession and on the brink of depression? Something doesn’t fit. There is a big problem with this kind of Greed. I wonder, when will we reach the breaking point? When will we throw down our shit shovels and scream “ENOUGH!” Is everyone blind or just broken?

This may sound extreme or flat out wacky depending on the reader, but in this type of situation, strength can be gained from thinking/acting less as a civilization and more like a tribe. When the structure of our “grand” civilization fails to meet the needs of all people, a tribe can form to fill in the gaps and eliminate the need for an external power structure all together.

If we start fending for each other instead of for ourselves, maybe we can truly change things for the better.

In a tribe, everyone fights against outside threats – real threats, not imagined threats to cast as fear spells on the populace. In a tribe, everyone eats, or no one eats – and everyone does their part to ensure that. We are all in it together from beginning to end. A tribe shelters each other, counsels each other, fends for each other. Leaders are chosen for their ability to guide, not necessarily dictate. They are chosen for their wisdom and their compassion. They’re not elected because they’re aligned with a party, there are no parties, there’s just “us.” If those leaders take advantage, a civilization is helpless to change. A tribe takes immediate action.

The current system has been designed to keep the power in the hands of the few. The only thing we have against them is our vote, and assuming that our elections are fair (can we assume that?), then we the people are always supposed to have the option to make change. So, what’s the problem? Well, there are several, and I have a problem choosing where to begin, but I’ll try.

We’ve been convinced that there are two major opposing forces in this country – the two major parties. These two parties, for the most part, are only different in rhetoric. When it comes to action, neither party can seem to follow those ideals without being hindered by something… there’s always an issue to divide. Lines are drawn and signs are painted. We can scream at each other from opposite sides of a protest line, and guess what? The ones in power are laughing their asses off, regardless of the issue. Why? Because it’s the perfect distraction. How better to distract a populace than to convince them that a) The issues that divide them are concrete reasons to mistrust and even hate the “others,” and b) That their convictions, their issues, actually make a major difference in how this country is run.

Look at the “wedge” issues, and over the last three decades, tell me what has really changed? There are certain accomplishments that have made a difference, but by and large, the wedge issues are still wedge issues, and not a whole lot has changed. Look at the current regime… A black man is the President and still, you have paranoid racists making slanderous statements about his race, his religion, his upbringing, questioning whether he’s American, questioning whether he’s Muslim… all of these things point to a sickness that still exists despite the civil rights movement.

Most people, I’d like to believe, are past this sort of thing, but there is a real interest in keeping people focused on their personal differences rather than uniting them through their common struggle.

Even so-called enlightened progressives get stuck in the mud fighting for things that in the long run are not as important as survival. The problem is, most people don’t realize what is happening, what’s really at stake. They believe that for the most part things are fine, so instead of fighting against the root of the problem, they’re distracted into fighting a problem that the power structure is completely fine with them fighting – again – distraction from the true disease that is rotting the core of this nation.

If a nation is its people, then those who are pulling the strings truly do not love this nation, they are merely interested in exploiting the masses for personal gain. Do they even love themselves, or are they completely blinded and mislead by their sickness? They seem to look out for their families and friends, but that’s where their allegiance to humanity ends. The allegiances they form are not out of love, it seems, but more of convenience.

People need to realize that the power structure doesn’t give a damn about them. Politicians act like they do, but it’s hard to argue where their priorities are when most of them are on the take from Corporate interests. If you knew what was going on with preferential loan practices that are extended to lawmakers by major financial institutions, it would make you sick. It’s all to keep their pockets lined and in luxury. The more you have the less you want to give up, so when you’re sucking the tits of big money, you keep on sucking unless you want to get cut off or worse. Big money wants to stay big money and anything that stands in the way of big money gets squashed.

It’s not “Free Enterprise.” That’s a lie. Laws are written (and regulations eliminated) to favor big money, and keep them as the top dogs. What we are facing is a new aristocracy, and it is all about wealth and power. Don’t be fooled, this is the new peasant state. The top 1% wealthiest Americans own more than 95% of the population put together.

This begs the question: What is the end game? How much do they want? When will big money be satisfied?

The Answer: NEVER. A sickness finds new and insidious ways to propagate itself. Greed is a never ending cycle of vampires feeding on the weak and exploiting the ignorant.

Look at the current trend of financial institutions feeding on our elderly. Once you stop working you still need income to pay your housing taxes, right? So when you run out, what happens? You lose your house – or do you? BANKS to the rescue! We’ll give you money if you’ll just sign a portion of your house over to us… and by the way, we’re gonna give you a sweet introductory rate, but what we’re not gonna tell you is in a year or so, we’re gonna heist you, legally. We’ll keep jacking up your APR until you cannot possibly keep up! We’ll blame it on the “housing bubble” which we created, and we’ll probably end up stealing – I mean, repossessing your property. Your hard earned legacy.

We never really own anything, do we?

A tribe would never put its own out in the cold because of some financial debt. Our nation, however, does, and will continue to do so, at the behest of those who line our lawmakers’ pockets. Most tribes don’t even have a sense of ownership like we “enlightened” folk do. We draw lines. See? That’s clever. We plant flags. Oooh, impressive! We draw maps which dictate our boundaries, and tell us who owns what. But again, “ownership” is bullshit even in our capitalistic society. As long as you continue to pay taxes for the home you “own,” you don’t own it at all. As soon as your family cannot keep up with the outrageous protection money – I mean, housing taxes – then the property goes back into the hands of the financial institution(s) that was/were “nice” enough to extend you credit so you could achieve your own personal American Dream. What a sham.

This is the truth and many of you don’t want to admit it. You’ve been duped by the illusion of a so-called free society.

True, there’s freedom of speech… as long as you’re saying something that doesn’t perturb big brother.

There’s freedom of the press… but the press is now owned by a handful of corporate conglomerates. So a free press? Also an illusion.

There’s the right to keep and bear arms – as long as you don’t hold beliefs that are contrary to the power structures desires, because if you do, the FBI and the ATF will be knocking your door down and storming your castle.

We have protection against unreasonable search and seizure… unless you’re one of the many types of offenders that the Patriot Act specifies as Fourth Amendment waivers (mostly minor drug offenses, not anything to do with terrorism).

We have the right to due process… unless you’re declared an “enemy combatant” by the state. Who can be declared an enemy combatant? ANYONE. Citizen or not. All it requires is a corrupt judge’s signature and it’s a done deal, your ass is locked up with no rights. You’ll also probably be locked up somewhere where torture is institutionalized, so they will attempt to violate your 5th Amendment rights by coercing confessions through torture or threat on your family, those confessions extracted being false or otherwise. Doesn’t matter as long as you scream like a baby and demonstrate absolute obedience.

Trial by jury? Forget it. If you’re an enemy combatant, you get a military tribunal if anything.

Protection against cruel and unusual punishment? I believe we’ve already gone over enough to prove that doesn’t really hold true anymore. Even if you’re not declared an enemy combatant, is state or federal prison a place where you’re going to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment? I think not. In fact, our prison system is increasingly becoming a “for profit” industry, and with all the rhetoric about the free market system, you’d think that industry could provide better than the government, right? Wrong. Often times corporate run prisons are much worse than government run institutions. Our former Vice President Darth “No Pulse” Cheney has a significant stake in a texas based for-profit prison system that was recently under investigation for cruel and unusual punishment – punishment encouraged by the management and propagated by guard cronies.

That hardly sounds like the American Dream, but it is the American Dream of the powerful, the rich… the “elite” class. It’s the new Aristocracy, and they don’t give a shit about you or your family, unless you happen to be one of their close friends, family members, or a person in a position of power who’s in line with their agenda of absolute ownership and control.

If F > N, then C > R

If fear instilled in our society exceeds our sense of need, then the control exerted over us is more powerful than our impulse for revolt.

If F < N, then C < R

If our needs exceed the impact intended by the fear mongers, then the impulse to revolt then overwhelms the attempted control exerted by the powerful…

What happens then?

We, the people, truly become the power. We stop responding to the threats and boogie man shenanigans of the media, and we take control of our destiny. If we are going to overcome this heap of shit, we have to have the resolve and conviction to do so, and we have to treat each other better, or it’s all for nothing. Greed will prevail again, and we’re back to nothing.

If we can overcome greed and the allure of power, we can make the changes that we all know must be made for the benefit of the people. Something like this would be a fine test for humanity, to see if we can truly “rise above” the muck and mire of materialism, and forge ahead to a new age of enlightenment.



Look behind the Curtain Dorothy!

July 13th, 2010

According to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the Times-Picayune, and several other news sources, the Coast Guard has put new restrictions that prevent the public including members of the media from approaching within 65-feet of response vessels or booms on the water or beaches.

And since booms are often placed more than forty feet from islands or marshlands, this means that photographers, blogger s, reporters, and even volunteers, won’t be able to get close enough to oil-drenched wildlife to bear witness. To report. To help.

Violators will face a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a Class D felony.

Welcome to 1984. This is the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. History. Eleven lives were lost in the initial blow-out and the death toll of wildlife — birds, dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and sharks — cannot be tallied. B.P., and now the Coast Guard, want to make sure it stays that way.

OK now that you’ve had a chance to digest that what is the first thing that comes to your mind?….?…..?…..? Well I’ll tell you what comes to mine! This is worse than we thought. You don’t keep Media out unless you really don’t want anyone to know the truth! what has our country come to? Up is down, Bad issssss.… Ohh yeah what was that famous line from that movie Wall Street with Michel Douglas?? Greed is Good… Wow! Are we there yet?

I am not sure just how we will meet our demise, but if these rat bastards stay in control much longer we are all screwed.I mean how convenient for BP not to have to worry about any real documentation of the real damage caused… And I think I’ve made up my mind about Obama. Looooooooosssseeeerrr with a capital L and a Jim Cary flair...This guys inability to pull the trigger on important issues. Freakin frack! and I voted for him, should have voted with my heart and soul instead of my wishful thinking and a prayer. They fooled us again, throw em a black guy to liven up their dispirited souls, He sucks just like the rest and spends money faster than…….. God! Dare I say it?! George W B.B.B.B.B.B.Bush!!! Egaaaads How embarrassing and How many of you know that last month we passed more banks  that went belly up  than all of last year? Yeah just keep throwing those useless worthless plummeting dollars all over the place and not deal with the real issue.. Jobs.. and how it seems right now that every company in the world is farming their business to under paid overworked third world countries where they don’t have to worry about child labor laws. WE NO LONGER HAVE REGARD FOR HUMAN DECENCY……………We are supposed to champion that belief, not step all over it with corporate boots?!

Did you know that the European Union members and several other countries of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) to make the $10 billion abuse-ridden cocoa industry more sustainable and fair to workers (the U.S. was still conspicuously absent from this organization). This agreement will largely be wishful thinking until the United States, the largest consumer of cocoa, signs on to such agreements or guarantees its chocolate as Fair Trade. Which of course they haven’t!

I don’t know! I get this quizzy feeling in my stomach, we used to be a super power and did the right things most of the time or was that an illusion as well?! Now we can’t even do anything. Like Lewis Black said! ” I mean lie to me or something, go down to Kinko’s and Xerox a photo showing a camel with a missile strapped to its back”

God you don’t even bother to lie to us anymore! Have we become so pathetic as a nation, and so immersed in apathetic numbness that nothing really matters anymore????!!! This country needs more than a face lift, it needs some serious rehab. The era of quick fix was over in the 90s yet we stayed the course. Like a giant merry go-round we keep spinning no where, but man we sure are going fast! Wooohoooo!

Back to the main topic. How will we know what damages BP has to pay? If can not record the truth, see the truth, tell the truth, or simply know the real truth???

Again I say! ” How convenient! “

Peace and double out!



BP?Whats a Little OIL?

June 16th, 2010

I’m sure many of you have wondered why I haven’t said anything yet of this on going crisis in the gulf..

Honestly I really didn’t think it was going to go on this long. Then as Each day went by, while millions of gallons more oil,  just bled into our ocean, Or is that “The Ocean?” I became numb.

Numb from the simplicity of a gigantic problem, numb from the very fact that since this had happened before back in the 70′s. One would think, the oil company’s had a solution in hand?! That they would have been more prepared?! would have capped that puppy within days of the incident?! I mean but really what the fuck does BP care of this problem really? they don’t even live over here and lawsuits won’t be settled until 2030, and who will remember then what really happened today? BP refused to shut down oil wells even though it would make it easier to plug the hole, simply because only 20 percent was being lost and we’ve got a schedule to keep and some how this thing will just work itself out?! “No! Keep on pumping boys” Who gives a rats ass, if the fishing industries take a colossal hit! England is happy eating their sausages. But wait what about fish and chips? Jesus man, they will feel the fall out! Or is that oil out? Would you like some oil on your Mayo dear? Now their saying by august, that is a whole month and a half away has anyone really thought how much more oil will have spilled? that is not good enough. That’s like uncle Ernie who’s Liver is so bloated, he’s got stretch marks on his nipples telling you he checking into rehab a couple of months from now
Just got to have a few last shots with the boys.

Bloody Hell, what the absolute freaking kind of madness is occurring? Priorities are officially out of complete fucking Wackedness. Seriously it was like some comedic spoof except that it was real, bumbling, stumbling idiots, who have lost touch with reality! The Military said they could help. Oh great that’s wonderful! Oh wait! Whats that? Uhh it seems that they don’t want to reveal their top secret, scooby dooby doo shit, so they can’t help us, national security and all.. Holy crap Hold on I think my brain just split in two…AArrrrgggg.. I swear I’m having a Lewis Black attack in my living room… I believe this is the first time I really wished I was President.. Want to know why? I don’t care if you don’t want to know! I’m gonna tell yah anyway.

Because first I would have ordered all of my biggest finest battle ships to go to every oil rig and basically ordered them to shut down and if they refused I would have taken the oil rig by force and shut it down myself.. Then since I was the commanding Chief I would have ordered those ass in their ear officers to go get what ever we had that was sooooooo secretly important Scooby Dooby Doo butt fuck gear, and go fix the God damn thing before the first week had passed…

Sadly……… I am not President! And all we really had was a bunch of guys standing around with their fingers in their ass waiting for someone else to do something. Sadly as well, is, this is the state of the entire world, thinking somehow it will all get fixed by someone else. I also wondered to myself is this the beginning of the end? Didn’t think it could end this way did yah.. A big bang or some deadly disease, probably manufactured by some real insecure rotten freak..

Mother Earth is bleeding because they “BP” ripped a gaping hole in her under belly, and the best that BP has to offer, is a ship to sit over the top of the spill still sopping up the spillage with some hood. With the standard we cant say for a few weeks how much we are actually getting this way, “Zen Translation” not to fucking much, but by the time we release that info it won’t really matter anymore it will have passed by with only a whisper, an after thought, oh hey! What was that number? How many gallons now? You would have thought that some law should have been in place that didn’t allow any drilling past a depth that we couldn’t go and fix..

You know? as a whole we really are not very bright, and it is this type of thinking or non thinking that will be our undoing, and that may have already happened. Whats most disturbing is the lack of urgency! This isn’t going away any time soon, even if it was shut down today, it is a horrific blunder which will have cascading side effects over the rest of our life time.

This world is now run by those who have no care or emotion for the wonder and beauty of this lovely planet. Whether it is the Ocean or Forrest or the vast mountains, all they see are dollar signs and their hearts bleed from greed as they strip, gouge and cut and burn all that is good and once plentiful, and give nothing in return. If they could bottle the Sun Rise and sell it they would, even if it it meant never having another one..

Peace and love but know that the time has come to fight for her right to survive.



Ieee Knooow Nuuthiinnng! Battle Cry of the Young!

May 5th, 2010

Its was a wonderful weekend and lots of family on that glorious Labor Day weekend! I wonder just whom came up with it?! Sounds like one of those stimulate the economy holidays that we seem to have so many of!

I love it, like Cinco De Mayo! What a joke,  America celebrates a holiday that Mexicans sort of just don’t. Supposedly it started here in the U.S. Amongst heavier Mexican areas. Yet its like some unknown force said lets give them a day of their own. What did Vincente Fox called over here and said! ” Hey I got a great suggestion! Why don’t you celebrate are you ready? Its a very catchy phrase, Cinco De Mayo.

OK! Class anyone know what it actually means, and what it stands for??….Just why are we celebrating it anyway?!….. Yeah you the Kid with the nose rings and tattoos!

It was the battle of Puebla in 1862. The French when they still had balls,were eager to expand their empire using a debt issue that Mexico had incurred,  borrowing money to help a ruined national economy, and financing several different wars!  ( Sound freaking familiar?? ) Both the American war form (1846-1848) and Mexican Civil War ( 1858 ) which both preceded a bloody war with Spain that eventually gained Mexicos independence in 1821


Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian
Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian

During this period of struggle Mexico had accumulated        heavy debts with other nations such as Spain and England  who were also demanding repayment. When Mexico stopped making payments , France took action on its own to install Napoleon III’s relative, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, .

Realizing France’s intent of empire expansion, Spain and England withdrew their support.

Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza

Map showing Veracruz, site of the French invasion


invaded at the gulf coast of Mexico along the state of Veracruz and      began to March toward Mexico City a distance today of less than    600 miles.

Although American President Abraham Lincoln was sympathetic to Mexico’s cause, for which he is honored in Mexico, the U.S. was involved in its own Civil War at the time and was unable to provide any direct assistance.

Mexico Confronts The Invasion

Marching on toward Mexico City, the French army encountered strong resistance     near Puebla at the Mexican forts of Loreto and Guadalupe. Lead by  Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, a smaller, poorly armed militia estimated at 4,500 men were able to stop and defeat a well outfitted French army of 6,500 soldiers, which stopped the invasion of the country.

The victory was a glorious moment for Mexican patriots, which at the time helped to develop a needed sense of national unity, and is the cause for the historical date’s celebration.Unfortunately, the victory was short lived. Pay attention here! Upon hearing the bad news, Napoleon III had found an excuse to send more troops overseas to try and invade Mexico again, even against the wishes of the French populace. 30,000 more troops and a full year later, the French were eventually able to depose the Mexican army, take over Mexico City and install Maximilian as the ruler of Mexico.

Wow! dude that was awesome, to think a guy like you knows history, see can’t judge em bye their looks can you?

How many caught the whole Nations lending, economy sucking,war depleting, egos getting in the way……………..?

Hey quick note here,

Maximilian’s rule of Mexico was also short lived though only, from 1864 to 1867. With the American Civil War finally over, the U.S. began to provide more political and military assistance to Mexico to expel the French, after which Maximilian was executed by the Mexicans ( THAT HAD TO HURT???!!!! ) ( DO YOU THINK HE WAS A LITTLE BUMMED AT NAPOLEON FOR SENDING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?? ) His bullet riddled shirt is kept at the museum at Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. Talk about pissed and making a point to everyone else!

So despite the eventual French invasion of Mexico City, Cinco de Mayo honors the bravery and victory of General Zaragoza’s smaller, out numbered militia at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

So this is a holiday that really is not even celebrated widely in  Mexico itself. Although it signifies unity for the Mexican culture, it was short lived, and when does America celebrate other countries Holidays?

Oh I forgot ST Patricks Day!

Now don’t get this wrong cus someone out their can quickly take this as a racist point of view! It is not. The point here is this what we celebrate here is far from the original, here’s an interesting fact St Patrick’s Color is blue not green.The three leaf clover was supposedly used by ST Patrick to teach people of the Holy Trinity. And ST. Patrick was?????????????? English…. Oooooooo!

In modern-day Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has traditionally been a religious occasion. In fact, up until the 1970s, Irish laws mandated that pubs be closed on March 17. Beginning in 1995, however, the Irish government began a national campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to drive tourism and showcase Ireland to the rest of the world. ( READ CLOSELY MOOOOOOOONEYYYYYYYYY ) Last year, close to one million people took part in Ireland ‘s St. Patrick’s Festival in Dublin, a multi-day celebration featuring parades, concerts, outdoor theater productions, and fireworks shows.

Point glad you asked! Really I’m talking about our education system I was never taught any of this stuff in any school I ever attended. If I was it was not even close to the truth.History just keeps being rewritten

Honestly these days it really can be embarrassing to be an American, we used to be leaders of so many things now we lead in Greed and War! What wonderful things to be associated with. We suck at environment, and health care, while corporations farm out millions work\ jobs to foreign countries, crippling our own workers\economy to the brink of bankruptcy and foreclosures for millions of basically now indebted slaves.

So here is where I stop and let you chew on those thoughts for awhile. Just because you can’t see it or prove it doesn’t mean its not real, There are small groups of people within our education system, who have the power and control over what is read and taught don’t think that education is randomly chosen by an individual teacher their hands were tied their mouths were gagged, from the moment they entered the system.

Another day passes, yet who, seems to notice?

Peace and safe goings



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February 19th, 2010

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Victims\Veterans of War #2

February 7th, 2010


I answered to new person Panic attack PTSD. Been meaning to write a part 2 anyway, so here it is.

Well thank you Panic attack PTSD!

It was a heartfelt piece that I wrote…

I’m glad I could be of any help to you.

One thing I hadn’t mentioned was, I have a Nephew who was there,……………. (IRAQ) and recently just went back.. I failed to mention, that I was also worried for him. Because he, has bought the bullshit..

He became so enraged one night during a Thanksgiving dinner, all because we started dissing, how stupid, Bush really is. ( Heavy Democratic family) And He really is not, a very intelligent man. I think George Senior purposely dropped him on his head, any time anyone was not looking.

My nephew really took this personally. He was so angry he left. I felt bad for him, because nothing of what we said, had anything to do with him, and that concerned me. As well as he really missed some funny shit, Don’t believe me just watch some of the bloopers on Utube.

These kids are brain washed. Just cuz you joined the military service, doesn’t mean you have to agree with the President’s policy’s\Lies. You may be enforcing them and I get, how that just brings up a whole lot of controversy for someone in the middle of a fire fight. I think that also, qualifies one, as a conscientious objector. Yet for someone in the military to accept fact, without research, is already doomed, to being a nonthinking robot.

I love to ask this question. If any of you serviceman\woman were asked to do all of the things that you did over there, to do over here, to your own people, in your own country. Would you do it? Just because someone else gave you an order??  Without question or reason? Could you find a way, to justify, inside your head, the way you find a way over there, if it was against your own people? Because that could be the case one day, if Real Americans, ever wake up one day, and realize how corrupt and devious, our own government has become. And decide enough is enough.

Seriously it has become Taboo to talk of revolution as if that some how that makes you a traitor to your own country. When it is an American freaking right. What bullshit it is, that we now can be rendered down to  ( Pick One ) Commies, Terrorist, Vigilantes, Non Americans, Non-supporters of our troops, Sympathizers, Bleeding heart liberals, Hippies, Guppies, Yuppies…. All because I disagree with my governments policies and refuse to be a mutated, blind smelly crusty SHEEP!

It is my, dare I say it, God Given Right! As an American, by the freedom of speech act! To criticize, scrutinize, and publicize, as well as protest for, my very own beliefs on every and any subject I choose……….. Amen! Amen brother Zen! Amen!

That American Flag, has become just a warm blanket of shit, stuffed with lies, greed, murder, and calculated chaos, which you tuck yourselves into each and every night. How do you sleep so soundly? Amongst the cries and screams, of the dying innocents? I’m not saying there are not bad people out there, Problem is some of them are our own countrymen…

Who doesn’t get, that this is about oil? And control of that oil, and closely following, are the religious zealots, who seem to forget violence begets violence and truly think that we need to control those Arab’s………. before it is too late.. Scary!!!

I recently spoke with another Veteran of this Iraqi War, and its more of the same bullshit… Know what his job was? Escorting, giant empty, corporate trucks, ( Non Military Vehicles…) Back and forth, across the desert, from one base to another. Sometimes one of the trucks, would be loaded with ice, which was insane, because every base had their own means of making it, besides since this was in the day time, can anyone use their imagination??? ( lets see iceeeee and 120 to 130 degrees heat, how much ice do you think made it? ) Oh shiiitt now we gotta go back and get more ice dammit! ) Therefore rendering, that particular journey irrelevant.

This all at a whopping cost, to us tax payers of ??!! ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PER TRUCK… PER TRIP….WTF?

As my boy Zacky said ” I risked my life to protect nothing! If I had died, I would have died for nothing. Guarding those trucks had nothing to do with Honor, or Protecting the Freedom and rights of American People! It had everything to do, with lining the pockets of some greasy fat Pigs, who hide behind the American flag calling themselves Patriots To which I will add while raping and pillaging another country,while charging the great Ole USA a hefty bill… Simply because we have the best weapons, all the while saying that we are bringing peace and good will, to a country that was out of control.

I believe we are out of control, and have lost the ability to see the difference anymore.


Peace and stay strong, and aware… Be fooled not, by the Wolves who clamor at your door, offering soggy wet bandages, to cover your wounds and your pride, of the heartaches, of the losses you have recently endured. For they care not, for you personally, they just have this growing fear, which is creeping up slowly inside them. For instinctively they know, this time, they may have gone to far..



Xrated Zen FMS or F Me Silly, Silly!

January 19th, 2010

I received an Email not long ago from an admirer, who said they wanted to ” Fuck Me Silly!”

Of course being naturally curious, I allowed this to percolate and flow through my entire body, where I upon realized a few important facts!

The most glaring of all is, one should be very careful, with what they wish for. They may not be ready for what can truly, transpire.
I have said many a candid thing, in my day, and I have gotten varied results

I once got slapped, by a woman, after I whispered, in her ear something sexually provocative. Only to have her approach me, two weeks later with this comment, and I quote.

I am so sorry for slapping you, the other day. What you, said, caught me, completely off guard. I was so thoroughly, startled, as well as embarrassed, I just reacted. But you know?! I find I can’t get that vision out of my head. I find myself, very turned on. So, I would really like to try that sometime, with you!

Ahhh!!! Zen what did you say?!!! What did you say??!!

Sorry guys! Some things are just better left, for the imagination!
I will say, that it was a spontaneous, moment, and yet, in all, of my entire life, I have never seen, anybody’s face, flushed, so Red, it was amazing..

………………….The Power of Suggestion!!

Soooo Question is ??!! “Fucked Silly!”

When one is “Fucked Silly!”, what exactly does that mean?
That expression, in itself, brings up, all sorts of images! Some, most amusing, I must say!

I mean when one is, “Fucked Silly!” Does one, have, a persistent drool? Does one of their eye’s, twitch, in undetermined, intervals? Do they have that, sickly smile, stuck, on their face, that makes, another, want to slap, the shit, out of them?
Is one compelled, to do things, out of the ordinary, that they themselves, would normally find, absolutely, truly, ridiculous?

Silly?! Hmmmm!?!?!?!

I must admit, of the many different, ways, in which, I have been fucked, and by no means, am I proclaiming, myself, to be a ” Professional” or an “Ultra Sex God!”
I would say, I am experienced, and nicely polished, and further more, in the “S and M”WorldI am told! I actually have a name!
“Daddy Dom” Most pleasant sounding!
(We will explore this at a later date)

For the statement “Fucked Silly!” I think we should start with a:

Dictionary’s version!

Inflected Form(s): sil·li·er; sil·li·est
Etymology: Middle English sely, silly happy, innocent, pitiable, feeble, from Old English sǣlig, from sǣl happiness; akin to Old High German sālig happy
Date: 14th century

1 archaic : helpless, weak
2 a : rustic, plain b obsolete : lowly in station : humble
3 a : weak in intellect : foolish b : exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment <a very silly mistake> c : trifling, frivolous
4 : being stunned or dazed <scared silly> <knocked me silly>

Silly, in addition to its dictionary definitions, may refer to:

  • Silly, Belgium, a town in Belgium
  • Silly Department, a department or commune of Sissili Province in southern Burkina Faso.
  • Silly (band), an East German rock group from the 1970s
  • Silly (album), the 2008 debut album by Taiwanese singer and songwriter Queen Wei
  • Silly, a fielding position in the sport of Cricket
Well one can see, there is a few to choose from?! The old High Germans version sounds pretty good! Basically meaning to be!

00000000000000Fucked! Happy!0000000000000000

Although, the other German reference, is not very pleasant, it would mean, you were accosted and fucked by an entire German Rock Band, aptly named Silly!!!”

I keep envisioning, a group, of very large, hairy, old, men, with bad teeth, all wearing, Viking helmets, that were just a little too big. All having the first name of Hans! Oh yeah, each sporting, a pint of beer in one hand, and their Shwanstooker in the other!

IInga says, ” Woof!

Quick question:

If one was already happy, which one, could assume, for the most part,  since they were about, to get  fucked, and “Fucked Silly!” at that!
Then In fact, one could, assume, that they may be elated, from that very fact, and since, they were about to get, “Fucked Silly!”
One could, also assume, that they were, beyond “happy!”if not undeniably ecstatic!

Therefore! “happy” Gets thrown out the door, we have moved past happy! Right through ecstatic, into another realm! Lets say, “Euphoric!”

Answer #1 May hold, partial truth. Helpless and weak:

That certainly, could apply. More than once, have I felt. both weak, and helpless, or is that, more like, powerless? when above, below, over, backwards, sideways, to the  pussy!

I can also, remember, at least once, or twice, feeling this way, after being With, someones sister, or daughter, or wife? This condition occurred, in my early youth of course! so don’t get to far out with any Ideas!

But now as I think of it, I just felt like, I was sure to get fucked!
“Zen Translation: In a world of shit With someones brother, or father\husband, and thee occasional Mother!!

#3: Seems to add more, of what one could imagine, themselves, to be!
Although! #2: Does add a bit of food for thought, with the word, Humble!

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hmmm again a moment to ponder.

I think everyone, has been humbled, at least once, in their lives, if, they have had, an active sex life!
Usually, when one loses themselves, within the passion, of a sexual moment, realizes, that Neanderthalic screaming, grunting, groaning, or crying, is none other, than themselves??! Whoa! Shit that was me?!!….

I do remember, once, long ago, when I was 22, being with, this beautiful, lovely, young girl, my first real love! We had just had, some wild sex, in which, she had completely, lost, herself!
She had shouted out, inane profanities, aimed at nothing, or no one, in particular, while all the while, sounding, extremely happy, with God!
So much so, I started looking around the room, thinking surely he must be there!
All the while she carried on like a banshee, urging me on, like the world was going to end, REAL SOON!!!

I myself, was lost in the moment, I did not know, this person, who straddled the floor, on all fours, whilst I carried out her orders, with complete abandon, she was a crazed thorough bred, as I searched, vainly, for a finish line, hanging on, only with impassioned, strength .

We were no longer, human beings, as such, we connected on a level, of true, animalistic, purity!

( You see, animals don’t wonder, if what they, are doing, is wrong, and neither did we! )

Visions of her turning into a werewolf seemed an extreme possibility, yet I stayed fearless, besides, I always wanted to fuck a werewolf!
Girl Werewolf that is! Can’t imagine a guy werewolf, The teeth! and all that hair!….not my thing!!!

Yet, when we were done, and oh, what, a finish it was! She moved, away from me! All the way across the room, , curling herself up in a blanket, upon, the bare, wooden, floor! Silent, distant,

( The humanness had returned! )

At first I was confused, what had happened?! To be so close to someone, only to have them pull away… It was, disconcerting! Did I unknowingly hurt her?!

Are you alright?!…. I asked. A slow nod, of yes, in silence…….She sat still a bit longer, again I asked, did I hurt you?……. No! Gently, she replied!….Again, more silence. I watched, in complete, baffled, curiosity!! What happened??!! I asked, with loving concern! She raised a hand, with one finger, pointed, upward, indicating, to give her, a moment, or two.

When she was ready, she spoke in a soft, yet, earnest voice.

You did nothing wrong, that was just very intense, and I find myself feeling, very vulnerable, I really let you, deep, inside of me, how I reacted, has never, happened before. So, I am taking a moment, to take it all, in. This is, a new experience, for me, so honestly, I don’t know just how to react!

Not sure, just what I am feeling..Completely!...………. Scared?!..Confused?!Embarrassed?! Elated!….
Happy!.. I know that I never would have thought, that that! could have been me on the floor just now?!?!?!.Intense, certainly comes to mind!…..and my mind is a slight bit blown...

I thought to myself, Is this what they mean by,The Naked Truth?

Interesting for in some ways she never did recover from that experience! To young? To soon?
Or?! May be more like!…….STAR TRACK SYNDROME!!”
I went, where no man, had gone before! And for her, too far!! Too far beyond, her own understanding!

We lasted a while longer, in fact another year, yet she most definitely pulled back, from that deepness,.  Probably better for me anyway, I don’t think my knees, or my physic, could take too much of that, Who the hell was she talking to anyway!!

Like Jack Nicholson said,“You can’t handle the Truth!”

Moving on: Before getting to #s 3 and 4, I will say that if being ” Fucked Silly!” Applies to a town in Belgium? That would be a feat in itself. To be fucked all the way, into another country, would be awesome, and if possible, save a ton of money in travel fair! As well as the exhaustive lines and checking every orifice just so I can board a plane>>Hey Honey! Where do you feel like “Fucking Silly!” too this year? See all we got to do is get every country to change the name of one town to Silly, and we can Fuck n go anywhere!! LOL………….

OK! So I think the combination of 3 and 4 best suit’s this “Fucked Silly!” inquiry! To refresh your minds:

3 a : weak in intellect : foolish b : exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment <a very silly mistake> c : trifling, frivolous
4 : being stunned or dazed <scared silly> <knocked me silly>

( Check it out! “Knocked me Silly” Well of course, Wikepedia isn’t going to say ( Fucked Me Silly! ) Close though!

First 3a Weak in intellect! Zen translation: Not to “Fucking Smart!” or, a bad lay. could also mean when ones mind, has been weakened, after a good fucking, so it is, one possibility!

3b: Now to my knowledge, men commit, this error, way, before, actually having sex, many a dumb ass, has let, his lower regions, rule his thoughts, in crucial situations. Unfortunately ZenTwist is no exception to this rule`You have to read between the lines on this one.

The word “Lack” Zens Latin translation: Means Penis Interrupti o Homo Erectous..

And by the way you have to think we were doomed, from the beginning when, I’m pretty sure, it was a guy, who just had to choose the word, ” Erect ” When naming the entire human species!!
He could have chosenHomo Standis Upis!instead!

And Finally! #4 This I believe above all truly stands up the best for the true meaning of the word:“Fucked Silly!”

Being stunned or dazed!

Me thinks this best exemplifies the essence of this terminology.

“Not sure, where I am!”……….“What the fuck, just happened?!”.…..“I didn’t know I could feel this way!”, “Blown away!”…….. “Brains fucked out!”………… “What happened to the Gerbil?????????!”….. Momentary bouts, of uncontrollable laughter, also called “Spontaneous Giddiness!” Followed by uncontrolled, whimpering!………….Did you ever have a moment, where you wondered to yourself ” Just Whom, actually, has, possession, of the Dick?”.Better known as, Who’s Fucking, Who?……….Puzzled by the complete, disappearance, of, or shredding, of a condom?? ..And Where did it go anyway? Or! Oh my god! That looks just like grated cheese! No wonder it felt so natural! What do we do now?! Followed by, this wasn’t a very good time, for that! To happen!.….The unexplained high pitched squeals, that seem, to emanate, from your, very own, vocal chords?!..Also known as an Orgasmic Geist!!! ………….When you find yourself, or your  partner, seemingly, crying, and when asked why?? the only reply is “I’m not crying! I’m happy, with tears of joy!

If you’ve experienced any of these things during a, sexual encounter, then you too, have been “Fucked Silly!”

Using Einsteins theory of sexual relativity(“F:S!:”= SxC8p: []*JHP) “Fucked Silly!”=Sex x Cock to the 8th power: squared by juicy Hot Pussy!!

Need I say more, except looking forward to it!

A little more graphic than usual but a lot of fun

Stay true! Stay real! Especially to yourself, no one knows what its all, really about, so don’t think, that you’ve got nothing, to say or contribute! We all count in this tiny Lil world we call Earth and home!



Tiger Hunting!

December 14th, 2009

Why I choose to write about this, is not for spotlight or fame! Unlike most, I sat in anguish for Tiger. My mind raced with horrible visions of his wife and kids being dragged through the quagmire of mucky shit. All the lies and bull, that they will have to endure, from so many, who will heap, upon the the pile, while fired by contemptuous jealousy! Snorting hordes, of greedy, greasy, slim ball’s, whom have been waiting, stalking patiently, to take the Tiger down. I bet their palms filled with sweat, and their hearts raced, with anticipation, on the very verge of climatic orgasm! My God! I get to slay a dragon! More like cook him to a crisp! I can hear them saying it! I truly think they are a sad society of men and women, who think nothing of destroying another’s life, under the guise of smart reporting, yet fueled by the profit and sensationalism, they will achieve! Shame! Shame! Shame! on you All!!!!!!!!!

I say this not because I think Tiger is such a great person. I don’t even know him.It is not because I believe in infidelity, anymore, than I believe in monogamy! The point is I don’t think it is anyone’s else’s business, period. How someone chooses, to live their life, is a very personnel thing! Who am I to judge?! How does this affect me in my daily affairs? I mean will it affect whether I purchase, another Gillette Razor??!! Oh my God I can’t put this own my face! I mean it’s probably been near one of those bitch home wreckers vagina’s! Honestly?! I really Don’t care!

I don’t care that he is in the spotlight. I don’t care if he made bad choices! I don’t have to live with them he does! I don’t care, if he does it sideways, backwards, or forwards, I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know how he feels or what he thinks! And honestly I’ve never needed to know these things! I don’t even have that desire to want too!

I’ve never said to my child hey see that guy Tiger?! I want you to be just like him! It makes me wonder, do people say that? And just what does that mean? The longer I am around, the more I hate what TV has become. It creates phony people, out of good people. Shows phony worlds, and phony ideals, try’s to get me, to compare my life, to it! Where are these bullshit values coming from anyway? And who wants them to be there? Does anyone think God has his own television show? I don’t think God has time to watch, and neither do I!

Whores and sluts! To all of you who teach, and promote, false values! That willingly incriminate others, for pleasure and profit! Yes! I said Pleasure! For surely one doesn’t do it, because they feel it is their moral duty?! That it is an obligation to the public?! Public Service with a price tag?! I’ll take public incrimination, bye humiliation for 100,000 Bob! How convenient! Hah! Your all full of shit I’m sure that’s what Jesus would have said or probably did say that day! The famous! He who has no sin, cast the first stone! “ He who never shits, chuck the first turd. is definitely more like it!

Whether Jesus did or didn’t exist, is not up for debate here! Just in case you zealots, have been itching, for me to cross that road! What is up for discussion issss?!……… Thaaaaaaaaaat!………… Isss! The point! That Quote! Puts it in it’s proper perspective! So…….The real question is?! Why? Why is it so important to reveal how another person lives their life? Or more to the point when “ WE “ Think they fuck up?! To expose their secrets?! To embarrass them on a national, no! Global level.

No one knows for sure, what their arrangement was, and we shouldn’t. We all have that natural curious interest, yet I am tired and bored, even embarrassed for those who ran with it! Spewed useless information, to the mass media. The great tattle taler’s! Oh please tell me more????!!!!!! Irrelevant journalism, at its finest! Well! I refuse to watch, or listen. I actually never listened to any of it.

OK! Almost none, but seriously, it was hard to escape, it was literally on everything and  every program, everywhere ! There was no peace, I mean this had coverage like the Iraq War, and it was just as meaningless, made me wonder what else was really going on, in the world that, our view was being distracted, by such debauchery!

I was in a restaurant, which had a bar, the screen was across the room, silent. I saw Tigers face, I could barely read, but it was obvious soon, that it was not about golf, the wife is never shown after a game! Not a still picture anyway. This eerie sick feeling came over me. Honestly?! I am annoyed by beat writers, I have experiences that are hard and painful, rarely is the truth reported anymore, on any level, whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, 911, or the stories more local in yours and, my area! They want a story! The trick word here is! “ Embellish! “ Can you say that kids?

Its like the whole world has been turned into one giant reality tv show. Where we get to judge, criticize, peek into, invade, hey look Tiger leaves track marks in his underwear! Oh God! This is so sad!

What has happened to us, to the world? these things are meaningless, mindless drivel, selfish, pointless acts, of an offending nature! They offend my, sense of integrity, kindness and spiritual focus and purpose! They invade, my being, like some alien virus, attacking, my altruistic self!

We live in a era where lies are really sold as truth, it doesn’t even matter anymore, News! Imitates Reality?!………………… More like Reality TV! That’s crazy! Bottom line is? What does that say about the rest of the world, if this is where things, have really gone? Is this crap just turning everyone, into over bloated, hypocritical, pompous, judgmental asses??!!! Get a Life! Please?!

Like I said, I refuse to watch, to participate, to gloat or judge. Because again who am I to say anything about anyone, I don’t even know? Someone I’ve only seen on TV who seems to really hit the shit out of a Golf ball! The only thing I know out of this is?! He’s human just like me, and the rest of the world, we all have our greatness and we all have weakness and I’m not going to participate, in what to me is a feeding frenzy!

Again! Shame! Shame! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truly peaceful wishes and stay real and true to yourself!!!